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Psalms of Maratha Saints

Psalms of Maratha Saints

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Published by: Soham Hamsah on Sep 01, 2009
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(I.P. 1436. AJii he samida khafJoni ktifjhiivi)

Who is he would act the true gosavi'sl part?
Let him dig the root of longing from his heart.
If he dare not, in his pleasures let him stay-
Folly were it should he choose another way.
For when longing he hath slain victoriously,
Only then shall he from all come forth set free.
Yea, says Tuka, does thy heart for union thirst?
Crush-be sure I-the seed of longing in thee first.


(I.P. 580. Siintiparate nahi sukha)

Calm" is life's crown; all other joy beside
Is only pain.
Hold thou it fast, thou shalt, whate'er betide,
The further shore attain.
When passions rage and we are wrung with woe
And sore distress,
Comes calm, and then-yea, Tuka knows it-Io !
The fever vanishes.

follower of advaita pantheism. To the former it seems that the bliss
he describes is that which comes from the death of the lower self and
the presence of God in his heart. To the latter the bliss is that which
is produced by the realisation of his identity with the Supreme Spirit,
and the Ie self-naughting " is the disappearance of personality itself.
1. Gosavi, a holy man, usually of the Sudra class, who ha.

renounced the world.

I Calm, M.nU.



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