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ance onl$% This text uses the &No mal G een' st$le% To e(e t )ac* to the mo e usual )lac*+ colou e! text select the &No mal' st$le # om the &St$les an! #o mattin"' option un!e the &,o mat' menu% T$pe o(e -ith $ou o-n text o !elete% A ta)le o# contents has not )een inclu!e! since m$ expe ience sho-s unless the !ocument is mo e than, sa$, ./ pa"es, then it a!!s little (alue% This template is # ee to use an! chan"e an! has )een p o(i!e! )$ ---%The+ So#t-a e+Teste %com% ===========================================================

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App o(e name 0 !oc ment "ontrol
Name !oc# Re$# No# !oc ment Stat s !ate o$ %ss e

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1ocument #ull name Uni2ue e#e ence num)e 1 a#t, ,o App o(al, Issue!, Supe se!e!, etc% 1ate the !ocument -as app o(e! #o issue

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1ocument (e sion i!enti#ie

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Summa $ o# content o chan"es% Inclu!e e#e ence to so#t-a e chan"e e2uest I1s i# applica)le #o t acea)ilit$ pu poses%

!istri* tion List
Name Role

Pe son o compan$ name

3ole !esc iption

+ %ntrod ction
This is essentiall$ the executi(e summa $ pa t o# the plan% State the pu pose o# this So#t-a e Test Plan% I# it lin*s in -ith othe plans 4#o example, P o5ect Plan o Maste Test Plan6 then i!enti#$ the le(el to -hich this plan )elon"s% 7ou ma$ -ant to inclu!e an$ e#e ences to othe plans, !ocuments o items that contain in#o mation ele(ant to this p o5ect% I# !esi e!, use the 3e#e ences section 4see pa a" aph 8 )elo-6 to list all $ou e#e ence! !ocuments%

, Scope
I!enti#$ the scope o# this So#t-a e Test Plan in elation to the o(e all p o5ect plan that it elates to% Othe items to consi!e in elation to the scope ma$ inclu!e esou ce an! )u!"et const aints, othe test phases )$ othe teams, const aints on the test team an! ho- testin" elates to othe e(aluation acti(ities 4#o example, 2ualit$ au!its o p ocess assessments6% I# special chan"e cont ol p ocesses o communication plans ha(e to )e use! then co(e this he e too%

- Test Plan %denti$ier and !oc ment "&ange "ontrol
The Test Plan I!enti#ie is 5ust a t$pe o# uni2ue num)e o e#e ence+i! to i!enti#$ this test plan an! the so#t-a e that it is elate! to% I# $ou -o * #o a me!ium to la "e si9e compan$ then the e -ill p o)a)l$ )e a !ocument num)e in" s$stem al ea!$ in use an! $ou -ill use that% In this template, the Test Plan I!enti#ie is the same as the &1oc% 3e#% No%' on the title pa"e an! in the pa"e hea!e s% 3emem)e that the e can )e man$ ! a#t an! pu)lishe! (e sions o# this !ocument, so (e sion histo $ is essential i# the chan"es in this !ocument a e to )e t acea)le to the chan"es in the so#t-a e un!e test% The title pa"e ma*es p o(ision #o (e sion an! chan"e histo $% In o !e to suppo t )i+!i ectional t acea)ilit$, $ou shoul! inclu!e the so#t-a e chan"e e2uest I1 num)e s that ha(e man!ate! these up!ates an! chan"es% Note also that the #oote o# this template inclu!es a 1ate+Time Stamp% This is the last sa(e! !ate an! time o# the !ocument% I# $ou a e usin" a !ocument mana"ement s$stem then this is a use#ul -a$ to tell i# a p inte! cop$ o# the !ocument e#lects the latest (e sion o not%

. Re$erences
List all !ocuments that suppo t this test plan% 3e#e to the actual (e sion: elease num)e o# the !ocument as sto e! in the !ocument o con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem% T $ an! inclu!e h$pe lin*s i# possi)le to ai! access )$ $ou ea!e s% A(oi! epeatin" mate ial # om othe !ocuments since it a!!s !uplication an! inc eases the maintenance o(e hea!% 1ocuments that coul! )e e#e ence! inclu!e:

+ P o5ect Plan + 3e2ui ements speci#ications + A chitectu e speci#ications + Hi"h Le(el !esi"n !ocuments + 1etail !esi"n !ocuments + ,unctional speci#ications + Implementation speci#ications + ;ualit$ s$stem p ocess !ocuments + <o po ate stan!a !s an! "ui!elines
!oc ment Re$erence / (ersion !oc ment Title ) !escription

3e# I1 an! =e sion

1ocument title an! ) ie# !esc iption

0 Test %tems
These a e the so#t-a e p o!ucts 4co!e, > ! pa t$ p o!ucts, use manuals, etc%6 $ou inten! to test -ithin the scope o# this test plan% This list o# items -ill )e populate! # om the so#t-a e p o!ucts i!enti#ie! in the maste p o5ect plan as -ell as othe sou ces o# !ocumentation an! in#o mation% 7ou shoul! inclu!e (e sion num)e s an! con#i"u ation e2ui ements -he e nee!e!, 4especiall$ i# multiple (e sions o# the p o!ucts a e in scope6% ?ea in min! that -hat $ou a e testin" is -hat $ou inten! to !eli(e to the custome 4-hethe inte nal o exte nal6%
Test %tem Name Test %tem (ersion No#

The #o mal name o# the test item

=e sion o# the test item

0#+ Feat res to *e Tested This is a hi"h+le(el (ie- o# -hat is to )e teste! # om the use @s (ie-point o# -hat the s$stem !oes an! shoul! e# ain # om )ein" a technical testin" ) ea*!o-n o# the s$stem since that is co(e e! in section A )elo-% It is also use#ul to list the #eatu es to )e teste! -ith espect to the names o# the pa ent components, etc%, as the$ a e *no-n )$ the con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem% A )ullete! list #o mat can se (e -ell he e, o use the ta)le #o mat "i(en )elo-%
Feat re Parent "omponent ) System Overvie1

,eatu e name

The component o s$stem the #eatu e )elon"s to

? ie# outline o# -hat is )ein" teste! # om use @s pe specti(e

0#, Feat res not to *e Tested Bhat is not to )e teste! can )e sometimes 5ust as impo tant as statin" -hat is to )e teste!% It emo(es an$ am)i"uit$ in o !e that othe p o5ect sta*ehol!e s a e clea on -hat to expect # om the test phases% Ma*e this list the same

#o mat as a)o(e% A!!itionall$, ho-e(e , $ou shoul! state clea easons -h$ the #eatu e is not )ein" teste!% The e coul! )e an$ num)e o# easons an! all shoul! )e "i(en alon"si!e the miti"atin" #acto s%
!oc ment Re$erence / (ersion !oc ment Title ) !escription

3e# I1 an! =e sion

1ocument title an! ) ie# !esc iption

2 Testing Ris3 Register
So#t-a e !e(elopment is #ull o# is*, an! the testin" phases a e no exception% It is al-a$s -ise to ta*e an acti(e lea! in mana"in" the is*s #acin" $ou% Loo* to the maste p o5ect plan as a sta tin" point to )e"in $ou list o# is*s% As a #u the ai!e to co(e in" all the potential is*s, consi!e the #ollo-in": + Expe ience o# p e(ious simila p o5ects an! the is*s that !i! happen an! ho- the$ -e e han!le! + Thi ! pa t$ p o!ucts an! se (ices% + Ne- (e sions o# inte #acin" o component so#t-a e + The test team@s a)ilit$ to use an$ ne- tools o technolo"ies necessa $ #o the test e##o t% + Bo *in" ac oss multiple sites, o##+sho e team mem)e s, emote+-o *in" + An$ complex #unctionalit$ + A!option o# an$ ne- technolo"ies, especiall$ C)lee!in" e!"e@ technolo"ies + Sche!ule slippa"e an! its impact on the test sche!ule + Mo!i#ications to components -ith a past histo $ o# #ailu e + Poo l$ !ocumente! mo!ules + =a"ue e2ui ements + E(e +chan"in" 4(olatile6 e2ui ements + Sa#et$ aspects + < oss plat#o m suppo t + Multiple inte #aces o poo l$ !e#ine! inte #aces + Go(e nment e"ulations an! ules Once $ou ha(e $ou list o# is*s, o##e them up to othe team mem)e s an! ) ainsto m them% ,u the mo e, assi"n a sco e to each is* in te ms o# its p o)a)ilit$ o# occu ence an! its impact on the custome % Also !ocument each is*@s t i""e s an! an$ miti"ation action $ou can complete in o !e to p e(ent the is*% I# the is* !oes occu then $ou can help alle(iate )$ plannin" in an$ contin"enc$ actions% 7ou ma$ -ish to compile $ou is* e"iste in ta)ula #o mat, such as the one "i(en )elo-%
Ris3 %! No# S mmary Pro*a*ility o$ Occ rrence

" stomer %mpact

Uni2ue e#e ence I1 o# the is* item ? ie# !esc iption o# the is* Ho- li*el$ is the is* to occu D Assi"n a sco e li*e 0, ., > o ta" -ith Hi, Me! o Lo, etc% Ho- -ill the custome )e incon(enience! shoul! the is* happenD Assi"n a simila

Trigger 4itigation Action "ontingency Action

sco e as the o- a)o(e Bhat -oul! cause the is* to happen Bhat can )e !one to p e(ent the is* # om happenin" Bhat can )e !one to alle(iate the situation shoul! the is* happen

I -oul! ecommen! e(ie-in" $ou testin" is* e"iste once a -ee*% 7ou@ll #in! that some ent ies a e so insi"ni#icant that the$ can e##ecti(el$ )e i"no e!% Othe ne- ones ma$ )e a!!e! as the$ a e i!enti#ie!% Othe is*s ma$ )e e(ise! in te ms o# si"ni#icance as mo e )ecomes *no-n a)out them% In )oth c eatin" an! e(ie-in" is*s it is -ell -o th-hile teamin" -ith othe teste s an! !e(elope s since the$ -ill o#ten )e (ocal in exp essin" thei o-n pe sonal *e$ conce ns a)out the p o5ect%

5 Test Approac& 6Strategy7
The test app oach is the o(e all test st ate"$ that un!e pins the -hole test plan% A test app oach as*s, &ho- a e $ou "oin" to test the so#t-a eD' I# this Test Plan is pa t o# a la "e pa ent p o5ect an! the e a e othe Test Plans #o othe pa ts o# the o(e all s$stem then the test app oach shoul! !o(etail -ith the othe test app oaches% Also consi!e i# $ou a e "oin" to use esta)lishe!, !ocumente! test p ocesses o p oce!u es o i# $ou -ill nee! to tailo $ou o-n speci#icall$ #o this p o5ect% I# so, then name these !ocuments an! inclu!e them in the e#e ence section a)o(e% Othe 2uestions to as* in !e(isin" the test app oach inclu!e: • • • • • • • • • Bhat t$pe o# testin" -ill )e !one -henD Bill $ou sta t )$ unnin" tests on the most is*$ a ea o# the so#t-a eD A e the e pa ts o# the planne! #unctionalit$ that -ill )e !eli(e e! a#te othe pa ts an! the e#o e e2ui e $ou to Csta"e@ $ou testin"D Is the e a Cmust ha(e, shoul! ha(e, coul! ha(e@ app oach to the p io it$ o# ne- #unctionalit$ an! i# so !oes $ou test app oach ta*e this into accountD Bill $ou use p e!ominantl$ e2ui ements+)ase! manual test sc ipts o -ill $ou ma*e use o# api!+test techni2ues such as explo ato $ testin" to "et an ea l$ assessment o# the sta)ilit$ o# the so#t-a eD Bhat a)out the !epth an! timin" o# e" ession testsD Bill e" ession tests )e un manuall$ o -ill $ou use automate! test toolsD Bill $ou ha(e teste s !e!icate! to e" ession tests an! othe s !e!icate! to unnin" tests on ne- #unctionalit$D Bill an$ pa ts o# the test e"ime )e execute! )$ emote mem)e s o# the test teamD Bhat a)out non+#unctional testin" li*e install:uninstall, compati)ilit$, loa!, (olume an! pe #o mance, etc%D

Bhen -ill such tests )e un an! -ill this impact on the mo e e"ula #unctional testin"D

7ou -ill see the e a e a lot o# 2uestions pose! he e an! in!ee! the e coul! )e man$ mo e% Onl$ )$ as*in" such 2uestions -ill $ou stimulate the thou"ht patte ns that can help to assu e the test co(e a"e an! app oach $ou )uil! is soli!, !epen!a)le, comp ehensi(e an! app op iate% Min!maps can )e use#ul as a -a$ o# 5ottin" !o-n $ou i!eas 4see the Tools pa"e on http:::---%The+ So#t-a e+Teste %com #o a use#ul # ee-a e min!map tool6% O# cou se, a mine o# in#o mation can )e o)taine! # om p e(ious p o5ects an! it can o#ten )e use#ul to ea! o(e ol! test epo ts in o !e to "ain insi"hts into the plannin" o# ne- test p o5ects% I# the e -e e an$ p e(ious Clessons to )e lea ne!@ e(ie-s un on p e(ious p o5ects then o)tain the elate! !ocumentation an! ea! it o(e since the e coul! )e (alua)le lessons to )e lea ne! #o $ou cu ent p o5ect% 5#+ Test Tools List all the tools e2ui e! #o testin"% Such tools ma$ inclu!e o)(ious ones li*e test mana"ement so#t-a e, a !e#ect mana"ement s$stem, GUI automation tools, etc%, )ut the e ma$ )e less o)(ious tools e2ui e! li*e p o5ect mana"ement tools, etc% I# $ou ha(e a emote contin"ent as pa t o# the o(e all test team then consi!e an$ tools $ou -ill nee! in o !e to e##ecti(el$ communicate -ith them% I# comme cial+o##+the+shel# 4<OTS6 tools a e not suita)le then $ou ma$ nee! to !e(elop o-n tools, ha nesses an! stu)s% This is all -o * that e2ui es to )e coste!, estimate! an! planne! so inclu!e it he e% 5#, Test !ata Plan $ou test !ata nee!s% Is this somethin" that $ou can mana"e -ithin the test team o is it somethin" $ou -ill nee! to "et a !e(elope o !ata)ase a!minist ato to !oD Bhat a)out automatic test !ata "ene ato sD I# $ou a e usin" !ata sou ce! # om a cu ent li(e s$stem then the e ma$ )e con#i!entialit$ aspects that nee! to )e a!! esse! E o $ou coul! anon$mise the !ata% Bill the test !ata nee! to )e eset #o e(e $ c$cle o# testin"D I# so, -ho -ill !o this an! ho- lon" -ill it ta*e% I# sc ipts ha(e to )e un to !o this the$ coul! mean len"th$ uns that coul! impact $ou p o" ess% 5#- Test Environment The test en(i onment encompasses the so#t-a e )ein" teste!, elate! plat#o m so#t-a e, thi !+pa t$ so#t-a e, communications so#t-a e, etc% Ensu e that $ou ha(e the esou ces e2ui e! to install, set up an! con#i"u e $ou test en(i onment% The test en(i onment also exten!s to ha !-a e, test !ata, technical pu)lications, consuma)les 4li*e p inte pape , in*, etc%6, s-ipe ca !s, etc% Ta*e a Chelicopte (ie-@ o# $ou test en(i onment an! plan #o an$thin" that is e2ui e! in o !e to assu e the smooth execution o# $ou testin"%

8 Personnel

List the mem)e s o# $ou test team he e% Thin* a)out the specialisms each has -hen assi"nin" them -o * tas*s% I# $ou ha(e senio teste s then consi!e pai in" them -ith mo e 5unio mem)e s% Is an$one a specialist an! is the e a is* i# this specialism cannot )e co(e e! )$ othe s in the test team shoul! that pe son )ecome una(aila)leD Bhat a)out holi!a$ an! planne! a)sences% This -ill all nee! to )e #acto e! into $ou plans an! the o(e all p o5ect sche!ule% I# $ou a e "oin" to e2ui e an$ ext a teste s then - ite !o-n $ou intentions #o o)tainin" the ext a pe sonnel% Bill $ou sou ce them inte nall$ on secon!ment o -ill $ou ha(e to hi eD 1o $ou ha(e the )u!"et #o thisD Ho- lon" -ill $ou nee! them #o D Bhat i# the p o5ect o(e + unsD Bill $ou e2ui e specialist s*ills that lie outsi!e the test teamD ,o instance, -ill $ou e2ui e a Human <ompute Inte #ace 4H<I6 specialist to assess usa)ilit$ an! accessi)ilit$ #o an$ ne- sc eens:GUIsD Bhat a)out mana"ement o# !ata an! the test en(i onment% I# test ha !-a e #ails -ill $ou e2ui e la) technicians o ha !-a e en"inee s to suppo t $ouD Bill $ou e2ui e a !e!icate! con#i"u ation mana"ement en"inee D <onsi!e usin" the example ta)le )elo- to list $ou !i ect 4an! in!i ect6 pe sonnel e2ui ements:
Name Role Responsi*ility

Name o# pe son

E%"% Test Mana"e , 1?A, Test Automation En"inee , etc%

E%"% mana"e inte" ation test phase, c eation o# UAT test !ata, etc%

8#+ Training Since $ou ha(e e(ie-e! the oles an! esponsi)ilities o# test+ elate! pe sonnel it ma$ ha(e )ecome appa ent that the e a e s*ills "aps% I# this is the case then $ou -ill nee! to !eci!e the )est -a$ to #ill these "aps% It ma$ )e that pai e! testin" an! mento in" )et-een senio an! 5unio sta## is a suita)le solution% Ho-e(e , t ainin" ma$ sometimes nee! to )e mo e #o mal an! this )ecomes a sepa ate tas* in its o-n i"ht that -ill e2ui e plannin", costin" an! inco po ation into the p o5ect%

9 4anagement and 4etrics
Bho -ill )e mana"in" the testin"D Bill !i##e ent people )e mana"in" !i##e ent phases, #o example inte" ation test phase, component test phasesD 1oes the P o5ect Mana"e e2ui e met ics to )e collecte! # om $ouD I# so, then list these he e an! state -hen an! ho- $ou -ill const uct the met ics an! epo t them% Bho -ill )e mana"in" the !i##e ent (e sions o# so#t-a e elease! into the testin" phase4s6D Bill this )e the esponsi)ilit$ o# the test team o !e(elopmentD A e the e othe test teams $ou nee! to -o * -ithD Bill a

!e!icate! con#i"u ation mana"ement team mana"e thisD <o(e such aspects he e% Bill $ou set up e"ula meetin"s to e(ie- test p o" essD A 0F+minute !ail$ meetin" o# the test team is (e $ use#ul, althou"h a -ee*l$ meetin" )et-een the test mana"e an! senio mana"ement ma$ )e mo e app op iate #o this le(el% 1ocument $ou meetin" sche!ules an! epo tin" lines he e% 9#+ Test Estimation and Sc&ed le The !u ation o# the testin" sche!ule shoul! ha(e )een estimate! as a esult o# a team consensus% It can )e use#ul to ) ea* test estimates !o-n to a le(el that matches that in the elate! #unctional speci#ications o e2ui ements% In this -a$ the test estimates can )e ea!il$ accounte! #o % A team+)ase! app oach to estimatin" can smooth out an$ C)umps@ in the ma"nitu!e o# the estimates% 7ou ma$ -ish to inclu!e the o i"inal test estimates in this section as a matte o# eco !% This shoul! )e the estimates that #ee! into the o(e all p o5ect sche!ule% G oupin" the estimates to"ethe into lo"ical " oupin"s can also )e help#ul # om a mana"ement pe specti(e, #o instance, " oupin" into Ctest plannin"@, Ctest execution@, Ctest epo tin"@ The testin" sche!ule is a su)set o# the o(e all p o5ect sche!ule% Inclu!e a h$pe lin* to the #ile containin" the p o5ect sche!ule athe than epeat an$ !etails he e% Since p o5ect sche!ules can )e (olatile an! su)5ect to continual e(ision it ma*es sense to !o this an! a(oi! unnecessa $ e-o *in" o# this Test Plan% The inhe ent is*s associate! -ith sche!ule slippa"e mean that this is an a ea that in(a ia)l$ #in!s its -a$ into the testin" 3is* 3e"iste in pa a" aph G a)o(e% I# this p o5ect is pa t o# a la "e p o5ect, then $ou ma$ -ish to ac*no-le!"e an$ othe ele(ant test:p o5ect sche!ules% <onsi!e ho- this p o5ect an! its sche!ule inte #ace -ith these othe p o5ects an! thei sche!ules% ,o instance, a e the e an$ tas*s that ha(e to )e han!e! o(e D 9#, Test P&ase Entry and E:it "riteria In o !e that $ou can mana"e so#t-a e sta)ilit$ an! 2ualit$ " a!e th ou"h successi(e test phases it is use#ul to plan #o test phase ent $ an! exit c ite ia% The e(ie- o# such c ite ia shoul! )e the )asis o# #o mal mana"ement milestone e(ie-s% Each test phase is li*el$ to ha(e its pa ticula set o# c ite ia% The #ollo-in" points )elo- ma$ help $ou #o mulate $ou o-n list o# c ite ia% 9.2.1 Unit Test Phase Entry Criteria • 0//H o# unit tests ha(e )een pee + e(ie-e! • So#t-a e to )e unit teste! has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem • All planne! #unctionalit$ an! )u" #ixes ha(e )een implemente! • Sou ce co!e #o so#t-a e to )e unit teste! has )een pee + e(ie-e!

• • 9.2.2 • • • • • • • • • •

Planne! num)e o# issues expecte! to )e #oun! in unit test has )een a" ee! etc Unit Test Phase Exit Criteria 0//H o# unit tests a e execute! 0//H o# unit tests pass Unit Test 3epo t has )een app o(e! Unit teste! so#t-a e has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem Unit teste! so#t-a e is a(aila)le #o next test phase Less than n outstan!in" lo- se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" me!ium se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" hi"h se(e it$ issues Num)e o# issues #oun! !i! not excee! planne! num)e )$ mo e than .FH etc

9.2.3 Component Test Phase Entry Criteria • <omponent test !ocumentation:sc ipts ha(e )een pee + e(ie-e! • So#t-a e to )e component teste! has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem • Test !ata complete! • Test en(i onment complete! • Planne! num)e o# issues expecte! to )e #oun! in component test has )een a" ee! • etc 9.2.4 • • • • • • • • • • Component Test Phase Exit Criteria 0//H o# component tests a e execute! nH o# component tests pass <omponent Test 3epo t has )een app o(e! <omponent teste! so#t-a e has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem <omponent teste! so#t-a e is a(aila)le #o next test phase Less than n outstan!in" lo- se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" me!ium se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" hi"h se(e it$ issues Num)e o# issues #oun! !i! not excee! planne! num)e )$ mo e than .FH etc

9.2.5 Integration Test Phase Entry Criteria • Inte" ation test !ocumentation:sc ipts ha(e )een pee + e(ie-e!

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So#t-a e to )e inte" ation teste! has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem Test !ata complete! Test en(i onment complete! Planne! num)e o# issues expecte! to )e #oun! in inte" ation test has )een a" ee! etc Integration Test Phase Exit Criteria 0//H o# inte" ation tests a e execute! nH o# inte" ation tests pass Inte" ation Test 3epo t has )een app o(e! Inte" ation teste! so#t-a e has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem Inte" ation teste! so#t-a e is a(aila)le #o next test phase Less than n outstan!in" lo- se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" me!ium se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" hi"h se(e it$ issues Num)e o# issues #oun! !i! not excee! planne! num)e )$ mo e than .FH etc A eptan e Test Phase Entry Criteria Acceptance test !ocumentation:sc ipts ha(e )een pee + e(ie-e! Acceptance Teste s ha(e )een t aine! 4i# !oin" t ue UAT6 So#t-a e to )e acceptance teste! has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem 4this coul! inclu!e !ocumentation an! use manuals, etc%6 Test !ata complete! Test en(i onment complete! Planne! num)e o# issues expecte! to )e #oun! in component test has )een a" ee! etc A eptan e Test Phase Exit Criteria 0//H o# acceptance tests a e execute! 0//H o# acceptance tests pass Use nee!s 0//H (ali!ate! Acceptance Test 3epo t has )een app o(e! Acceptance teste! so#t-a e has )een chec*e! into con#i"u ation mana"ement s$stem <ustome has #o mall$ app o(e! acceptance o# the so#t-a e into the li(e en(i onment Less than n outstan!in" lo- se(e it$ issues

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Less than n outstan!in" me!ium se(e it$ issues Less than n outstan!in" hi"h se(e it$ issues Num)e o# issues #oun! !i! not excee! planne! num)e )$ mo e than .FH etc

9#- S spension and Res mption "riteria 1u in" an$ point in an$ o# the test phases it ma$ )ecome appa ent that continuin" -ith the planne! test e"ime is pointless an! esou ces )ette use! on assi"nment to othe tas*s% Thin*in" ahea! an! anticipatin" such inci!ents can help plannin" an! mana"ement% Suspension coul! a ise !ue to: • • • A c itical issue )loc*in" a si"ni#icant p opo tion o# the emainin" tests an! the time to esol(e the issue is, sa$, mo e than a !a$% The num)e o# issues aise! excee!in" planne! issue le(els, pa ticula l$ i# these a e mostl$ hi"h in te ms o# se(e it$% Etc%

3esumption o# testin" usuall$ commences upon emo(al o# the )loc*a"e that cause! the suspension in the #i st place% Ho-e(e , it ma$ )e that testin" can esume !ue to othe ci cumstances, #o example, i# ne- #unctionalit$ is elease! to test that pe mits ne- tests to )e execute!%

+; Test !elivera*les
Test !eli(e a)les a e essentiall$ the -o * p o!ucts o# the enti e test e"ime% This can co(e : • Test estimates • Test sche!ules • Test Plan • Test Speci#ication • Test Sc ipts • Test 1ata • Test tools, ha nesses, stu)s, etc • Test execution esults • Test 3epo ts • Issue Lo"s • Lessons to )e lea ne! • Test 3is* 3e"iste • Test T ainin" plans • Etc%

++ "omm nication Plan

I ha(e al-a$s #oun! it use#ul to co(e ho- sta*ehol!e s -ill communicate th ou"hout all testin" acti(ities% It can )e a "oo! i!ea to inclu!e contact !etails o# the *e$ sta*ehol!e s in this section, #o example the phone an! email !etails o# the autho , test mana"e , etc% I# $ou plan to hol! mo nin" stan!+ups, then state that he e% I# it is plane! to un e(ie- -ee*l$ meetin"s, o emote+con#e ences, then plan all aspects o# $ou communication% Thin* a)out -h$, -he e, -hen, -ho an! ho-% Some example ta)les a e "i(en )elo- to help $ou st uctu e this section%
Name Role "ontact !etails

Iim Smith

Test Team Lea!e

Email: 5smithJteste email%co%u* O##ice: /0.>8 FGA KL/ Mo): /A0.> 8FG AKL ,ax: /0GA0 LKA GF8
P rpose

"omm nication Aspect

E%"% 1ail$ Test Team Meetin" E%"% UAT Han!o(e Meetin"

E%"% 3e(ie- imme!iate issues an! plan tas*s #o !a$ ahea!% E%"% Once+onl$ meetin" to e(ie- test ent $ c ite ia into UAT phase% P o5ect

+, <lossary
1e#ine te ms, 5a "on an! ac on$ms use! in this !ocument to eliminate possi)le con#usion an! p omote consistent communication%
Term 4eaning

E%"% UAT

E%"% Use Acceptance Testin" con!ucte! )$ selecte! custome s