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Dabur India Limited is India's leading FMCG Company with interests
in health care, personal care and foods

Dabur has two ma!or strategic business units "#$%&' Consumer Care
Di(ision "CCD& and Consumer )ealth Di(ision "C)D&

In *+++, Dabur achie(ed a turno(er of ,s -+++ crores Dabur crossed
. * billion mar/et capital in *++0

D1$%,2# G,345) #5,156G7 8 69:1;#I3;, I;;3<15I3; =

Dabur India outlined a three'pronged strategy in(ol(ing an aggressi(e
e?pansion in domestic and foreign mar/et, new product launches and
ac@uisitions, which is e?pected to double sales and profits by *+-+

5he company, which is loo/ing at double'digit growth across all
product segments o(er the ne?t four years, e?pects its sales to be around
,s A,+++ crore and profits around ,s A++ crore by the end of *+-+

5his strategy has paid rich di(idends for Dabur and has deli(ered sales
growth ahead of the consumer non'durable sector a(erage, o(er the past
- year already

Dabur laid down a business strategy called ASTRA to boost rural sales
and to achie(e a steady growth in retail

5a/ing help of ACCENTURE to impro(e the supply chain and
distribution networ/ and with the demerger of Dabur2s FMCG and
pharma business

Dabur also aims at achie(ing doubled sales by the end of *+-+
through aggressi(e ACQUSITIONS

5he growth strategy for international mar/ets would re(ol(e around

Dabur India has also chal/ed out its plans to enter the health and
beauty RETAIL mar/et in the country

Dabur is targeting sales growth of abo(e -B per cent after
implementing 1stra, and e?pects nearly A+ per cent growth in sales

It runs refresher'training courses e(ery si? months 1bout CB per cent
of the company's sales come form rural areas, hence, it has created the
1stra training consultancy module in fi(e (ernacular languages '
$engali, 5amil, 5elugu, Malayalam and Dannada

%nder 1stra, Dabur has categoriEed its sales and distribution
channels into finer segments, such as /ey grocers, mass grocers,
chemist, wholesale, small outlet and modern trade

1ccenture suggested separation of DaburFs pharmaceutical and FMCG
business to pro(ide greater focus and growth to each business under
separate business heads

1ccenture and Dabur team optimiEed the company2s internal logistics
and distribution processes for mega retail customers

How Accenture helped DABUR?
-Implementing a new sales and distribution strategy
-Developing a new supply chain management capability
-Optimizing Dabur’s ERP capabilities.
-Leveraging IT for business initiatives.
-Outsourcing IT operation

5he company ac@uired the Balsara group of companies in *++B
5his ac@uisition ga(e Dabur new brands in toothpaste, mos@uito
repellants, toilet cleaners, and air freshners

In line with its strategy of growing aggressi(ely in foreign mar/ets, it
ac@uired a ;igerian firm ' African Consumer Care in late *++C

Dabur has successfully ac@uired C*-BG of Fem Care Pharma Ltd

5he ac@uisition offers Dabur a strong platform to enter newer
product categories and mar/ets 5he ac@uisition of these firms will
ser(e as fuel for the company2s growth and enhance the shareholder

•International business will be spearheaded by two business heads
– one based in Dubai and the other in India.

For the de(eloped mar/ets in the %# and 6urope, Dabur is loo/ing
at alliances with distributors, focusing mainly on o(er'the counter
herbal healthcare products

5he company had initiated tal/s with local FMCG players in the
neighboring countries and finaliEed a deal to start manufacturing
hair oils and shampoos initially by the end of *++B

It has targeted to achie(e ,s H++ crore turno(ers from o(erseas
businesses by *++C International business is li/ely to be a
significant contributor to growth in future

In order to dri(e its retail subsidiary H&B Stores Ltd, Dabur has
appointed :eter Gerard $a/er as the Chief 6?ecuti(e 3fficer

1s part of the growth initiati(e of this brand, the company plans to
set up HB+ retail stores across India in B years and e?pand it to o(er
-,+++ stores by its -+th year of operation

5he Inewu2 brand image presents a new dimension to lifestyle
branded retail in India, designed by :i/efell, %D'based brand agency

1ccenture is the technology partner for Inewu2 retail operations

1s they are focusing on rural selling, Dabur should gi(e more
stress on ma/ing more competiti(e logistics and in(entory
management system so that reach in e(ery noo/ and corner of the
country in the gi(en span of time is possible

Dabur should come up with ad(ertising strategy li/e radio adds or
tele(ision adds which are directly targeting the rural people so that
they could get high results

5he retail stores currently opened by Dabur is only one, in northern
region ie in Delhi, and they ha(e proposed C,H++ retail outlets
1tleast they should open one in south region so as to ha(e reality
chec/ of their distribution 1lso gi(ing clear (iew of their strategy for

,ural plan ie 1#5,1 is only operated in south region of India
which should be implemented in northern area as well since it is the
main hub of Dabur

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