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RESOURCE FILE ACTIVITY: 2D and 3D Art Activity Title: Drawing with Chalk A##r$#riate A%e $r A%e Ran%e: 3-5

Re!$urce: EDU151a O'(ECTIVES Physical !"t"r# Chil$ren will $e%el"& 'ine !"t"r skills when they gras& the chalk an$ !ake s!all !arks with the chalk( Physical !"t"r# Chil$ren will $e%el"& gr"ss !"t"r skills when they use their wh"le ar! t" $raw "n large &ieces "' &a&er( C"gniti%e language# Chil$ren will learn what ha&&ens t" chalk when it is wet "r $ry( As well as h"w the chalk changes when y"u $raw "n $i''erent sur'aces( S"cial# Chil$ren will ask '"r ite!s 'r"! "ther stu$ents &"litely) an$ share h"w it 'eels t" $raw "n the $i''erent sur'aces( E!"ti"nal# Chil$ren will gain sel' c"nce&t when they 'inish a &icture) an$ 'eel g""$ a*"ut their acc"!&lish!ent( )ATERIALS Chalk# +n a %ariety "' sha&es an$ c"l"rs $is&laye$ in a clear) $i%i$e$) shall"w c"ntainer "' easy access ,eusa*le -asha*le ta*le cl"th# large en"ugh t" 'it the ta*le an$ hang "'' a *it "n all si$es ."ist S&"nge '"r easy clean u& "' area( /"cati"n near sink '"r easy clean u& "' han$s S&ray *"ttles 'ull "' water San$ &a&er cut int" 0in 1 2in rectangles C"nstructi"n &a&er "' %arying c"l"rs an$ sizes &RE&ARATIO* 3Descri*e in $etail what the teacher will $" t" &re&are '"r the acti%ity(4 1( C"%er sur'ace area with the reusa*le ta*le cl"th 2( 5ill &lastic c"ntainers with $i''erent size chalk 3( /ay "ut a %ariety "' $i''erent &a&er '"r the chil$ren t" e1&l"re 2( 5ill an$ &lace s&ray *"ttles in an area chil$ren can easily reach the! Curriculum Area !": 2D Art &re#ared 'y: Sheila Vazquez

5( 6a%e !"ist s&"nge in a l"cati"n easily accessi*le *y the chil$ren &ROCEDURE Chil$ren will select the ty&e "' &a&er they w"ul$ like t" $raw "n( 7hen chil$ren will ch""se 'r"! the chalk that has *een &r"%i$e$ an$ e1&l"re the way the chalk !"%es "n the &a&er( 7hey will ha%e the "&&"rtunity t" use !ulti&le te1ture$ &a&er) an$ water t" see h"w the chalk reacts as they $raw( VOCA'ULARY 8len$ 7e1ture ,"ugh San$ &a&er E+TE*SIO*S 1( Chang the te1ture "' the &a&er 2( ."n"chr"!atic c"l"r e1&l"rati"n 3( Use y"ur n"n $"!inant han$ t" $raw )ODIFICATIO*S FOR C,ILDRE* -IT, E+CE&TIO*ALITIES Devel$#mental Delay!# De!"nstrate sl"wly the ste&s y"u are taking in !aking the $rawing( 6el& the chil$ 'inish "ne ste& at a ti!e *e'"re c"ntinuing t" the ne1t ste&( 9"u !ay nee$ t" &lace the chil$:s han$s ar"un$ the chalk an$ hel& the! !"%e it ar"un$ the &a&er( Ort.$#edic Im#airment!: 7a&e the &a&er $"wn *y the c"rners t" the ta*le "r wall( -hen &"ssi*le &lace the &a&er in a %ertical &"siti"n) an$ ha%e s"!ething t" cushi"n an$ su&&"rt the chil$:s ar! when nee$e$( 7a&e the chalk t" a l"ng stick t" hel& chil$ren with l"w !"t"r 'uncti"ns( &erva!ive Devel$#mental Di!$rder &DD" and Auti!m # +ntr"$uce !aterial sl"wly( /et the chil$ e1&l"re each !aterial( 6a%e a &lace set u& "n the 'l""r where the chil$ can lay "n his "r her st"!ach an$ $raw "n the &a&er( Dust 8lee$ Vi%i$ P"r"us Particles C"rse

DOCU)E*TATIO* 7ake &h"t"s "' the chil$ren while they are $rawing Put the artw"rk in the chil$ren:s &"rt'"li" -rite the $ate "n the *ack "' the &a&er Ask chil$ren a*"ut their e1&erience $rawing with the chalk "n the $i''erent te1ture$ !aterial( -rite $"wn their res&"nses( O&E*/E*DED 0UESTIO*S 7ell !e what it was like t" use y"ur $raw with chalk "n &a&er; 6"w $i$ the chalk 'eel; 6"w $"es $rawing with chalk $i''er 'r"! $rawing with cray"ns "r &encils;