“Do What You Want.”
This requires the Emotions, Sacral, and Spleen to be undefined and the Heart defined, connected to the
Your decision-making process is all about attuning to your heart‘s desire. What you want is what needs to
This authority is dependent on an active connection between the Heart and Throat
via one or more active channels. It is the most straightforward authority to have and can be the most direct
by nature. In its rawest form, your decision lies in your heart‘s desire and is expressed as something like:
―I want it, so I‘m going to make it happen.‖
The consequent accomplishment is never the issue, because of your inherent iron will and powers to manifest. The issue is whether you‘ll allow yourself to be deflected by the pleas or indignation of others. Protestors will stand in front of your steamroller because your look-after-number-one strategy can run against
society‘s expected consideration of others. How can you handle this? Look back at what I said about being
a Manifestor: be gracious enough to inform others of your intentions. But once you‘ve set your heart on
something, your natural drive is not to be stopped.
When you need to make a decision, tune in to your heart. The reliable ―yes‖ or ―no‖ can be found in
what your heart is drawing you toward or pulling you from. It‘s a very personal, subjective process, but extremely powerful. If your heart‘s not in it, there‘s your decision. If your heart soars at the mere pondering of
something, go for it. Just be careful to commit your manifesting powers to those people and projects that
accord with your heartfelt wishes. Otherwise, you will exhaust yourself fulfilling everyone else‘s wishes as
if it were a duty. So, when making a decision, be clear that the ―yes‖ or ―no‖ comes clearly from your
Heart, be it for the universal good or a selfish pursuit.