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Dear Participant, we request you to provide us with open feedback to make this training process more effective. We shall really appreciate your time in filling up this form. The rating scale is: 5- Outstanding, 4- Exceed Expectations, 3- Meet Expectations, %& Need! I'(rove'e#t) *& +oor ,+ ea!e wr"te your re'ar-! "# .a!e the rat"#/ RATI NG REMARKS

S.N o 1 2 3 4 # & TRAINER To what extent did the trainer clarify the objectives of the module? How do you rate the trainers level of interaction? To what extent did the trainer satisfactorily answer your questions? as the trainer able to hel! you learn throu"h activities and exercises? $id you find the trainer%s !ace of conductin" the session comfortable for learnin"? How do your rate the overall ability of the trainer? CONTENT $id you find the content relevant to your job? To what extent can you utili)e the learnin" from this module? To what extent was the content a!!ro!riate to your individual needs? as the content clear , or"ani)ed lo"ically? How did the !ro"ram flow? FACILITY as the trainin" venue comfortable? To what extent was technolo"y effectively used to facilitate learnin"? ere the service brea-s adequate and mana"ed effectively? OVERALL To what extent would you recommend others with similar needs to your own to attend this module? How do your rate the overa !e!!"o#$ .ndira /chool of 0usiness /tudies1 2une md!3indiraisbs4ac4in

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Add"t"o#a Feed0a.-1 56ou may use other side of the !a"e too7

.ndira /chool of 0usiness /tudies1 2une md!3indiraisbs4ac4in