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A momin at Faisalabad, Pakistan was blessed

with ziarat of Maula Imam e Zamaan ajs very
recently. He requested maula ajs to tell about
the AWWAL timings of prayers and the timings
of Sehr and Iftar. What Aqa ajs told is as

Awwal waqt:
Fajr: 70 minutes before sunrise
Zuhrain: Just after zawal. Calculate the
time just the middle of sun rize and sunset. A
minute after that is the time of Zuhrain.
Maghribain: 15 minutes after the sunset.

Sehar ending: 90 minutes before sunrize.
Iftar: 35 minutes after the sunset.

To confirm the time of Iftar, I am sending you
some photographs of Iftar at Mashhed e
Muqaddas. As we all know, all the activities in
Haram e Muqaddas are controlled by Maula
Wali e Khurasan sua through some chief
workers. Over 200,000 momineen o mominaat
are offered Iftar at Haram e Muqaddas every
day in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Pl see the
colour of the sky when they are doing Iftar. Pics
with thanx to Br Raheel Asghar. Cant we wait
for some more minutes in Iftar?????
Cant we understand the difference between
Maghrib and Lail?
Holy Quraan has asked us to complete our
fasting till Lail, that means Night and not sunset.
Pl be careful. Thanx