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Teacher: Mary Donahue Grade: 10 1.

Date:11/6/12 Period:

eha!iora" O#$ecti!e: As a result of this lesson students will know and/or be able to demonstrate the following...

- listen to songs and identify time signatures - compose an AABA song with two contrasting time signatures - arrange a simple groove for three instruments 2. %e&uired Prior 'no("ed)e and S*i""+: What the students must know to be successful - how to write basic harmonic progressions - how to notate a bass line, chords, and percussive part ,. Standard+ and -ra.e(or*+: heck all that apply Nationa" Standard+ !inging "erforming on #nstruments #mprovising omposing and arranging $eading and notating %istening to, analy&ing and describing 'valuating music and performances (nderstanding relationships between music, the arts and disciplines (nderstanding music in relation to history and culture State -ra.e(or*+ !inging $eading and notation "laying #nstruments #mprovisation and composition ritical response "urposes and meaning in the arts $ole of artists in communities oncepts of style, stylistic influence and stylistic change #nventions technologies and the arts #nterdisciplinary connections

/. Proce++e+: )ust include at least * of the following reating "erforming %istening 0. A++e++.ent: +ormal and #nformal -After the class pro,ect is complete, students will create their own song. -hey must have two contrasting time signatures plus at least one more unusual songwriting device. 6. Materia"+1 %e2ertoire1 E&ui2.ent needed: - whiteboard, rhythm section .or comparable/ instruments, audio source 3. Acco..odation+/S2ecia" Need+: - !ome students might not be able to play a certain instrument. #f this is the case, they may pick one that suits their needs. 4. Le++on Se&uence: .Add or delete activities as needed for the lesson 0 list individual steps for each activity/ a. Activity1 Activator/Warm (p - $eview songwriting devices b. Activity1 - %isten to 3 songs4 analy&e the time signatures .!ilent !ea, 7opeless Wanderer, 7awaii/ c. Activity1 'stimated -ime1 2 min. 'stimated -ime1 56 min 'stimated -ime1

- "ick two contrasting time signatures for the A 8 B sections4 write a simple harmonic progression 56 min d. Activity1 - Arrange the groove into bass, chords, rhythm e. Activity/ !ummari&er - play the groove in an AABA form 'stimated -ime1 56 min 'stimated -ime1 56 min.

A++i)n.ent+: - hand out independent assignment -write a groove that includes two contrasting time signatures plus one other uni9ue songwriting device the class has discussed 5. E!a"uation/Dia)no+i+/%e.ediation: :otes to self about teacher procedure, student response, and things to fi; in the future -here is a very good chance that this pro,ect will be a two day process. )ake sure that the students can hear the time signatures changing and can write a groove with the two contrasting time signatures. )ay have to leave the arranging and playing for the ne;t day.