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RESOURCE FILE ACTIVITY: 2D and 3D Art Activity Title: Finger Painting A##r$#riate A%e $r A%e Ran%e: 4-7 Re!

$urce: EDU151a O'(ECTIVES Physical/motor: hil!ren "ill !e#elo$ tactile a"areness as they $%t their han!s into the $aint an! %se their han!s to $aint on !i&&erent s%r&aces' Physical/motor: hil!ren "ill !e#elo$ gross motor s(ills "hen they %se their "hole arm to $aint large $ieces o& $a$er' ogniti#e/lang%age: hil!ren "ill e)$erience ho" the $aint &eels* an! ho" they can +len! the $aint "ith the other $rimary colors to create ne" colors' Social: hil!ren "ill share ho" they came %$ "ith the !i&&erent colors o& $aint' Emotional: hil!ren "ill gain sel&-esteem +y +eing a+le to e)$lore an! !isco#er the #ariety o& colors they can ma(e on their o"n' )ATERIALS Finger Paint: ,n $rimary colors in clear ro%n! +o"ls "ith a tall li$ White Finger Paint Pa$er: 24in )1-in Poster .oar!: /&t ) 2&t 0arge 1ong%e De$ressors: 2ne &or each color o& $aint* an! e)tras so the chil!ren can scra$ the $aint on the $a$er i& they choose' Pa$er $lates: Eno%gh &or one $er chil! an! e)tras 3%st in case they are nee!e! 4e%sa+le/Washa+le ta+le cloth: large eno%gh to &it the ta+le an! hang o&& a +it on all si!es 5oist S$onge &or easy clean %$ o& area' 0ocation near sin( &or easy clean %$ o& han!s &RE&ARATIO* 6Descri+e in !etail "hat the teacher "ill !o to $re$are &or the acti#ity'7 1' o#er s%r&ace area "ith the re%sa+le ta+le cloth container o& $aint' /' Place $a$er $lates at each sitting area 2' Fill $lastic containers "ith each $rimary color* an! $%t the tong%e !e$ressor in the Curriculum Area !": 2D Art &re#ared 'y: Sheila Walter

4' 0ay o%t stac(s o& $a$er on the ta+le &or easy access &or the chil!ren 5' 8a#e moist s$onge in a location easily accessi+le +y the chil!ren &ROCEDURE 1he chil!ren "ill choose a color to &irst $aint onto the &inger $aint $a$er %sing their &ingers' 1hey "ill ha#e the o$$ort%nity to smell the $aint an! &eel it in their han!s +e&ore $%tting the $aint on the $a$er' A&ter they &eel they are !one a$$lying their &irst color* they "ill select another $rimary color to +len! "ith the &irst one' 1hey "ill see "hat color they 3%st create!* an! ha#e the o$$ort%nity to create more colors either on that same $iece o& $a$er o& on another sheet o& $a$er' 1hey "ill $lace their &inishe! $ainting on the !rying rac(' VOCA'ULARY Smear .len! Primary olors Secon!ary olors E+TE*SIO*S 1' om$limentary color e)$loration 2' 5onochromatic color e)$loration /' ,& "e change the location o& the $a$er to +eing hori9ontally lai! o%t to +eing #ertical* "hat things "ill ha$$en to the $aint "hen a$$lie! to the $a$er: )ODIFICATIO*S FOR C,ILDRE* -IT, E+CE&TIO*ALITIES Devel$#mental Delay!: Demonstrate slo"ly the ste$s yo% are ta(ing in ma(ing the $ainting' 8el$ the chil! &inish one ste$ at a time +e&ore contin%ing to the ne)t ste$' ;o% may nee! to $lace the chil!<s han!s in the $aint an! then hel$ them to %n!erstan! "here to $lace their han!s on the $a$er* %ntil they get a &eel &or the $aint' Some chil!ren yo% may nee! to sho" them that the $aint is o( an! $lace it on yo%r han!s &irst' Ort.$#edic Im#airment!: 1a$e the $a$er !o"n +y the corners to the ta+le' When $ossi+le $lace the $a$er in a #ertical $osition* an! ha#e something to c%shion an! s%$$ort the chil!<s arm "hen nee!e!' 5a(e s%re yo% allo" $lenty o& o$$ort%nities &or the chil! to ta(e a +rea( &rom $ainting' 1e)t%re 1ong%e De$ressor Scra$e Water Sol%+le Finger Paint Poster .oar! Da+

&erva!ive Devel$#mental Di!$rder &DD" and Auti!m: ,ntro!%ce material slo"ly' 0et the chil! e)$lore each material' 8a#e a $lace set %$ on the &loor "here the chil! can lay on his or her stomach an! $aint on the $a$er' ;o% may ha#e to $lace some $aint on yo%r han! +e&ore the chil! "ill $lace any on his or her han!' 1a(e it slo"= !o not r%sh the chil! to the ne)t ste$' DOCU)E*TATIO* 1a(e $hotos o& the chil!ren "hile they are ma(ing their $aintings P%t the art"or( in the chil!ren<s $ort&olio As( them to "rite "hat it "as li(e $ainting "ith their han!s' For those that can<t "rite* ha#e them tell yo% an! "rite !o"n "hat they sai!' 8a#e chil! "rite the !ate on the +ac( o& the $a$er O&E*/E*DED 0UESTIO*S 1ell me "hat it "as li(e to %se yo%r &ingers to $aint: 8o" !i! the $aint &eel: 8o" !i! the $aint smell: 8o" !oes &inger $ainting !i&&er &rom $ainting "ith a +r%sh: