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C.A. N . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JURY TRIAL DEMANDED

COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT Plaintiff D"a# n Intelle$t%al P" &e"t', LLC ()D"a# n*) +e"e,' ,"in#- t+i- a$ti n a#ain-t DISH Net. "/ L.L.C. ()DISH*) f " inf"in#e0ent f United State- Patent N . 1,234,555 ()t+e 6555 &atent*) and alle#e- a- f ll .-7 NATURE OF THE ACTION AND PARTIES 8. T+i- i- an a$ti n f " &atent inf"in#e0ent %nde" t+e &atent la.- f t+e United

State- f A0e"i$a. 9. D"a# n i- a li0ited lia,ilit' $ 0&an' "#ani:ed and e;i-tin# %nde" t+e la.- f t+e

State f Dela.a"e. 3. DISH i- a li0ited lia,ilit' $ 0&an' "#ani:ed and e;i-tin# %nde" t+e la.- f t+e

State f C l "ad . DISH $an ,e -e"ved t+" %#+ Dela.a"e6- l n#<a"0 -tat%te via it- "e#i-te"ed a#ent, R. Stant n D d#e, 2=48 S. >e"idian ?lvd., En#le. JURISDICTION 5. T+i- C %"t +a- -%,Ae$t 0atte" A%"i-di$ti n ve" t+i- a$ti n &%"-%ant t 9@ U.S.C. d, C l "ad @4889.

BB 8338 and 833@(a), a- t+i- i- an a$ti n a"i-in# %nde" t+e Patent A$t, 31 U.S.C. B 8 et seq.

VENUE 1. Cen%e i- &" &e" in t+i- di-t"i$t &%"-%ant t 9@ U.S.C. BB 8328(,) and 8544(,). FACTUAL BACKGROUND =. T+e 6555 &atent i- entitled )Si0%ltane %- Re$ "din# and Pla',a$/ A&&a"at%-.* A

$ &' f t+e 6555 &atent i- atta$+ed +e"et a- E;+i,it A. D. T+e inventi n f t+e 6555 &atent #ene"all' "elate- t a /e', a"d eE%i&&ed

a%di vi-%al "e$ "din# and &la',a$/ devi$e +avin# an in&%t and an %t&%t ada&ted f " $ nne$ti n ,et.een a %-e"6- -i#nal - %"$e and di-&la' devi$e, and a 0e0 "' %nit .it+ a -t "a#e 0edi%0 ena,lin# "and 0 a$$e-- t &" #"a00in# inf "0ati n -t "ed t+e"ein. A /e', a"d "e-& n-ive $ nt" l $i"$%it ena,le- 0ani&%lati n and t"an-fe" f &" #"a00in# inf "0ati n ,et.een t+e in&%t, %t&%t, and 0e0 "'. S%,-tantiall' -i0%ltane %- "e$ "din# and &la',a$/ f televi-i n t'&e -i#nal- i- a$+ieved, t+%- ena,lin# %-e" $ nt" lled &" #"a00in# dela'. @. T+e a&&li$ati n t+at "e-%lted in t+e 6555 &atent .a- filed n A&"il 9@, 8225, a- a

$ ntin%ati n f an a&&li$ati n filed n A&"il 93, 8229. T+e United State- Patent and T"ade0a"/ Offi$e d%l' and le#all' i--%ed t+e 6555 &atent n F%l' 9D, 8222. COUNT I INFRINGEMENT OF U.S. PATENT NO. 5,930,444 2. D"a# n "ealle#e- and in$ "& "ate- ,' "efe"en$e t+e alle#ati n- f &a"a#"a&+- 8<@,

in$l%-ive, a- if f%ll' -et f "t+ +e"ein. 84. D"a# n .n- all "i#+t, title, and inte"e-t in t+e 6555 &atent, in$l%din# t+e "i#+t t

"e$ ve" da0a#e- f " inf"in#e0ent f t+e 6555 &atent t+" %#+ %t t+e &e"i d f t+e inf"in#e0ent $ 0&lained f +e"ein.



DISH +a- di"e$tl' inf"in#ed Clai0- 8, 9, 3, 5, D, and @ f t+e 6555 &atent ,' %-in#,

-ellin#, and ffe"in# t -ell DCR "e$eive"-, in$l%din# H &&e", H &&e" .it+ Slin#, 299, D99/, =89, =89$, 199G=91, 189. JURY DEMAND D"a# n "eE%e-t- a t"ial ,' A%"' f " all i--%e- - t"ia,le. PRAYER FOR RELIEF D"a# n &"a'- f " "elief a- f ll .-7 8. C 0&en-at "' da0a#e- in an a0 %nt a$$ "din# t &" f, and in n event le--

t+an a "ea- na,le " 'alt'H 9. 3. 5. P"eA%d#0ent inte"e-t n t+e $ 0&en-at "' da0a#e- a.a"ded t D"a# nH P -t<A%d#0ent inte"e-t n all -%0- a.a"ded t D"a# n f" 0 t+e date f A%d#0entH A &"eli0ina"' and &e"0anent inA%n$ti n f ",iddin# DISH and it- ffi$e"-, a#ent-,

-e"vant-, e0&l 'ee-, and att "ne'-, and all t+ -e in a$tive $ n$e"t " &a"ti$i&ati n .it+ t+e0, f" 0 f%"t+e" inf"in#in# t+e 6555 &atentH 1. =. C -t- f -%it in$%""ed +e"einH and An' and all t+e" "elief t+at t+e C %"t dee0- A%-t and eE%ita,le.


Dated7 De$e0,e" 94, 9483 OI COUNSEL7 R ,e"t E. I"eitaIREITAS TSENG J KAUI>AN LLP 844 >a"ine Pa"/.a', S%ite 944 Red. d S+ "e-, CA 254=1 (=14) 123<=344 "f"eita-Kft/la..$ 0

?AYARD, P.A. /s/ Richard D. Kirk Ri$+a"d D. Ki"/ ("/4299) Ste&+en ?. ?"a%e"0an (-,5219) Cane--a R. Ti"adente- (vt132@) Sa"a E. ?%--ie"e (-,1D91) 999 Dela.a"e Aven%e, S%ite 244 P.O. ? ; 91834 Wil0in#t n, DE 82@22<1834 (349) =11<1444 "/i"/K,a'a"dla..$ 0 -,"a%e"0anK,a'a"dla..$ 0 vti"adente-K,a'a"dla..$ 0 -,%--ie"eK,a'a"dla..$ 0 Attorneys for Plaintiff Dragon Intellectual Property, LLC