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Euphemism & Dysphemism

Euphemism & Dysphemism

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Published by Camelia Stefan

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Published by: Camelia Stefan on Dec 23, 2013
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Dysphemism spinning a windy, a mountebank, lie like a rug, a charlatan as crooked as a barrel of snakes, to piss in someone’s pocket a godly

bulk, buffalo-butt, bargeassed, hopper-hipped, broad in the beam sawed-off, suffering from duck’s disease knocked up, round-wombed, about to find pups, apron-up, one is up the spout, a lap full, a bun in the oven

Neutral liar, to lie

Euphemism prevaricator, terminological inexactitude, economy with the truth avoirdupois, weight-advantaged, corpulent, obese, endomorphic, Callipygian, Rubenesque vertically challenged, a bit close to the ground, compact, diminutive, petite, slight, undersized enceinte, fecund, expecting, experiencing a blessed event

fat short


worm food, buzzard meat, kick the bucket, suck grass, grin at daisy roots, buy the farm, give up the ghost, pay nature’s debt, pull a cluck, cash in one’s chips, fold one’s hand, coil one’s rope, drop off the hook, slip the cable, sun one’s moccasins, take the long count, ump the last hurdle, drop the cue, ride off on the last round-up, answer the ever-lasting knock a peckerhead, one whose intellect is rivaled only by garden tools, one who got off the Clue #us a couple of stops early, is dumber than a box of hair, couldn’t pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel, narrow between the eyes, green as a gourd, room temperature $%, wanting in the upper story, more nostril hair than sense, numb nuts, mouth breather, flat &eter, too much yardage between the goal posts, smart as a bait, not the smartest tool in the shed, not the brightest crayon in the box, not the shiniest bulb on the Christmas tree, as fat as a hen in the forehead, in want of understanding, thick as a plant, dense as a post, dumber than a bag of hammers, experiencing a leak in the think-tank, suffering a crop failure, officer material

to die

dearly departed, late-lamented, in !braham’s bosom, be church triumphant, called to a higher service, stoking "ucifer’s fires, have a mortality experience

ignorant, stupid

cerebrally challenged, obtuse, dull, imperceptive, opaque, solid, unintelligent

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