Guidelines for Adverse Possession: 1. Intent.

Intend to find a nice comfortable home in the area you desire and you will find it. If it takes more than a couple of days, then, you are not intending it to happen. Everyone should have the same energy for the intention. Remember when your "realtor" used to take you around to see homes in areas you wanted to live, and then you filled out a Purchase and Sales Agreement, an Application for your own credit, signed a Note and a mortgage and multitudes of papers slid across the desk making you a commercial slave for 30 years, well, hell-o and welcome to the World of Adverse Possession, where the living people now cruise the areas where we want to live and take over possession with just one piece of paper! I love it when the system works for we the people. 2. What to look for when cruising neighborhood: a) Tall grass, overgrown shrubs, weeds, etc., papers in yard and near front door; and other signs of neglect. Maybe roof needs some attention. b) In some counties, an orange tag will be placed on meter which can usually be seen from the street or driveway. This means that the electric has been shut off. The meter itself is usually turned to the right to indicate that it is not in use. In some of the rural areas the meter will be completely removed. c) If you see that orange tag, then, maybe try the water spigot near the house to see if that is also turned off. It usually will be. ----Sometimes a realtor has already changed the locks and has the grass mowed attempting to make the home look lived in. That was the situation where I am now. Sometimes there is a sign in the window that might indicate Bank-owned no trespass or whatever. I would leave and not pursue that one. But if there is a realtor lockbox or other indication of a new-looking lockset, then, after you check the records you will know more about its status and whether it can be AP'd. Your due diligence is very important since you will check the County property appraiser and search records by address, find the record owner, then, go to the county court records and see if the civil records are accessible online. If not, you must go to the courthouse and

etc. I talked with no one and everyone here leaves me alone which I prefer. They could have been good friends. Go to electric co. ask the clerk and they will be glad to help you. Then. Then once electric is on and water running. 5. You can take it directly to the property appraiser and they will fill out the bottom and return the original to you. I was never asked for anything when I had the electric transferred. 3. You MUST know the status of the home and the court case if there is one. .. family members. or bitter enemies. 6. fill out your DR 452 and have it notarized. then. Please use your discretion. and then take it to the official records office where mortgages are recorded and have it recorded. The less they know the better. Of course remain calm and try not to act nervous although sometimes that isnt easy because Adverse Possession is not in the norm and most people have no clue. You are checking for Notices of hearings for summary judgment or motions for summary judgment. If a neighbor or someone approaches you. then. I would take a copy of your DR 452 with you in case they want to see a lease. 4.look how long it took me to find out about it! In my case. If you are having trouble. 5. Privacy and your safety should be foremost on your mind. You can also check the OFFICIAL RECORDS for a NOTICE OF LIS PENDENS or maybe a short title search for liens. Be friendly but reserved. pressure wash. then. (unless you have a well of course) and get the electric turned on and water. It is best if the Certificate of Sale or Title has not been issued. get a professional locksmith and have the locks changed or do them yourself keeping the receipts.. and water co. you can clean carpets..use their computers to search for that name in the civil court records. let them talk to you and you can tell whether they are friendly or not or going to engage in conversation with you about what you are doing there or about their neighbor. After you have done your due diligence and feel comfortable (as much as possible). It is not recommended to visit the neighbors since you have no idea the relationship with the former owner of record.50 give or take. It will cost about 10.

trim shrubs. love. All done with intention. It is more of a common-law lien for labor and materials used for improvements therein and thereon. I dont really see the "record owner" coming back but you never know and should always have Plan B to recoup your out of pocket expenses and labor. It is not a lien against the former owner but against the property itself. we have had one freedom seeker who had problems with the deputy sheriffs but I think someone else wanted that home and they intimidated and bullied her out of that adverse possession and made it seem as though her "acts" were crimes when they were not. DONT FORGET YOUR NO TRESPASS SIGNAGE ON DOOR. patience and gratitude. . I would take before and after photos and keep all receipts. Use your own discretion as you may want to just keep a running tab with before and after photos to prove your intent of cleaning up the place and making it habitable and give it some "curb appeal" which might make your neighbors happy. happy and harmonious. --------It is for your protection just in case the "record owner" comes back and wants you to move or some agent-attorney wants to trespass and get involved. and do a general cleanup and improvements. 7. If an owner contacts the sheriff's department. For the sheriff just to disturb your peace. Be safe. he better have a verified warrant signed by a judge with a supporting affidavit. Then. You do not have to have a contractor's license to record a Claim of Lien. he/she would have to sign an affidavit accusing you of trespass but since that is criminal it must go to the prosecutor for an information indictment or grand jury indictment and an arrest warrant signed by a judge with competent jurisdiction. a pen and Form DR-452. You can also record a Claim of Lien for all the work you have done or have a handyman friend do it. dont worry be happy and move in and enjoy your new place rentfree. IN WINDOWS AND ON FENCES AND THE CASTLE DOCTRINE IF YOU SO DESIRE. Of course.

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