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iPhone: We will be using an IPhone to show the protagonist filming the victim on her way home. Also, we have easy access to this IPhone as it is the directors phone and the director will be there at every filming session.

Mac: We are using a Mac to show the protagonist uploading the footage of the victim walking home on YouTube. Also, we can access the Mac as we have Mac computers in A29, which is a media room.

School Bag: We are using a school bag to show that she is a student and she is coming from school. This shows the role of the person. The school bag shows the mise-en-scene and helps represent the image of a schoolgirl.

Folders: We are using a colourful stripy folder to show that the victim is coming from school. The colour is bright to show the victims innocence, as the different colours are associated with happiness.

Scarf: The scarf is a decoration on the schoolgirl. This shows that the schoolgirl is into fashion, which shows the audience that the schoolgirl is young and innocent. The scarf is pink and black, pink shows that the schoolgirl is very girly, which is a stereotype.

Mobile: We used another mobile phone so the storyline makes sense because the schoolgirl answers the phone, so we needed a phone to show that she is picking up a phone.