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Dear Friend
It is now the beginning of September, even though the days are getting shorter you should still be able to enjoy the warm sunshine as you work in your garden or walk in the park. “A garden is a love some thing,” wrote the poet T.E Brown. While Dorothy Gurney, another poet, said, “One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.” The writer Francis Bacon put it well in his essay of gardens, his famous opening is often quoted; “God almighty first planted a garden, and indeed, it is the purest of human pleasure. It is the greatest refreshment to the spirits of man.” All worth remembering when your back is aching and your hands are blistered

Bro Roy

Dear Brother Roy Thank you for your letter which I received a few weeks ago. All the people that asked you to pray for have improved. Yours in Christ–Beverly Dear Friends When I was at my wits end not knowing what to say to my sister who has cancer, and she feels so down and depressed because she has been told that she will not be receiving any treatment anymore. I received your Crusader magazine and read to her Always Pray and Don’t Give Up by Brother Roy. She was giving up but perked up as soon as I read it to her, please dear friends continue to pray for her they give us hope. God Bless – Sheila – email Dear Brother Roy I spoke with you on the phone, thank you so much for listening and praying for complete strangers and for putting our names upon the altar in the Sanctuary. Yours in Christ –Pat Dear Brother Roy Thank you so much for your most uplifting letter & leaflets. They were truly inspirational and helped me so much. Yours in His name –Hilda

A Question of Faith
In answer to the many questions I have received regarding faith, I am reminded of H G Wells. He was never a particularly religious man, but after he had studied the history of the human race and had observed human life, he came to an interesting conclusion: “Religion is the first thing and the last thing, and until a man has found God and been found by God, He begins at no beginning, he works to no end. He may have his friendships, his partial loyalties, his scraps of honour. But all these things fall into place and life falls into place only with God.” "The Bible is the only book where the author is always present whenever it is read."

My Letter to the Lord
Why not share the needs of your family and friends with the Lord right now? That’s right; just unburden all those thoughts in a letter to Him. This is a release Ministry and we entrust all our fears and worries to Christ. Believe and receive just as a child trusts its earthly parents to care for it, then so we must trust God. We share prayers at nine o’ clock each weekday morning and your private letter will rest on the Sanctuary Altar. GOD is in your midst as you pray. Feel His love enfolding you and thank Him for the blessing of wellbeing. Now you can share blessings with others. We welcome your personal letters as well! It is a great honour to be able to read your words and to be able to offer prayers for you and your loved ones. All correspondence will receive our sincere attention, and we will help and assist you to the best of our ability, so please write in again soon.

Let’s WaLtz The Night Away
You can see Vernon, posing with one of his young dancing instructors. What’s so remarkable about that you may ask? Well if you had, like myself met Vernon seven years ago when I first became a minister of the World Healing Crusade the very thought that one day Vernon would be dancing and looking a picture of Health and Vitality would have seemed nigh impossible. In those early days of our meeting Vernon inhabited a world of darkness and pain and life did not hold any real joy for him. But over the years through my weekly visits to his home where I conducted a healing service and through his own determination and resolve he has started to emerge from that darkness and with encouragement change his quality of life for the better. He has nearly completely refurbished his home and now his life is full of numerous pursuits, so much so that these days I have to make an appointment to catch him in and sometime it means my calling on him as early as 08.30 in the morning. Vernon still has off days but he doesn’t let things spoil it for him. Vernon is just one of many of our Crusader friends that I have regularly called upon over the years and I continue to work in partnership with both them and the Lord for the betterment of their health and wellbeing. In many cases there has not been a quick fix to healing prayer but a gradual improvement over a period of time. One incident that sticks in my memory the most was when on one of my many ministerial visits I found myself in the waiting room of a local mental health facility. On arrival I saw there was only one other man in the waiting room and as I entered

he looked up at me and noticed the blue cross that I wear in my jacket lapel. He had the most pathetic and sad look on his face, and he asked me, "Are you a minister?" I said, "Yes." He began to weep and proceeded to share with me his almost hopeless struggle with depression. Through his tears, he said he regularly went to Church and that he knew God answered prayers, but he had been constantly praying for his depression to go away but nothing seems to be happening. With a sense of desperation in his voice, he asked the question, "Why doesn't God seem to hear my prayers?" At that moment the nurse called his name and I quickly handed him my card as he got up to go into the facility. Afterwards I gave his question some thought and then it came to me that sometimes maybe we are not actually praying at all. I remember seeing a behavioural psychology experiment using a lab rat that was given cocaine every time it pushed down a little bar. Within a day or two that rat was beating down on that little bar like crazy until it forgot all about eating, drinking or raising his rat family. God in His wisdom knows that if prayer was only just asking Him for what we wanted and "puff", we immediately got it, most of us would become like that poor rat, banging away like crazy at Heavens gate for more and more of what we want and paying very little attention to who God is, what do we really need and also forgetting about our responsibility to our family and others. Can you imagine what the world would be like if everything everybody asked for was immediately granted! Speak about chaos! No, I believe God's purpose in prayer is for us to get to know who He is and His holiness rather than to get Him to do our bidding. That does not mean that He will not hear our prayers and answer, but His purpose is not to make us happy, but to make Him known to us and others and by so doing bring about our own true joy and happiness. So I continue to visit all our Crusader friends, who for whatever reason are unable to call into the Sanctuary themselves. In praying together we find God’s purpose and in so doing bring about a Healing, sometimes it can be instantaneous or like in Vernon’s case gradual over many years, all it takes is that first important step.
Would you care to join me for a waltz?

Elementary; My Dear Watson.

I believe that laughter and a good sense of humor, is the best medicine for a long and happy life. Take a playful attitude towards problems; toss them around, handle them with a light touch, use laughter as a safety valve to keep you sane and relaxed and I hope you will enjoy the following humorous tale...Brother Roy Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson went on a camping trip. In the middle of the night Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend. “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.”Watson looked up at the night’s sky, and a vista of God’s creation was spread out before him. Watson replied, “I see millions and millions of stars.” “What does that tell you Watson?” “Well…astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies and potentially billions of planets. Horologic ally, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. Why, what does it tell you?” Holmes was silent for a moment, and then spoke… “Watson, someone has stolen our tent.”

"For summer there, bear in mind, is a loitering gossip, that only begins to talk of leaving when September rises to go." George Washington

"The summer days are fading, as they must from endless hours to short and fleeting light the bird’s once bright, immortal tune, now cries a melancholy aura to the dusk. The children fiercely climb, and dream, and race before their wild and unchained days depart and yet beneath the zeal lays a half heart. For there isn't time, there's only enough space the sun seems low, a hazy orange sphere. Now reminiscing sweetly of the days when endlessly before you summer lay and as in the deep, crimson dusk you stir. Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood crying for lost summer days, for childhood." Shannon Georgia Schaubroeck, The End of Summer

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