Food for the children—or bribes for the Minister of Education? Food for the Children, an international NGO based in the UK, provides foodgrains and powdered milk to families where children are at risk of malnourishment or starvation. t has provided food to families in the small !outh "acific sland nation of "apua #u$ua for the past eight $ears, utili%ing the school s$stem as the means of identif$ing need$ children and distributing the food. #he &inister of 'ducation in "apua #u$ua has approved the involvement of the school s$stem in this pro(ect, though each $ear the process of approval has become more cumbersome and drawn out. !arah )ritton has arrived from *ondon for a one week visit as the representative from Food for the Children sent to negotiate the arrangement, and she +uickl$ comes to the opinion that the 'ducation &inister is dela$ing the process in hopes for a bribe. #he local school officials are eager for the food supplies and assure !arah that the$ can distribute the food on their own with or without the &inister,s approval. !arah sends an email to the e-ecutive committee in *ondon re+uesting instructions on what she should do. #he food has to be supplied within the ne-t several da$s before the monsoons come. ROLE PLA . .ou are members of the e-ecutive committee. /hat should !arah do0 CASE #!. Co"battin# A$%S can be fun—or not? 1essica 'ager is a $oung 2merican working with a group of international interns in the "resident Clinton 2 3!42wareness Campaign5a U!4based educational NGO operating in 2frica5that has sent the team out after a slide4show introduction to 2frican culture and instructions to be creative. !he thinks she has the perfect approach to getting the word out about condom use to $oung people in the village of Northern Nigeria. 6emembering how 2 3! education was effectivel$ conducted when she was in college in !anta )arbara, 1essica thinks that the best wa$ to reach $oung people is through a positive approach. 6ather than promoting the health benefits of condoms and scaring $oung people with the threat of disease, she and her fellow interns create a local campaign based on skits that describe the fun of condom use in se-ual situations. One of the more amusing skits involves a $oung woman attempting to put a condom on a banana and then on a large gourd while talking to the vegetable as if it were her naught$ lover. nitiall$ 1essica is delighted that the skits appear to be such a huge success. 'normous crowds gather, and the $oung men in the village seem to be especiall$ delighted with the presentations. )ut the &uslim elders in the village meet secretl$ and decide that this nonsense has to be stopped. #he$ demand that 1essica and the interns leave the village immediatel$ and that the Clinton 2 3!42wareness Campaign be reprimanded for promoting immoralit$. New .ork staff members rush to Nigeria to deal with the crisis. ROLE PLA . .ou are in one of the following three groups7 1. Sarah and the interns 2. The Muslim village elders 3. The NY staff of the Clinton Foundation '-plain $our position and see if it is possible to come to a compromise or a resolution of the conflict.

s work5rescuing pets and children affected b$ a tsunami5even though much of the aid is for prevention and reconstruction following seasonal storms. 42 third of the members of the board who are undecided. 86/ wrote a report claiming that &r.s > million dollar $earl$ budget to ? million dollars.. #he proposal is to use direct mail. for relief work Aie. !acrudakids. an additional @>.k to @> million Ait also takes a larger percentage of each dollar contributed5from <. the net gain is considerable. ROLE PLA .F ..=. article0 CASE #). and offers salaries5especiall$ to interns5at patheticall$ low wages relative to their peers. !acrudakids. !till. /hat are the main points that $ou would like to present in $our counter to &r. #he costs of the increased advertising.. was severel$ critici%ed b$ an international human rights organi%ation. #he board of directors of the /inds of Change international hurricane relief agenc$ are listening to a proposal for a new advertising campaign. 8uman 6ights /atchout. #he report is published in the national newspaper. !ome are paid hardl$ at all. &r. /hat issues does each cli+ue raise to the board. cents to B. cents on the dollarC. and will be swa$ed b$ the arguments of one or other of the two sides.. white 'uropeans and 2mericans9 the $oung. mailing and promotional staff costs are high.CASE #&. doubling the organi%ation. and how do the other members respond0 s a compromise possible0 &1 Nov>DE. rel$ing on $oung children of a minorit$ ethnic group to work long hours at substandard wages. spot ads and television infomercials that will focus onl$ on the most appealing aspects of the /OC organi%ation. 42 third of the members of the board who think that this approach is wrong. &r.ou are part of one of the follow cli+ues within the board7 42 third of the members of the board who think that this e-penditure is (ustified.=. from onl$ @>. #he ver$ ne-t da$ &r..4hour work weeks to file their reports9 86/ provides no (ob securit$ or benefits. the &alaria News "ress. 2fter undertaking a summer research pro(ect involving scores of college interns from 'urope and the U!. 'u"an ri#hts or hu"an (ron#s? 2 factor$ owner in the !outheast 2sian countr$ of &alaria. #he &alaria #imes4"ress invites 86/ to respond..D to > millionC which is a >.ou are a member of the board of directors as it heatedl$ discusses the proposal. however5rising <.. ROLE PLA . from @<.ou are part of the 86/ public relations team. #he advertising campaign is estimated to bring a huge increase in donations7 at least <. t is also published in the News4"ress. what +uestions does the undecided group ask...= increase in the /OC net and significant additional funds for those in need. !acrudakids was e-ploiting his workers. *he hi#h cost of doin# #ood. previousl$ unemplo$ed workers often toil :. . . . article points out that the 86/ organi%ation itself is hardl$ e+uitable7 the organi%ation consists almost solel$ of one ethnic group. !acrudakids submits his own e-pose5of the 8uman 6ights /atchout organi%ation. telemarketing. kan !acrudakids.

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