9/2 What: L ’Hemesferic in Valencia's City of Arts and Science

L’Hemisfèric, the distinctive eye-shaped construction designed by Santiago Calatrava, was the first element to be opened to the public in the City of Arts and Sciences, in April 1998. The building’s unique architecture comes alive as the lids of the colossal “Eye of Knowledge” opens up to reveal the fascinating setting. The extraordinary Calatrava’s creation resembling a huge eyeball floats above a pool of water. The eye even blinks with the aid of a steel and glass shutter operated by hydraulic lifts. So what: • L’Hemisferic takes the idea of organic design to a different level • Calatrava uses Biomimicry in this design, not only in aesthetics but also the mechanics of the eye Sources: http://www.spanish-living.com/regional/Valencia_city-of-arts-and-science.php http://www.arcspace.com/architects/calatrava/planetarium/

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