Isefra n tilelli

Poems of Liberty
s fus: Maziv buzaxxar


“Idles-nnwen arut … Idles-nnwen arut kan” Soid Sifaw 2 .

lemmi 5. tmagit d tagrawla *** 3 . aman d ical 2. Ifran 4.*** 1. ass-a d may 3. tiremt-nnev 6.

aman d ical S asmi tudel dunnit Water and Soil At the time when universe began From water & soil we were born s aman d ical nulul in matta nessiwel nufit tamurt-iw cfiv d ul ar tufuyt d äeggiï af ijdi Jerrat kul s asmi tudel dunnit nessen iman-nnev neggur in wass nettu tmagit d yal assuggas jul matta tmeddurt tisit tiremt af udem amur dunnit bunadem netta yurit ass d nemmet ass d nulul ass n 26-01-2011 For what we asked we have found The land of eternal in our heart To the sun light and moon light On land of ancestors & footprints at the time universe began As we walk we know ourselves When we forgot our identity On every year we promise ourselves Our life is only a mirror A time on the face of the earth Life is written by us A day we die and day we live 4 .

dignity and democracy How much the regime killed? Why people deserves the death When corruption reached our mountain 80s raised revolution of free-mind spring New modern thoughts revolted Tizi Wezzu. youth of sacrifices When thirst deeply slaughter us As we continue scarifies with our lives s asmi yenvanav fad asenfal af udem n tamurt ass n 09-02-2011 5 .ass-a d may tudi tamettant di akal Today and Why Fear and death in our land Silence rules our hometown tasusmit g yal tamurt s ass yuli elbaïel akal 42 isuggasen nedder di elmut in tufuyt n dunnit nessuggum acpal af tilelli tajruman d tugdut erçen mnit arran ilfan avref maver ad yedder di elmut s ass yuli elbaïel adrar g 80 tekker tidmi n tafsut s mani yekker idmi atrar tizi wezzu arrac win elmut When corruption entered our land 42 years flesh of death we lived As we wait the light of hope Liberty.

Ifran di adrar-nnev d içerwan g tmurt n imussnawen Ifran In the hills and high mountains In the land of wisdom Beyond the time with all languages di yal mapuä n ilsan cfiv adrar n ifran cfiv tarwa-nnes imaziven siwliyed awal usefru sessliyed tinfas iä kan emmliyed tira d nettu awiyed tixertelt n meddan igen tikerkast s tidet ewwin asirem di aïu ekkan tafsut mammek nessen erran tilawt tin ilem I remembered the mountain of ifran I remembered the kids of noble and free Call me with words of poems Let me hear the tales of ancestors Tell me the scripts of Obion Get me the dreams of people They imposed lies with truth They brought hopes on winds They wipe out spring. as we know They changed reality to delusion Bring me life and death On frosty manuscript effkiyed tudert d tmettant ellan di elkaä n usemmiäen ass n 25-12-2010 6 .

lemmi awiyed aãemmiä n tijrest When? Bring me the cold of winter Patient and struggle in jail eããber af lmepna di lepbus Bring me the hope of time awiyed asirem n tiremt di tmurt ellan drus a tarwa n tinfas tikkelt ad effven zdat abkaäu win ellan tanettit d tidets awiyed avanim tiru may wari asirem tilawt ettuv alsan emmitav abkaäu win essusmen af tidets may ussan yeããfeï waäu atarwa n imal tafsut in tijrest awiyed timsi n unebdu ass n 08-02-2011 it’s rare in our homeland Oh the children of tales. once They will raise and face the injustice As we still own our identity and truth Pass me a Penna As the wind of hope is reality Forgot human. spring to winter Send me the flame of summer 7 . remembered injustice For those who covered the truth As the wind clears the days Oh the children of future.

tiremt-nnev a tiremt n wawal emdan Our time Time of words ended With script I wrote a poem s tira am-dariv asefru Language of souls reply a tutlayt n iman erran s tira cfiv adrum asefru af adrum eggan a tamurt tin waäu waäu n asirem ekkan djerrat n tudi d azeglu ufiv timitart ellan sesstnav af win ilu esbedav tiremt n iman amemmlav asefru semdav tawalt i neggura ugdav ad yerr waäu ass n 06-02-2011 With script I remember my hometown Poem of hometown brought Oh the land of the wind Wind of hopes wipes Footprint of fear and deaths Now I have found the symbols Searched what belongs to god Ended the time of our souls Let me say a poem Finished the last words Afraid if wind returns back 8 .

and poetry Wait until we raise again Wisdoms of sifaw.tmagit d tagrawla s mektiyed awal n idurar a tamurt tin waäu s errvtiyed weããfeï n ira ugdav ad ettuv tella iman-nnev tira ula afgan n tiru agdud effven di berdan xessan ad errçen zaglu di idurar ekkren meddan seffäeï imeïïawen imul tamesslayt-nnev d tira iärisen idlisen d usefru suggmet ad effven imira s tmussnit n sifaw mulud d açiku açru n tussna ar tiremt yella a timazivin nabat d slilu ass n 03-02-2011 Identity & Revolution Remember the words of mountain Oh the land of the winds Light the flame of love Fear to be forgotten Our souls are there written With the existence of today People came out to street Seek to break down the fear in the mountain revolution erupted Lets wipe out the tears With our language and script Texts. mulud and aziku Mountain of knowledge until the time Oh tamazight call for liberty 9 . books.

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