CT sizing calculations

Details CT accuracy chosen CT Burden CTR chosen CT Primary CT secondery Max Fault current Fault current in CT sec Relay Burden Relay resistance = Rr = Sr/Isec*Isec) Conductor Cross section No. of runs Conductor resistance @ 70 Deg = Rl Length of Conductor Bet CT & relay Two way lead resistance Calculation of Vk required CT secondery resistance Vk reqd = If (sec)x ( Rct+2RL+Rr) Vk available= Is Vk req > Vk avai Conclusion - CTR rating 5P20 15 800/1 I pri I sec If If sec Sr Rr Value 20 15 800 800 1 40000 50.00 0.25 0.25 2.5 1 8.87 20 0.35 Unit VA Amp Amp Amp Amp VA Ohm Sq mm Ohm/km meter Ohm


Rct Vk req Vk avai

5.00 280.24 300 Yes OK

Ohm volts volts

Note -Data to be entered in the field

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