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225 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Suite 205 • Louisville, KY 40222-4929
502-426-1931 • Fax: 502-426-1612 • Email: •

BUILD UP HOPE IN LOUISVILLE ever could alone. Your offering of financial gifts allows Kentucky
Ridgewood Baptist Church is a community of faith located in Baptist Fellowship to continue to “Build Up Hope” across
Pleasure Ridge Park on the Southwest side of Louisville. Hit hard Kentucky and beyond.
by the ongoing economic crisis, this dynamic, progressive voice
of faith in Southwest Jefferson County was facing its darkest times Our target date for receiving the KBF Mission Offering is October
financially. Highland Baptist Church followed God’s leadership 11, 2009. Gifts from this year’s missions offering will be divided
to partner with this congregation to “Build Up Hope” and re-start in three ways:
this congregation by providing pastoral leadership and volunteer • Mountain Hope, KBF’s rural poverty initiative, part of
support to ease the financial burdens. Twelve months after CBF’s Together For Hope
starting the partnership, Highland expanded its role by leading • Morocco Partnership, KBF’s global partnership with the
Ridgewood to seek financial support from multiple sources, Protestant church in Morocco
including Kentucky Baptist Fellowship and Cooperative Baptist • Church Start/Re-start, KBF’s ongoing commitment to
Fellowship, to help financially support a community pastor at cultivating Christian community
Ridgewood - continuing to Build Up Hope in Southwest Jefferson
County. Where a faith community once saw despair, they now Together we’re building up hope in Kentucky.
see hope through the hands and feet of the Kentucky Baptist Together we’re building up hope in
Fellowship. communities as far away as Africa.
Together...we are building up hope sharing
“Build Up Hope” The annual Kentucky Baptist Fellowship our commitment to the Great
Missions Offering is about hope. We build up hope every time Commission of Jesus Christ.
we form a new relationship as Kentucky Baptist Fellowship.
We build up hope when we are the “special people” God has
called us to be, working together to accomplish more than we