COMMON AILMENTS AND TREATMENT Some of the common minor ailments which can be treated at home are listed below:          Eye Infections Ear Ache COMMON COLD Sinusitis Sore throat Cough Chest pain Asthma High blood Pressure Anaemia  Tooth Ache  Diarrhoea  Indigestions  Head ache  Backache  Retention of Urine  Fever  .

Eye infections cause burning pain in the eyes.If the conditions acute clean the eyes carefully and put antibiotic eye drops or ointment. watering of the eyes . . .EYE INFECTIONS .Eyes become red.Find out the cause. . .  Treatment:.Give aspirin to relieve pain.. .Close the eyes with soft bandage. . .Light makes the pain worst.Sticky pus & cause eye lids stick.Refer the Patient without delay.

Give aspirin tablets for 3days. . This may worst the condition further.Chronic condition may cause deafness. . . .If any Foreign body or wax.  Treatment :.. . . . should not try to treat the condition.So immediate appropriate care should be necessary.Refer the case immediately to the hospital .Observe for other complaints like cold.Observe the ear for any discharge like watery or serious or pus. .Middle ear infection is common and serious.Observe for any throat infections. . with middle ear infection can start penicillin injections and paracetamol tablets.For children below 3 yrs. .Examine for the pain.Instill antibiotic ear drops 4 times a day. Clean the Ear gently. . too much wax.Trouble may be in the external error middle ear.EAR ACHE . .It is a common problem in children.

with sneezing and itching.The person may be allergic to dust. feathers.Give antihistamine tablets..Tell the patient to try to observe what causes the allergic reaction and try to avoid contact with that item.  .  Treatment: .  . pollen or same food item. refer the patient.Symptoms come on suddenly and frequently.  .COMMON COLD .The patient has a watery discharge from the nose.  .If there is no improvement.  .

Tell the patient to take steam inhalations with Jandubam.This is a common Complaint of cold. . Aspirin or paracetamol to relieve pain. Pain increase when the patient bends forward. refer the patient.SINUSITIS     . Treatment : .Severe head ache. Give Tab.  . .  . .Discharge smells badly.There may be thick mucus or pus in the nose.The patient is suffered severely with pain and tenderness in the bones just above or below the eyes.Decongestant tablets or nose drops for relief. . .If there is no improvement after 3 days.

The voice should be rested and no smoking allowed. .Give aspirin for 3 days to relieve pain and fever.  Treatment : . Fever and cough present. .The patient feel difficult to swallow. and tonsils are swollen and pus discharge.If no improvement after 3 days.  .Due to tonsillitis throat may be red.  .SORE THROAT . refer the patient.

Treatment :.  . Treatment  . steam inhalations and taking extra fluids will help to loosen mucus. if he is smoker..May be occur for pneumonia. .Cough is the most common symptom of respiratory disease. if no improvement refer patient for hospitals. .Expectorants may be given.If suspect TB refer the patient. pleurisy.Give Tab.  . TB. aspirin for 4 days.CONTINUE…. and Fibrosis. Cough : Chest pain :    .If the cough is dry. .Advice the patient not to smoke.

P. he should lose weight by avoiding sweets.Head ache. . Asthma: .  .The patient feels dyspnea (Difficulty in breathing).Use Sunflower oil for cooking..  . . . Give a lot of liquids and steam inhalations. and fatty foods and eating less staple foods.Use little or no salt in cooking or do not add salt to meals.The patient should take pills regularly in order to keep well.  .Health teaching regarding same conditions.Patient needs calm and quite environment.If patient is overweight.    Treatment :     .Don’t take strong coffee. Palpitations. . . . .The blood pressure may raise due to several reasons.Avoid smoking and alcohol. . High blood Pressure: . Treatment : .Fatigue and dizziness. . .Wheezing. .Learn to relax more and take moderate exercise.If not severe give ephedrine or theophylline.The following symptoms should be observed.CONTINUE….Cough and Cyanosis.If the patient is suffering continuously with high B. .Refer the case to the hospital. .

 .Giddy or faint.Health education regarding food i.  . meat eggs. green leafy vegetables.Causes includes hook warm. jaggary honey etc.Treat the patient according to the condition.  .. pulses.Swelling of feet.e.Patient Complaints of feeling tired and weak.  .  .ANAEMIA : . fresh vegetables.Patient may looks pale. malaria and malnutrition.  . Treatment : .

Give rehydration drinks frequently.  Treatment : . or in dental caries...Intestinal infections.. . .poisoning. . rice water.  Treatment : .Emotional disturbances.Plenty of liquids..Intestinal tumors.Treat for the dehydration without delay.CONTINUE….It is a common complaint. refer to a doctor.Rehydration drinks are weak tea.Malnutrition. Diarrhoea :. coconut water etc. soups. infections.If there is fever give aspirin and mouth washes 3 times a day. Tooth Ache:. which should be boiled and served warm . after 3 days if no improvement.  The Causes are . no swelling or fever give saline or Potassium Permongate (Kmno4) mouth wash and health teaching about oral Hygiene. .  .Tooth ache may occur due to bad oral hygiene..If there is no cavity.

regurgitation of fluid and constipation. Indigestions: .Massaging the back of neck. constipation.Avoid taking too spicy or fatly foods or too much alcohol. or back of the head or on sides.Avoid eating quickly or swallowing without chewing the foods.Health teach should be given to patient regarding avoidance taking improper food. . .  .If other reasons treat for appropriate cause. flatulence. . Head ache : .Paracetamol or Aspirin with strong coffee or tea should be take.Maintain to take balance diet according proper timings.  . nervous tension worry.Pain may be present on forehead at temples. It is due to lack of sleep food.In this patient may feel stomach pain. and menstruation. indigestion. darkened room without food or drink for 2 hours.  Treatment  .CONTINUE……. heart . eye strain.  Treatment : .burn.Rest in a quit. forehead and shoulders may release tension.  .  .

. .The patient should take complete rest on a firm bed.This may occur due to fall from high place or urinary infections. Retention of Urine: .  .Patient may listen the running tap sound or you can pour water on the lower abdomen slowly by one feet height. age. general health and occupation of the person.  Treatment : .  Treatment : .You should note the sex.CONTINUE…. Backache: . Local heat and aspirin may relieve pain for 4 days.After 4 days if no improvement refer to doctor.Refer the patient to doctor if no progress.

Raise of temperature.Fever may arise due to many reasons.Take rest. Headache. filarial.  .Soft diet should be taken fatigue. . 3 times a day for 4days (Adults).CONTINUE…. Fatigue. signs and symptoms are body pains.Take Plenty of fluids and fruit juices. Fever: . Typhoid or any other infections etc.  . Treatment : .. Polio. . It may be due to malaria.Give Tab. paracetamol 500 Mg.

earache. etc. back pain. fever. cough. cold. . retention of urine. The various minor disorders are eye infections.CONCLUSION  The health worker should know various minor disorder and their treatment.