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Wk23 Numeracy
Wk 4 ~ 2009~
Wk 5 Wk Kahikatea
6 Wk 7 Syndicate
Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10

Geometry (Shape- 3 Wks) Numeracy (7 Wks)
Term 1

Sort objects by their special features with
Identify and describe the plane shapes found in objects.
4 days per week.( Children in stategy groups)
1 day assessment/teaching games/literacy-
numeracy connections.
Establish Routines
Establish Routines

Numeracy Statistics (3Wks)
Term 2

(7 Wks) Statistical Investigation: Conducting investigations using statistical enquiry. Posing and
answering questions by gathering, sorting and displaying category and discrete numeric data.
Statistical Literacy: Compare statements made about data with the features of simple data
displays. Trial simple chance events and predict the results by recognising equal and
different likelihoods based on visual presentations of outcomes and acknowledging
Term 3

Measurement (3 Wks)
Create and use units and devices, sensible for a task, to measure lengths, areas,
Numeracy (7 Wks) volume, (capacities), weights, (masses), turns, angles temperatures and times.
Partition and/or combine measures additively and communicate them using numbers
and units.
Problem solving strategies

Measurement Geometry
Numeracy Total ~ 27 weeks / Topic Total ~ 13 weeks Predict and communicate
cont. (Trans. and
Term 4

(Time - 2 Wks) Numeracy the results of slides turns and enlargements of
position –
(6. Wks) plane shapes.
Created by Sue McLean Create and use simple maps to-2 Wks)
show position and
direction. Describe different views and pathways from
locations on a map.
Level 2 Numeracy ~ 2009~ Kahikatea Syndicate

Created by Sue McLean