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August 31 – September 4

Lifeskill or Life-long Guideline of the week: Cooperation
Math Extra! Extra! I can help!
The 2nd and 3rd graders have been In writing this week we are working
learning math procedures this week. Math on the writing process by beginning to
is the only class that we split for in our prewrite (brainstorm) using the web
classroom and we are adjusting! Both strategy. Students are brainstorming things
classes are working on problem of the day they do well and each student will create a
and getting to know their new math tribe. yellow page for our Class Yellow Pages.

Thinking While We’re Reading Important Times of Day!
This week we are concentrating on
thinking while we are reading. We are 7:40 Meet in the Gym
reading beautiful picture books that are 10:55-11:40 Specials
helping us learn about the multiple 11:55-12:30 Lunch
intelligences. After reading the story, we 2:45 Dismissal
will work on connections (what the
story/characters remind us of), wonderings Snack Share Program
(what you wonder about the story), and THANK YOU everyone who signed
observations (what you notice). Encourage up! It helps when everyone takes a small
your child to “think” while they do their daily part in the responsibility. All weeks have
reading at home. not been covered for the year. If you are
willing to bring snack an additional week,
How are you smart? please let us know.
We are discovering our multiple and
intelligences! We all have eight different
kinds of smarts. We are learning that we
are all smart in different ways, and that we
each have all 8 kinds of smarts: body Important Notes & Dates
smart, art smart, self smart, people smart, * Check the calendar online and every
number/logic smart, word smart, nature week as dates do occasionally change –
smart, and music smart. We are all it’s on the back of the newsletter too!
different in these ways and have to work
together! Through literature, class *All walkers and car riders must be picked
discussion and activities we will learn about up in the BACK of the school.
each smart and challenge each smart
within ourselves. *Reminder: Box Top Summer Collection is due
Friday, September 4th. Please send box tops in a
baggie labeled with your child’s name, number of
box tops and teacher name. Thanks!