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LESSON PLAN - focus on what the learner is doing

Date 24/08/09 Period 2

Subject Class Number of Number of students with
students difficulties

Spanish Grade 6 15 3 (ADHD/ behavioural
Context: Introductory Spanish

Lesson objective
To be able to understand other native people introducing themselves.
To be able to give a short spoken presentation of themselves.
In the left hand column put what the In the right hand column put what the
teacher is doing pupil is doing
Starter Starter
Revision and introduction of key words necessary Students play flashcard games about animals
for the lesson. and nationalities. They also learn how to say
brother/sister/ parents.
Listening and Reading: ex A p13 in Gente Joven 1. Students are split into 4 groups. Each team has
to answer a question about the recording.
They then listen to the CD a second time and
take notes. They put what they understood in
common in their teams.
They listen to it a third time and check the

Reading: ex B p13 in Gente Joven 1. in groups, students read the different texts
trying to pronounce the words correctly. They
write and complete the sentences about the

Grammar: page 9 in Cuaderno de Ejercicios. Students complete a worksheet about verbs and
subject pronouns.

Speaking: presentation using the information On post-it notes students write their
from the exercises above. nationality/ how many languages they speak/
Ex C p13 in Gente Joven 1. their parents’ nationalities/ if they have a pet.
students introduce themselves looking at their
post-it notes.
Students answer a survey in class.

Plenary Plenary
Results of the survey. students write the results of their survey in
percentages on poster paper for display in their
When/if they have finished, they can read the
comics about mi familia, la pena y yo.

Students write a paragraph about themselves and should be ready to
present it to the class.