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Embedded Values: Integrity, which involves being honest, responsible

and accountable and acting ethically and to respect themselves, others,
Citizenship is Everyone’s Business! and human rights.
Kahikatea Syndicate Resources Lines of Inquiry
Unit Topic: Rights, Respect • eLearning – • Human Rights and Responsibility reflect needs not wants
and Responsibilities Google, • We all have rights and related responsibilities in all
(Term 1 Weeks 1 – 6, 2009) blogs, situations in our lives.
Curriculum Focus websites, • What is the relationship between rights and
• Health, D3 Rights, TED talks responsibilities?
responsibilities, and laws; • “Inquiry • What rights identified in UNCROC are relevant to our
• Social Sciences Understand Learning
that people have social, cultural, through Provocation
and economic roles, rights, and Concepts” Why do we come to school?
responsibilities. • UNCROC –
Child friendly
Inquiry into the following: version

ICT Thinking, Talking Exploring cards “Inquiry Learning
• Transdisciplinary theme. Opportunities through Concepts” → Rights and Responsibilities.
Who we are. • Blogging (T&Q)
• Voice
• Key idea. recording Group discussions relating to why do we come to
Our lives are enhanced by • Power point school, (P&C), what our Rights are at school, what
actively respecting our Responsibilities are at school, what this means
everyone’s rights and for our classroom rules (T&Q)
accepting our own Examine UNCROC articles. Choose those appropriate
• Kidspiration
responsibilities to children at school
• I movies
• Key Competencies Use Identified Rights and Responsibilities as basis for
Thinking and questioning, (T&Q) Class Charter/rules.

Participating and contributing, Vocabulary Powerpoint Presentation identifying rights and
(P&C) responsibilities and related UNCROC article (L,S&T)
Using language, symbols and text.
Rights, Self assessment of inquiry questions,
(L,S&T) Responsibilities, Reflect on group skills.
• Rich Task convention, CWSN catered for through composition of Inquiry groups,
Create a presentation that reflects Article, support as required.
an understanding of Right and CWSA catered for through open ended Inquiry process
Responsibilities from the class
charter and show how these are