SIMPLE RULES: SIMPLE RULES: We: 10 uncompleted descriptions  Full phrase will be gradually revealed after 30s GOOD LUCK You must: Use your quickness Your cleverness. craziness Find key words .

to well-behaved reindeer at the sleigh pull by the Christmas Eve . children on night of presents .Who is this? A northern deliver old man . known as Red Father .


What kind of creature/animal ? They use two hands to build fire and their food. known as the only species to cook themselves clothe and create and use as as well arts technologies .

nearby a Big Casino . it’s an ideal place for team building .Where is this? A venture Vietnam-Russia resort is located in Ho Tram along the full length of over 600m of coastline.

usually be worn for increased warmth legs of gifts Santa Clause and contain .What is this? A elastic garment covering of the footand lower part .

2 3 ? ? 8 FA A C B D 7 10 8 5 9 6 4 2 3 1 .

Bless you! LOGO .themegallery.

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