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Spleen Authority

Spleen Authority

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human design
human design

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Published by: Florentina Agiakatsika on Dec 23, 2013
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“Instant Decisions”
Thi) i) /%+( )*(a*eg/ if *he S&"ee$ i) defi$ed a$d *he E#%*i%$) a$d Sac(a" a(e +$defi$ed.
Y%+( c%((ec* deci)i%$) a(e #ade i$ *he b"i$! %f a$ e/e. Y%+ a(e de)ig$ed *% )ei0e *he 5$%-,6 decidi$g i$-
)*a$*a$e%+)"/, -i*h%+* he)i*a*i%$. I* i) a )$a& deci)i%$ i$ e,e(/ )e$)e.
If a$ E#%*i%$a" A+*h%(i*/ i) ba)ed %$ -a*chi$g *he e$*i(e #%,ie a$d e.&e(ie$ci$g *he d(a#a7) +&) a$d
d%-$), *he S&"ee$ A+*h%(i*/ i) a"" ab%+* bei$g deci)i,e i$ a f(ee0e-f(a#e, )$a&)h%* #%#e$*. Thi) #igh*
)ee# "i!e a f(igh*e$i$g"/ (a)h &(%ce)), b+* i*7) *he %$"/ -a/ /%+( deci)i%$) ca$ be *(+)*ed.
Thi) i) beca+)e /%+( i$*+i*i%$ )e$)e) -he*he( )%#e*hi$g )%+$d) (igh* %( -(%$g, ge$+i$e %( i$)i$ce(e. Y%+(
i$)*i$c* )e$)e) -he*he( )%#e*hi$g )#e"") fi$e %( fi)h/. Y%+( *a)*e !$%-) -he*he( )%#e*hi$g i) )+i*ab"e,
-he*he( i* be f%%d %( 5*a)*ef+"6 &e%&"e %( )+((%+$di$g). A"" *he)e )e$)e) ,ie- *he e$d (e)+"* i$ a$ i$)*a$*
a$d a"e(* /%+ i$ a )&"i* )ec%$d. The &(%ce)) ca$ be i#&(e))i,e -he$ /%+ "ea($ *% *(+)* i*! Y%+ ei*he( &a/ a*-
*e$*i%$ *% /%+( "igh*$i$g-'+ic! a+*h%(i*/ %( "e* *he #%#e$* &a)) 2 a$d /%+( f%(*+$e) -i*h i*.
If /%+ fi$d /%+()e"f he)i*a*i$g %( &%$de(i$g, /%+7,e di)a&&ea(ed i$*% *he Mi$d a$d a(e $%* bei$g *(+e *% /%+(
$a*+(e. Thi), *he$, i) $%* *he *i#e *% #a!e a deci)i%$. S&"ee$ i#&+")e) c%#e %$"/ %$ce a$d /%+ ei*he( "i,e
b/ *he# %( ig$%(e *he#. The(e i) $%*hi$g *% *hi$! ab%+*!
The +)e %f *hi) a+*h%(i*/ #a/ -e"" a"a(# %*he() a(%+$d /%+. 5Ta!e /%+( *i#e. Thi$! ab%+* i*,6 *he/ -i""
+(ge. D%$7* "i)*e$ *% *he#. S*ic! *% /%+( g+$). Y%+( )$a& deci)i%$ i) $%* i""-c%$)ide(ed %( i#&a*ie$*; i*7) (igh*
f%( /%+. S% *(+)* *hi) (e"iab"e Ze$-"i!e 5$%-6 &(%ce)). Y%+ ca$$%* aff%(d *% ba)e a deci)i%$ %$ a &a)*
&(e#i)e %( a f+*+(e (ec!%$i$g.
Wi*h *hi) a+*h%(i*/ /%+( )e$)e) a(e $a*+(a""/ )ha(&. I* ca$ #ea$ )%#e*hi$g a) )i#&"e a) -a"!i$g i$*% a
(e)*a+(a$* a$d fi$di$g i*) $%i)e, )#e""), %( d1c%( a((i$g *% /%+( i$$e( bei$g. Ta!e *he f%""%-i$g (ea"-"ife
ca)e -he$ *he S&"ee$ A+*h%(i*/ -a) )ee$ i$ ac*i%$:
A f(ie$d had b%%!ed a *ab"e a* a -e""-!$%-$ (e)*a+(a$* i$ Sa$*a Ba(ba(a, Ca"if%($ia. He a$d hi) gi("f(ie$d
)a* d%-$ a$d he )*a(*ed *% )ca$ *he #e$+. He "%%!ed +& a$d hi) gi("f(ie$d -a) )ca$$i$g *he (%%#, "%%!i$g
di)*(ac*ed a$d b%*he(ed.3Wha*8) -(%$g?4 he a)!ed.3I d%$8* "i!e i* he(e. Ca$ -e "ea,e?4 )he )aid.3B+* -e8,e
%$"/ +)* )a*
d%-$!43I !$%-, b+* )%#e*hi$g8) $%* (igh*. I*8) *he a#bie$ce a$d I d%$8* "i!e *he )#e"",4 )he )aid.A$d -i*h
*ha*, *he/ g%* +& a$d "ef* a$d -e$* e")e-he(e.He(e *he S&"ee$ A+*h%(i*/8) i$$e( (ada( had bee$ )ca$$i$g
*he e$,i(%$#e$* a$d a"e(*i$g he( *ha* i* -a)$8* (igh* f%( he(. Had )he ig$%(ed *ha* a"e(* %( bee$ )-a/ed b/
he( b%/f(ie$d8) i$)i)*e$ce %$ )*a/i$g, *he$ *he cha$ce) a(e *ha* *he $igh* -%+"d ha,e bee$ g(i#, &%))ib"/
e$di$g i$ a$ a(g+#e$* %( f%%d &%i)%$i$g. He( S&"ee$ had gi,e$ i*) )ig$a" *% e.i* a$ e$,i(%$#e$* i* had
dee#ed +$hea"*h/ f%( he( )e$)e %f -e""-bei$g. Be a"e(* f%( *ha* fee"i$g *ha* )%#e*hi$g i) -(%$g 2 %( (igh*.
O+* %f *he *h(ee a-a(e$e)) ce$*e(), *he S&"ee$ i) *he '+ie*e)* %f *he# a"", a"#%)* -hi)&e(i$g i*) deci)i%$).
S% -he(e,e( /%+ g%, -h%#e,e( /%+ #ee*, a$d -ha*e,e( %ffe( i) &+* bef%(e /%+, !ee& a$ ea( &ee"ed a$d a
$%)*(i" f"a(ed f%( *ha* i$$e( (ada(.
Le*7) $%* f%(ge* *ha* *he S&"ee$7) h+$che) a")% &%i$* %+* -h% a$d -ha* i) (igh* *% &+()+e. 5I )#e"" #%$e/
i$ *hi) ,e$*+(e 2 /e)!6 %( 5Tha* )%+$d) (igh* *% #e!6 %( 5Thi) chea& b%**"e %f -i$e *a)*e) fa$*a)*ic!6
The(e i) $%*hi$g $ece))a(i"/ (ea)%$ab"e ab%+* f%""%-i$g /%+( $%)e, )%#e*hi$g )%+$di$g (igh* %( )%#e*hi$g
)ee#i$g *a)*ef+", /e* *he(e i) a$ i((ef+*ab"e (e"iabi"i*/ ab%+* *he)e )e$)e) a) *he/ i$)*a$*"/ i$dica*e -he*he(
/%+7(e %$ *he (igh* *(ac! i$ "ife.

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