Ryan Rusnak

I made the Mini Fridge Beer Cannon that you may
have seen on the Best Buy Christmas Commercial or
favorite beer blog. I also made the White House iOS app.
Ruby on Rails and Javascript are my tools of choice, but I
like to use whatever tools and languages are best for the job.
Over the years I have made awesome interfaces, created
unique API’s and almost set my apartment complex on fire.

Software Engineer + UX Designer
Featured in: Popular Science , Discovery
Channel, NBC, BBC, WIRED, Engadget,
Gizmodo, Asylum, WTOP, vDice, reddit,
Escapist Magazine, Today’s iPhone, The
Next Web, Io Bridge.net, the Graham
Norton Show, Channel 9, The Sun UK
and the Best Buy Christmas Campaign.

Carnegie Mellon

Masters of Computer Science - HCI ‘12

Virginia Tech

Bachellors of Science ‘07

Obligatory Buzz Words: Test Driven Development, SCRUM, Agile,
API, Objective-C, Swift,
Processing, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Node.js,
MongoDB, Neo4j, CSS, SCSS, LESS, User Centered
Design, REST, jQuery, AngularJS, Meteor, WData Visualisation, D3js, RSPEC, Protractor, Cloud
Computing, Gameification, and Doug Crockford


2014 - Present

Software Engineer pretty much across the
board. Talents have seemed to improved
with time.


(Minor Disaster)


(Minor Success)


2012 - 2014

2010 - 2011
2007 - 2010

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