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Vocabulary 1: practice
Directions: Match each part of the definition with the correct vocabulary word from the work bank. Each
word may be used more than once.

1. ______to suggest or hint at Word Bank

2. ______a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position a. adjacent

or power for some time. b. barren
3. ______to ask questions
c. dynasty
4. ______next to, near

5. ______ordinary, dull
d. humdrum

6. ______bare, not productive e. insinuate
7. ______to edge your way into something
f. interrogate
8. ______adjoining

9. ______routine, without variation

10. ______examine by questioning

Directions: choose a word from the word bank that best completes each sentence below. Write that
word in the blank provided. Careful! You might have to change the verb tense to
make it fit! MORE CAREFUL! You might use words more than once or not at all! Word Bank

11. Yesterday, Sheila herself into our adjacent
conversation. It was very rude.
12. My weekend was very , I didn’t do
anything exciting. dynasty
13. I felt like the teacher was me about why I
didn’t have my homework.
14. That wall looks very , maybe we insinuate
should decorate it with something.
15. “Where is Alex?” the teacher asked. The students replied, “The principal is
him about the broken window.”

16. McKenzie wants to be a police officer so she can suspects about