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CSWIP examination exemptions for NDT Certification

Candidates sitting initial CSWIP examinations are not required to attempt an examination part
in which they have already achieved success during the process of gaining a CSWIP or
equivalent EN 473 or ISO 9712 certification issued by a recognised certification body*
CSWIP will grant exemptions for the Level 3 Basic examination part A1 (materials processes
and discontinuities) and part B (Level 2 knowledge of four NDT methods) and the level 3 Main
Method examination part C1 (Level 3 knowledge relating to the test method) for holders of
centrally issued valid ASNT Level III certification.
* A recognised certification body is one which is accredited by an organisation that is a
member of the International Accreditation Form (IAF), eg UKAS against the requirements of
ISO 17024 to issue certificates in accordance with ISO 9712 and/or EN 473.
If you wish to claim an exemption please complete the form given below:
Candidates Name: ________________________________________________________
Date of Birth: _____________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Contact Telephone No: _____________________________________________________
Contact email: ____________________________________________________________
CSWIP Certification applying for: _____________________________________________
Exemption requested: ______________________________________________________
Please ensure that you enclose copies of certificates which you are using to claim exemptions
Please return to:
TWI Certification Ltd, Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge, CB21 6AL, United Kingdom


For Office Use Only

Exemption Approved YES / NO _________________________________________________________________
Candidate Informed _______________________ (Date) ___________________________________________