JUPITER: Brahmanas, teachers, religious, social and other duties, chariot, cows, infantry, deposits, Mimamsa- and Dharma

-Sastras, treasure, horses, buffaloes, large or stout body, valour, fame, logic, astronomy and astrology, sons, grandsons, complaints of the digestive system, wealth of elephants, Vedanta philosophy, elders like greatgrandfather, mansion, omedha !hessonite", elder brother, grandfather, #ndra, first half of winter, acts arising from great indignation, precious stones, tradesman, physical health, strange or peculiar palace, honour from the king, great ods, penance, charity, Dharma, doing good to others, impartial outlook, facing towards the north, circular forms, yellow colour, wandering in the villages, north, dear friends, swinging on a plank or on an elephant, great elo$uence, brain, cloth of a medium count, happiness in a newly built house, old age or old persons, mantra, dvi%as, holy water or place of pilgrimage, knee, moving towards heaven, house that offers happiness, intellect, great proficiency, great long poems, towers, delighting or impressing audience, throne, installation of the idol of Brahma, &at's eye, the great results of the agni()oma sacrifice, sweet %uices, s*ttvika nature, happiness and unhappiness, long things, gentle or benefic, understanding the minds or thoughts of others, gold, decorations, tantra or technical sub%ects and the like, wind !vata" complaints, phlegm !kapha", good yellow topa+, sound knowledge of the sacred te,ts and scriptures, soft and pleasant stones, worship of Shiva, performing religious and moral acts strictly, and travelling in a carriage covered on the four sides-

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