Introduction Contd.

SWOT Analysis

Problem Statement

Should Shouldice Hospital expand operations to cater to growing demand?


Criterion of Evaluation
• Stakeholder’s acceptance • Feasibility • Maintaining current quality of treatment • Profitability and Growth • Time horizon

Option 1 Status Quo
• Has no bearing on stakeholder’s acceptance • Quality of Treatment can even be enhanced • Profitability and growth will not meet

Option 2 Increasing capacity
• Stakeholder’s acceptance is low • Feasible to implement in short term • Quality of treatment can be compromised • Profitability and growth will increase in short term

Option 3 Adding Facility
• Stakeholder’s acceptance is unknown • Feasible to implement in longer term • Requires higher investment • Quality of treatment can be maintained in long run • Profitability and growth will increase in long

Plan of Action
• Option 3 Adding Facility at a new location
– Investment of the order of $10 million – Time frame of 2-3 years before start of operations –


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