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Remodernizing the Cayuga Lake Area,

Part 7

As previously mentioned, the contract under discussion, however, failed to include an

appropriate monetization timeline or time estimate with regards to the redistribution of
the applicable neocurrency units. Thus, State General Montaniki, after due deliberation,
informed the prospective contract holders that he was unable, at that time, to enter into
any binding agreement unless and until the neocurrency monetization timeline figures or
time estimates were forthcoming.

As any graduate student of political literalism can, with little difficulty, perceive the
obvious duelist-plurality type recasting in this state of affairs, we will not take it upon
ourselves to discuss the matter further. However, we wish to note that the populist
interpretation of cast-transposing, rather than simple recasting, as tipified by the
Primaquine episodes often sighted, has no relation either to reality or to the discussion
above. Those who persist, after postmodern reeducation, to espouse the "Primaquine
Conspiracy" are misguided at best, and need not (and cannot) be taken seriously in a true
historical narrative.

The interesting point in this particular episode, almost always missed by those deeply
involved in the recasting vs. cast-transposing non-debate, is the fact of the utter failure of
the prospective first parties to attempt to comply with the request of the second party with
regards to the provision of the requested neocurrency monetization timeline figures or
estimates. Dr. Krupter, in one of his less famous lectures, responded to a question on the
matter with the brush-off theory that the failure to comply with the requests was through
non-ability, rather than lack of inclination. However, it is my belief that, if one takes the
time to consider the environmental factors that impinge upon the situation, it is possible
to come up with a fuller understanding of the action, or lack of action, as the case may be.