1.________Means Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling the Activities Which Result In Exchange of Goods and ervices! A. Marketing Management "! Production Manage#ent C! $inance Manage#ent D! %one of &hese 2. Mar'eting Manage#ent Philoso(hies Include A! Production Conce(t "! Product Conce(t C! Mar'eting Conce(t . A!! "# T$e%e &. Co#(anies Which Ado(t Mar'eting Conce(t Gives I#(ortance &o A! Custo#ers "! Co#(etitors C. '"t$ (A) An* (') D! %one of &hese +. O)*ective Of Mar'eting Manage#ent Is+ A. Ca,t-re 'ig Market S$are. "! ales C! Production D! Pro#otion .. Which Of the $ollo,ing P- Is %ot &he Part Of Mar'eting Mix! A! Price " !Product

Partia!it/ D! Pro#otion 0. Classification Of Product And ervices Can "e Done In A! Consu#er Goods "! Industrial Goods Is the $unction of Mar'eting A !Mar'et Planning "! Pricing of Products C! Pro#otion and elling . A!! "# T$e%e 1.+ /A0I&A G1R"A%I . '"t$ (A) An* (') D! %one of these ". Which Of the $ollo.