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City Year Chicago Alumni Advisory Board

Alumni Board Committees
Professional Development Planning Committee
1. Plan springtime “Putting Idealism to Networking” event.
• Putting Idealism to Networking is an event that seeks to facilitate a dialogue
about life after City Year and give corps members career advice and
networking resources as they embark on their transition from their year of
service to the job market.
2. Plan fall or winter professional development event.
• Alumni on this committee will plan and implement an event that
compliments the Alumni Board’s signature networking event in the spring.
This is a new event.
Homecoming Weekend Planning Committee
1. Plan and implement Alumni Homecoming Weekend.
• This is an opportunity for alumni to reconnect to City Year and alumni
network through service and other social events. Components we hope to
include this year:
o Alumni Community Meeting; this will allow alumni to connect with
other alumni and current corps members by sharing stories.
o Service Day; many sites choose to host this event during the Martin
Luther King Jr. Service Weekend.
o Social Events; this may include anything from a bar event to an
alumni vs. corps basketball tournament.
Fundraiser Planning Committee
1. Plan and implement Alumni and Friends Fundraiser
• This is an opportunity for alumni to financially support City Year while
engaging their professional and personal network as donors and champions
of City Year. In the spring, the Alumni Board planned a successful ”Trivia
Night” that we hope to repeat this coming year.
2. In addition to the fundraiser, this committee will be responsible for
exploring additional ways to raise money for the Alumni Board and for
City Year Chicago.
Corps/Alumni Morale and Social Committee

1. Plan and implement Alumni and Corps Meet and Greet
• This is an opportunity for alumni to welcome a new class of corps members.
Hosted during the first month of the corps year, this event seeks to introduce
corps members to alumni who have served before them.
2. Develop corps mentorship program
• This committee will work to develop a system whereby alumni can provide
support (guidance, volunteers, wisdom) to teams and/or mentor individual
corps members.
3. Provide additional opportunities for alumni to connect to each other
and the corps
• Alumni happy hours, alumni and corps pot lucks, graduation celebration, etc.