Communication Process

When you’ve been married a long time, you get to know what the other person thinks. No, you don’t.

The Dream
Home Improvement Fencing Marriage Material

The Dream

Sender and Message


Receiver and Action

Feedback (Action)

The Reality


Distortion Sender has idea/s Sender encodes Medium message Distortion Receiver “understands” message

Receiver decodes message

Additional Feedback

Barriers …
Mme Souza Medium

The good news is, your husband’s presence is here in this room. The bad news is, he is still not listening to you.

External Barriers – Day/time

Yes, sir, there is a way to stop telemarketers from calling you during dinner. Don’t eat dinner.

External Barriers - Layout

External Barriers – Medium
Sign at a shop:

We can repair anything. (Please knock hard on the door - the bell doesn't work)

Memo SMS TV Letter Email Telegram

Medium: Language..
Abhi Aish Karo……….. Warning: Will ferment and turn into wine if exposed to direct sunlight. You will be lucky to have him work for you.

External Barriers - Culture

Last month, a world survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was: "Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world." The survey was a huge failure... In Central Asia they didn't know what "food" meant. In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" meant.

In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" meant. In China they didn't know what "opinion" meant. In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" meant. In South America they didn't know what "please" meant, and in the USA they didn't know what "the rest of the world" meant.

Internal Barriers

To access soup, interface opener tool and rotate can to reformat container configuration.

Internal Barriers
• Distraction • Differences in the use of code • Emphasis on the wrong part of the message • Attitude towards the sender • Attitude towards the message

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