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Badge: Simple Charms

Badge: Simple Charms

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Published by Laura Rajsic-Lanier
Simple Charms
Enrichment Project

Making simple charms is a great way to expose kids into jewelry making.
Simple Charms
Enrichment Project

Making simple charms is a great way to expose kids into jewelry making.

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Published by: Laura Rajsic-Lanier on Dec 24, 2013
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The Enrichment Project
Simple Charms
1. Materials.
Before we start, we’ll need some items. For materials, collect the following:
• Head pins, flat
• Beads — glass, acrylic, etc.
• Crimps
• Ear wires
• Jump rings
You may adjust this list as you work and find additional items you’d like to include /
NOTE: If your bead is too large and comes right of the wire, use a smaller bead or crimp
bead under the large bead.
2. Tools.
You’ll need some jewelry tools as well. For tools, collect the following:
• Round nosed pliers
• Long nose pliers
• Diagonal cutting pliers
If you have additional jewelry tools, you may choose to have those available as well.
3. Assembly.
There’s a reason the charms are simple. Choose your headpin and add the beads as you
desire. Be sure to leave enough wire to make a loop. Younger participants may have
problems with making loops, so you may need to have someone help with that if you want
to use this for a troop / group activity.
If you want to use a single bead and don’t want it to move, you can add a crimp bead
above the focal bead and then leave empty wire above it. Crimp pliers work better for this,
but you can use other pliers.
4. Loops.
After assembly, you’ll need to determine where the final charm will be placed.
You can finish with a plain loop which requires 3/8” - 1/2” of wire. With round nosed pliers,
grasp the end of the wire about a third of the way from the tip and roll to create a closed
loop. You can bend the wire slightly where it starts to turn to create a centered circle at
the top of the head pin. Use the plain loop for charms where you won’t be doing a lot of
pulling on them.
Simple Charms
You can make
charms with a head
pin and beads. Let’s
make some charms
and explore how
we can incorporate
them into jewelry
and fashion.

A wrapped loop will need about 1” of wire. Wrap the wire around the jaw of the round
nosed pliers. With your hand or another pair of pliers, grab the short wire and wrap it
around the wire the beads are hanging from. One wrap will secure it, but if you plan to pull
on it, you may want more loops to keep it intact. Trim the excess wire from the end.
Practice making both types of loops as you create your charms.
Uses for Simple Charms
5. Zipper pull.
If you’re looking for a zipper pull, definitely use a wrapped loop at the end. You’ll need to
put a jump ring between the charm and the zipper. If you are very aggressive with your
zipper, you may wish to use a split ring instead of a jump ring. Make a zipper pull.
6. Keyring.
You can add charms to a keyring. Again, this is definitely a wrapped loop charm. I would
use a split ring (you’ll want the special pliers as well because it makes it MUCH easier).
Create a charm you can use on a keyring.
7. Pendant.
You can use a charm for a pendant on a necklace. You’ll want to use larger focal beads (or
bead). Personally, I’d use a wrapped loop for these as it looks nicer. Design a simple charm
so it can be used for a pendant.
8. Earrings.
When you want earrings, you’ll want to create two charms. You can use either loops for
these. If you choose to use beads that can be adjusted to look like they are left and right
(mirror image), you may choose to do that so that your earrings look better when you
wear them. Make a pair of earrings.
9. Charms.
You can use the charms as they were meant to be — charms. Create a few single, short
charms that can be incorporated into a larger project. You can use either of the loops for
these as well. Use the charms in a bracelet, as part of a necklace, etc.
10. Experiment.
Where else can you use simple charms? Don’t think of just what you would wear. You could
make items for dolls, to hang as a suncatcher or even group them into interesting art.
NOTE: Headpins come in a variety of lengths. You can also get them with loops (eyepins)
where you can add another charm(s). You may also choose to make your own headpins.
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