Siena College Taytay CHAPTER XII

College of Nursing


HEALTH CARE PRACTICE  Ethical Issues of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)  Infection Control Methods Risky Behaviors Sharing drug needles and syringes Anal Sex, with or without a condom Vaginal or Oral Sex with someone who shoots drugs or engages in anal sex Sex with someone you don’t know well Unprotected sex Safe behaviors Not having sex Sex with one mutually faithful, uninfected partner Not shooting Drugs  Occupational Risks  Ethical Issues and the AIDS Epidemic  Duty to Treat  Confidentiality in an Age of AIDS  Mandatory Testing  The Infected Health Worker  Experimental Treatment  Global Epidemic

Edge R. and Groves J. R. (1999) Ethics of Health Care: A guide for Clinical Practice. C & E Publishing Inc. San Juan Metro Manila. 2nd Edition. pp. 203-218.

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