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Product: XXXX

)ualit% (lert *1+

Work Center: Assembly Problem encountered: DP 1540-204.01: Preservation, Packaging, and Packing o !!!, calls for product over 90 lbs to be shipped in a wooden crate, and for movement to be restricted with wooden blocking or corrugated pads. This bearing weighs ! lbs. The customer received " pieces of this part number shipped in cardboard bo#es without pads or blocking. The parts were damaged and are coming back to us on an $%A. "#e customer $aited 1 %ear or t#ese &arts. These parts are worth over &',000. each

'indings: () *+0,"0+.0 was not followed. Corrective (ction: All Assembly employees on all shifts must be retrained on this (). -o floaters will be assigned to Assembly without being trained on this procedure.