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News in brief (14) 18:11 | RegionCivil society activists: Representatives of international NGOs have become target of attacks of Azerbaijani authorities About a hundred prominent civil society activists, politicians and journalists of Azerbaijan issued a joint message, denouncing the arrest of Anar Mamedly, the head of the Election Monitoring and Democratic Studies Center (EMDS). Source: Turan 13:15 | ArmeniaTsarukyan urges Oskanian to be more active Gagik Tsarukyan urged him to be more active to dispel the opinion that Oskanian is withdrawing from Prosperous Armenia to set up a new pro-Western bloc. Source: Hraparak 12:39 | ArmeniaSCPEC monitors activities of taxi companies Based on a number of complaints, their activities were monitored to find out whether they worked honestly, including in terms of the minimum fare. Source: Zhoghovurd

12:02 | ArmeniaSCPEC monitors activities of taxi companies Based on a number of complaints, their activities were monitored to find out whether they worked honestly, including in terms of the minimum fare. Source: Zhoghovurd

12:00 | ArmeniaDilijan Medical Center turned into private institution An anonymous source says that the center is owned by former Armenian Health Minister, owner of Erebuni Medical Center Harutyun Kushkyan, Tavush Governor Armen Ghularyan and Dilijan Mayor Armen Santrosyan. Source: Haykakan Zhamanak

11:28 | ArmeniaCold weather to persist in next few days Precipitations are not expected in the country on December 21-25, fog and low visibility are expected in the Ararat Valley. Source: Armstatehydromet 11:01 | ArmeniaAll republican roads are passable, some roads are icy Roads are icy in spots in Ashotsk, Sisian, Goris, Ashtarak, Jajur, Kotayk, Kajaran, Vayk, Vanadzorwww.panorama.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 1/11

who led the delegation.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 2/11 . Source: CNN 08:56 | In the worldSouth Sudan crisis: Talks with Kiir productive.now officially known as GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) Bude -. the leader of the opposition National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. the son of chairman of the Armenian National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Healthcare. said consultations were continuing. may come to Moscow in early January. Source: Voice of Russia 09:10 | In the worldObama touts gay athletes in US delegation to Sochi US President Barack Obama said Friday that the inclusion of three openly homosexual athletes in the official US delegation to the Winter Olympics in Sochi demonstrates America’s commitment to judging people on their actions rather than their sexual identity.panorama. Maternity and Childhood Issues Ara Babloyan. www. Source: RIA Novosti 09:05 | In the worldLatest NSA leaks point finger at high-tech eavesdropping hub in UK The site -. say mediators Ethiopian Foreign Minister Tedros Adhanom. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Friday. an independent computer security researcher and hacker. National Security Agency (NSA). but did not give details.is at the heart of a global eavesdropping network run by the U. has been appointed Deputy Health Minister. Snowden supporter says his apartment was snooped Jacob Appelbaum.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . Source: BBC 08:51 | In the worldNSA leaks: Obama hints at surveillance rethink US President Barack Obama has suggested there may be a review of surveillance by the National Security Agency in the wake of a series of spying revelations. Source: Transport Ministry 10:47 | ArmeniaFormer Health Minister’s son appointed Deputy Minister Arman Babloyan. Source: Hraparak 09:20 | In the worldInternet activist. is one of the few people with access to internal documents belonging to the US National Security Agency (NSA). Source: Voice of Russia 09:20 | In the worldSyria’s opposition National Coalition leader to visit Russia in January Ahmad al-Jarba.Panorama | Armenian news Dilijan and Selim mountain pass.S.

Source: Voice of Russia 17:35 | ArmeniaArmenian Defense Ministry. referring to Ukraine's efforts to improve the offer.panorama. owner of SAS Group Artak Sargsyan told reporters of Panorama.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ .” said the head of the Cattle Breeding and Veterinary Department of Armenian Agriculture Ministry. trying to reassure theatergoers that the city's elegant but aging venues are safe after chunks of plaster fell from the Apollo Theatre's ceiling. MP.am and Aravot. Source: Defense Ministry 16:20 | ArmeniaSAS Group to import another 12 crocodiles by New Year Another 12 crocodiles will be imported to Armenia in the next few days. but not at any price "We are not carpet dealers. Xavier Bettel said. Source: Associated Press 22:37 | In the worldNSA leaks: UK and US spying targets revealed More details of people and institutions targeted by UK and US surveillance have been published by The Guardian. Source: Reuters 18:19 | In the worldEU leaders still wants Ukraine deal. so the prices are not expected to rise. The New York Times and Der Spiegel. Source: Panorama.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 3/11 . OSCE Yerevan Office sign cooperation program for 2014 The Armenian Defense Ministry and the OSCE Office in Yerevan today summed up the cooperation program for 2013. the 50-year-old looked pale and thin but happy in a photograph of him being greeted by German well-wishers on the tarmac after landing on a private jet.am 14:57 | ArmeniaEgg prices will not rise.am www. Source: Panorama." Luxembourg's new prime minister.am.Panorama | Armenian news Source: BBC 22:45 | ArmeniaUK safety inspectors check all 52 London theaters Authorities inspected all 52 of London's famed West End theaters Friday. says official “Poultry plants operating in the country will be able to produce eggs at current prices. Source: BBC 22:30 | In the worldPutin critic Khodorkovsky in Germany after pardon Once Russia's richest man. injuring 79 people.

panorama. journalists. USD 2. Source: armchess.8 million. which is the owner of a gold jewelry market. Source: Zhoghovurd 11:37 | ArmeniaCollective action to be brought against police The detained participants of the protest action against Armenia’s entry into the Customs Union are considering bringing a collective action against police for violating their right to hold gatherings. EUR 1. which have made Armenian soldier Hrant Poghosyan Azerbaijan's latest casualty.am 12:19 | ArmeniaConstitutional Court chairman accumulates considerable wealth But in his 2012 income declaration he only indicated funds kept in his bank accounts – AMD 3.am 13:04 | In the worldOSCE response misses mark in face of growing Congressional concern over Azerbaijani aggression Members of Congress continue to express alarm at Azerbaijan's most recent military attack across the Armenian border. Source: ANCA 12:54 | ArmeniaZaven Andriasian and Elina Danielian in Groningen Armenian GMs Zaven Andriasian and Elina Danielian will participate in a chess tournament to be held on December 21-30. partners celebrate Arabic Language Day Today students. Source: Zhoghovurd 11:56 | ArmeniaViolations revealed in gold jewelry market The Market Control Department of Armenian Economy Ministry continues checks at Vagharsh & Sons Company.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 4/11 .12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ .Panorama | Armenian news 13:58 | ArmeniaUN. diplomats and general public celebrated the Arabic Language Day at the UN and spoke about its role as one of the UN official languages and its contribution to the promotion of UN values. Source: UN 13:52 | ArmeniaSpecial parliament session to be non-stop Armenian parliament speaker Hovik Abrahamyan proposed at the beginning of the special parliament session that the session continue non-stop until all the issues are discussed.7 thousand and no movable or immovable property. 2013 in Groningen.2 thousand. Source: Aravot www. Source: Panorama.

the US Defence Secretary said.panorama. Source: Hraparak 10:35 | ArmeniaEnergy Minister content with his work “I think I have done everything possible in my sector so that no one will go to sleep hungry. the Ukrainian president said Thursday. Source: RIA Novosti 08:51 | In the worldS Sudan on precipice of civil war. the Netherlands and several other EU countries were named among “third party partners” in the NSA-led global signal intelligence program. after clashes in the capital Juba spread around the country. Belgium. Source: RT 08:58 | In the worldUkraine put EU association on hold. It will be realized in 2014 or 2015. Source: Voice of Russia 09:04 | In the worldEyes everywhere: NSA's second tier spying partners identified Denmark. Obama warns US President Barack Obama has warned that South Sudan is on the "precipice" of a civil war. but is ready to resume them if favorable terms are offered.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 5/11 . Source: BBC 08:46 | In the worldRoof collapses in London theatre www. Source: Zhoghovurd 09:15 | In the worldHagel: China warship action 'irresponsible' China was "irresponsible" and "unhelpful" during the near-collision of a US warship and a Chinese naval vessel. Source: BBC 09:10 | In the worldUK tabloid hacks Kate Middleton's voicemail A court trying former British newspaper editors over alleged phone-hacking on Thursday heard that one newspaper had hacked into the phone of Kate Middleton.” Syunik governor Vahe Hakobyan.” Armen Movsisyan said.Panorama | Armenian news 11:13 | ArmeniaKapan airport to be put into operation “The program is absolutely realizable.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . a new leak submitted by journalist Glenn Greenwald to Danish TV reveals. not rejected it – President Kiev put its political association and free-trade talks with the European Union on hold. Prince William's then girlfriend and now his wife.

37% of families in Armenia are poor.am 14:34 | In the worldRebels take South Sudan town Bor after 'coup attempt' "Our soldiers have lost control of Bor to the force of Riek Machar. Source: Panorama.am 12:03 | ArmeniaRaffi Hovannisian ‘recovering’ in U. gas price formation and some other issues." said army spokesman Philip Aguer. oil products and diamonds. www. Source: BBC 16:57 | ArmeniaArmenian parliament to hold special session on December 20 The special session will discuss cooperation between the Armenian and Russian governments in supply of natural gas. seven seriously. sociologist Aharon Adibekyan told reporters. with 7% being extremely poor.panorama.Panorama | Armenian news Seventy-six people have been injured.am 15:31 | ArmeniaOne in ten families in Armenia go to sleep hungry According to official data. Source: Panorama.am 12:59 | ArmeniaPens and paper most expensive items at Armenian School of Advocates Chamber of Advocates of Armenia chairman Ara Zohrabyan has set up a commission to check the education quality at the Armenian School of Advocates.S. Source: BBC 14:25 | ArmeniaMarkarov: Passing year marked by development of civil society The political scientist said that “no political force manages to gain dividends from protest movements because no force is able to use these movements to its benefit.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 6/11 . Source: Panorama.” Source: Panorama.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . Source: Zhoghovurd 12:58 | ArmeniaExpert welcomes Igor Popov’s statement Political scientist Alexander Markarov welcomes yesterday’s statement of Russian Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Igor Popov that Nagorno-Karabakh must be re-involved in the negotiation process in a certain period. after part of a ceiling in London's Apollo Theatre collapsed during a show.

12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . citing Iranian officials. headed by Gagik Tsarukyan. EU.panorama. Source: Haykakan Zhamanak 09:14 | In the worldExpert-level talks on Iranian nuclear issue to begin in Geneva on Thursday It is planed that the round of technical consultations will take two days. Source: CNN 08:57 | In the worldItaly. party’s deputy chairman Armen Martirosyan said. Source: RIA Novosti 09:03 | In the worldArrest.Panorama | Armenian news Heritage leader Raffi Hovannisian is not in Armenia and probably will not be back for the New Year. investigate treatment of migrants on Lampedusa after video www. although Fars. Source: Panorama. did not rule out that it might extend into the weekend.am 10:55 | ArmeniaProsperous Armenia faction is in Stepanakert The Prosperous Armenia parliamentary faction. strip-search of Indian diplomat in New York triggers uproar The prosecutor in the U. government's case against an Indian diplomat charged in New York with visa fraud related to her treatment of her housekeeper expressed dismay Wednesday over the direction the case has taken.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 7/11 . Maralik and Ararat.S. as of 09:00 today. Source: Zhoghovurd 10:55 | ArmeniaSnowfall in some regions of Armenia It was snowing in some parts of Armenia – Baghramyan. Talin. chairman of the Yerkrapah Volunteer Union Manvel Grigoryan returned to Armenia from France yesterday after completing a regular course of medical treatment. Source: Transport Ministry 09:14 | ArmeniaGeneral Manvel returns to Armenia MP. Source: Voice of Russia 09:08 | In the worldRussian trucks for chemical disarmament arrive in Syria Moscow is also ready to provide security for cargo operations at the port of Latakia and in Syrian territorial waters while weapons stocks are transferred to a US navy ship that will neutralize the chemicals. left for Karabakh yesterday to attend the funeral of Serzh Sargsyan’s father.

panorama. Source: Transport Ministry Today's brief news www. in Nagorno-Karabakh. Source: Twitter 18:32 | RegionAmnesty International: Arrest of Monitoring Center Chairman is another repressive measure of Azerbaijani regime The Azerbaijani government should carry out “prompt and fair” trial for the chairman of Election Monitoring and Democratic Studies Center. has sparked outrage in Europe. all interstate and intercommunity roads are passable.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 8/11 .Panorama | Armenian news Video showing a naked man being sprayed by an aid worker. extended their condolences to Serzh Sargsyan’s mother over the death of Azat Sargsyan. Source: Amnesty International 18:27 | ArmeniaSome roads icy in Armenia Road cleaning work is underway. Source: BBC 08:44 | In the worldCAR death toll much higher than thought. says Amnesty In a separate report. Human Rights Watch is calling on the UN to send a peacekeeping mission to CAR.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . Anar Mamadli. Source: BBC 18:52 | ArmeniaOSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs extend condolences on death of Serzh Sargsyan’s father The Co-Chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group.one of the most ambitious space missions in history. the Armenian President’s father. apparently as part of a medical treatment and in full view of other migrants on the Italian island of Lampedusa. Source: CNN 08:50 | In the worldGaia 'billion star surveyor' set for launch Europe is about to launch the Gaia satellite .

You referred there to Wahabism and Salafism. We know a lot is being said about groups that are affiliated to these two. Now Prince Bandar bin Sultan came to the United States. we are talking about the Salafists. We are talking about Wahabism. www. . editor of Culture Wars Online Magazine from Indiana.How would you describe violence and extremism? When we think about extremism. But the main question here is who is backing them and who is responsible for the creation of these groups and for the activities that are taking place under the name of Islam. .am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 9/11 . I think certainly there is an element of violence extremism among Islamic groups and I think this is a way of pinpointing just exactly who is involved in this violence.Panorama | Armenian news 09:56 21/12/2013 » Interviews ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ Press TV talks with E. etc. So I think this is a way of pointing to who is involved and to making an alliance between people of good will in the world that is happening at the same time that I think that Russia is making advances in promoting world peace and a new world order in its area of influence. How do you think this threat should be dealt with? . the people who are backed by the United States and Israel in Syria. he wants to raise 6 billion dollars to continue the war in Syria. radical Muslims. .12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . Michael Jones. a lot of the mainstream media how they are talking about it is al-Qaeda or Islamic extremist. we could say. beliefs or whatever you may call them. I mean the Saudis are Wahabis and the Wahabis have made an alliance with Israel.I think this is good new because I think it reaffirms the realignment that started to place in world politics beginning in September when the United States decided not to attack Syria. regarding the Iranian president’s proposal for a global campaign against violence and extremism which has been approved by the United Nations.Nobody is backing Wahabism. But is that the proper way to describe extremism and president Rouhani saying that we need a global campaign against extremism and violence.panorama.

John Kerry. So yes. Let’s face it..They are working with al-Qaeda. .12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ . And so they took another path and that is precisely what got Prince Bandar bin Sultan upset and he wants to resurrect this war but I just do not see it going anywhere.panorama. to extremist groups and there is a lot being said about how the world should treat these groups because we know these groups are still getting aid to those who are fighting against the Syrian government. it needs to be rejected by decent people throughout the world and we need an alliance of the people who are interested in peace. Post to Facebook Facebook social plugin Posting as Khateeb Ul Islam Qadri (Change) Comment www.am Add a comment.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 10/11 .Panorama | Armenian news So Wahabism is one of these extremist groups that needs to be pointed out. And I think that the acceptance of the Iranian president as proposal by the United Nations is an indication of the world body sees the Shia as interested in peace and a responsible group of people who can lead the world peace. we know that the groups that are fighting there. the majority of them have been specified as being linked to al-Qaeda.. Source: Panorama. The United States is working with these people and they cannot make up their mind whether they want to continue to work with them. they are going to make up their mind and I think that what happened here over the fall is that Obama has decided that the diplomacy in that war of backing those groups of extremists. So it needs to be exposed as such and we need people of good will to turn away from that and turn toward peace. Wahabism is a former extremism and it is dangerous. it is not America’s interest and certainly not Israel’s interest. they are still getting financial support and military support. the Wahabibacked extremists in Syria is going nowhere. .Looking at the situation in Syria. said we are not going to give any heavy weapons to these people because we cannot trust them. when he became Secretary of State. Even there was a controversy created when the US Secretary of State said that the United States may start talking with the Islamic Front which was also seen as affiliated with al-Qaeda. It is causing people to die right now in Syria.

Panorama | Armenian news A ds by Webexp E nhanced A d O ptions Most read news 14:32 • 21/12 Two American astronauts get ready for orbiting lab repairs 15:48 • 21/12 The West turns its back on Syrian opposition 14:36 • 21/12 China: Woman gives 19 students poisoned yogurt 11:57 • 21/12 Haykakan Zhamanak: Dilijan Medical Center turned into private institution 13:11 • 21/12 Hraparak: Tsarukyan urges Oskanian to be more active A ds by Webexp E nhanced A d O ptions www.am/en/popular/2013/12/21/michael-jones/ 11/11 .panorama.12/23/13 ‘United States working with al-Qaeda’ .

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