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Week of September 29, 2013

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday MU.5-8.1 MU.5-8.6 MU.5-8.9 MU.58.9.1

Music 5A BB Step Into The Spotlight - What's Music 5B MU.5-8.1 MU.5MU.5-8.1 MU.5Reading Pitches the message? 8.1.4 MU.5-8.5.4 8.1.4 Music 5A Continue with 16-1 p.7 - add Music 5A Music 5B Reading Pitches mallets choreography 16-1 p.7 - add 3 Blind Mice - Home On The Rev. Every Good Rev. Every Good mallets single, then 2 pt. Range - what Boy Does Fine Boy Does Fine 3 Blind Mice - Agents Of region? What are Disc. Disc. single, then 2 pt. Change 18-3 characteristics of Mneumonics Mneumonics Agents Of the region? Create EGBDF Create EGBDF Change 18-3 BB - Step Into poster poster The Spotlight - Patriotic Medley Three Blind Mice Three Blind Mice BB - Step Into wp thoughts on what's the The Spotlight - message? Intro how to show K-8 tunes K-8 tunes what's the patriotism Choreography message? Intro Choreography Theory Review sheet K-8 Halloween songs
MU.5-8.1 MU.58.2.3 MU.5-8.4 MU.5-8.4.2 MU.58.4.3 MU.5-8.5 MU.5-8.5.4 MU.58.9.1 MU.5-8.1 MU.58.2.3 MU.5-8.4 MU.5-8.4.2 MU.58.4.3 MU.5-8.5 MU.5-8.5.4 MU.58.9.1 MU.5-8.4 MU.58.4.3 MU.5-8.5 MU.5-8.5.1 MU.58.6.2 MU.5-8.9 MU.5-8.4 MU.58.4.3 MU.5-8.5 MU.5-8.5.1 MU.58.6.2 MU.5-8.9 MU.5-8.1 MU.58.1.3 MU.5-8.4 MU.5-8.4.1 MU.58.4.3 MU.5-8.5 MU.5-8.5.1 MU.58.6.3 MU.5-8.9 MU.5-8.1 MU.58.1.4 MU.5-8.2 MU.5-8.5 MU.58.5.3

Period 1

Music 6A

Music 6B

Music 6A Review Body Music 6A Music 6A Percussion Review Body Intro Body Intro Body Compose 8 project. Get in to Percussion Percussion unit. Percussion unit. groups. project. Get in to measures of 4 Do example, have Do example, have beats - write on groups. kids share ideas. kids share ideas. 20- min. decide paper, all group which 4 symbols 20- min. decide members 9:21-10:01 Read Caribbean Read Caribbean will be used, which 4 symbols contribute. Folk Music Folk Music which sounds will be used, List/Sing they represent which sounds OB p.6 List/Sing OB p.6 List/Sing and jot down how they represent Angelina OB p.7 O La le - try parts O La le - try parts to make them and jot down how Rev. O La Le different to make them Add inst. Add inst. durations. different K-8 Halloween durations.

Period 2

Canvas Caribbean Islands questions O La Le - add inst. Canvas Caribbean Islands questions O La Le - add inst. Tech Lab 7B Session 4


Period Tech Lab 7A 3

10:0410:44 Session 3

Tech Lab 7B Session 3

Tech Lab 7A Session 4

Tech Lab 7A Session 5

Period Tech Lab 8A Tech Lab 8B Tech Lab 4 Sessions 6 & Post Sessions 6 & Post
10:4711:27 Test Sketchup Array project - Design Grades 6-9
MU.K-4.1 MU.K4.1.2 MU.K-4.6.5

Tech Lab Tech Lab

Test Sketchup Array project

Rotation 1 Vocab Rotation 1 Vocab

Rebel Time

Intro - i-movie Design Project Grades 6-9

Imovie tools

Homework catch up day

MU.K-4.1 MU.K4.1.1 MU.K-4.6.2 MU.K-4.6.3 MU.K4.8.2

1 Mu BB Warm Up Sea Saw p. 17 List/Sing They Were Tall p. 1819 add actions Rev. Hi vs. Low/ Loud vs/ soft Five Little Monkeys - learn actions p. 22 One Little Elephant p 230 steady beat List/SingHi/Low dance, add body mvt 1-16 Bounce High Bounce Low p. 193 K-8 Tunes
MU.K-4.1 MU.K4.1.1 MU.K-4.5 MU.K-4.5.1 MU.K4.6

MU.K-4.1 MU.K-4.6 MU.K-4.1 MU.KMU.K-4.6.2 MU.K- 4.6.4 MU.K-4.6.5 4.7.2 MU.K-4.9 1 Mu

K Mu

Period 6

BB Unit 1 List. All Work Together p. 12 2 Mu disc. "choreography" GB - Review and what it songs Unit 1 means. Add mvt. YB - Dance to song. What do Dance Dance, disc. how music words mean? can be alone or Do poem Something About with group. Me - disc. words Step In Time and what actions Listen - watch youtube clip of fit. Add together. the song in Mary Disc "Steady Poppins Beat" demo/add Review Unit kids/eco patterns songs List/Sing Time K-8 tunes

Warm Up - They Were Tall, P. 1819 Rev. Hi/Low vs. Loud Soft. Play pitches on piano ID Hi/Low Punchinella p. 24 Do Teaching Lesson 2 p. 24 with Steps And Statues game 117 add counting Eency Weency Spider p. 217 add actions

2 Mu YB P. 4 - how are the people making music? How can you make music? Sing Dance, Dance Dance p. 5 Disc. Steady beat - sing Step In Time p. 6 Read about BEAT p. 8 Play Sheep In the Meadow game disc. long vs. short sounds = rhythm Listen/Sing I'm

To Sing p. 16 List. Tutira Mai Nga Iwi 1:7 Ask kids for ways to move to the steady beat K-8 tunes

Gonna Sing p. 9 find long and short sounds Part Of Your World p. 294 steady Beat Cricket Voices p 332 - diff. between beat /rhythm K-8 Halloween tunes