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RESOURCE FILE ACTIVITY: 2D and 3D Art Activity Title: Sculpting with Paper A##r$#riate A%e $r A%e Ran%e: 4-5

Re!$urce: EDU151a O'(ECTIVES Physical/ !t!r" #hil$ren will $e%el!p &ine Physical/ !t!r" #hil$ren will $e%el!p gr!ss when y!u anipulate it in %ari!us ways( !ther stu$ents p!litely) an$ share h!w it &elt t! a'e !t!r s'ills when they pinch an$ squeeze the paper( !t!r s'ills when they reach &!r the paper( Curriculum Area !": 2D Art &re#ared 'y: Sheila Vazquez

#!gniti%e/language" #hil$ren will $e%el!p a c!gniti%e un$erstan$ing !& what happens t! paper S!cial" #hil$ren will as' &!r ite s &r! their sculpture( E !ti!nal" #hil$ren will gain sel& c!ncept when they &inish a sculpture) an$ &eel g!!$ a*!ut their acc! plish ent( )ATERIALS +ecycle$ ,ewspaper -ac'y .lue &RE&ARATIO* 0Descri*e in $etail what the teacher will $! t! prepare &!r the acti%ity(1 1( 2ay !ut ta*le cl!th &ROCEDURE #hil$ren will select paper( -hen chil$ren will anipulate the paper *y *en$ing) r!lling) *alling up) !r a %ariety !& !ther ways they ch!!se( #hil$ren will ha%e t! !pp!rtunity i& they ch!!se t! glue the paper t!gether !r !nt! a piece !& car$ *!ar$ &!r a *ase( VOCA'ULARY -wist A&&i3 Press Secure A$hesi%e Sculpture 4anipulate Sculpt 5all 6D 2D 2( Set aterial in reach !& chil$ren +ecycle$ #ar$*!ar$ /asha*le -a*le #l!th Da p Sp!nge

E+TE*SIO*S 1( Use tin&!il 2( Use wrapping paper( 6( .! t! a sculpture gar$en( 4( 7a%e a sculpture c! e int! the class r!! ( )ODIFICATIO*S FOR C,ILDRE* -IT, E+CE&TIO*ALITIES Devel$#mental Delay!" De !nstrate sl!wly the steps y!u are ta'ing in Ort.$#edic Im#airment!: 4a'e certain that all necessary a'ing the sculpture( 7elp the chil$ &inish !ne step at a ti e *e&!re c!ntinuing t! the ne3t step( aterials are place$ within reaching $istance( S! e chil$ren ha%e p!!r trun' c!ntr!l an$ lac' the a*ility t! &ully e3ten$ their ar s an$ s! are a*le t! reach !nly sh!rt $istances( &erva!ive Devel$#mental Di!$rder &DD" and Auti!m " 8ntr!$uce the chil$ e3pl!re each pr!cess t! the chil$ren( DOCU)E*TATIO* -a'e ph!t!s !& the chil$ren while they are sculpting( Display the chil$ren9s art w!r' !n the shel%es( Vi$e! tape the chil$ren while they are sculpting O&E*/E*DED 0UESTIO*S 8 w!n$er h!w we c!ul$ get !ur sculptures t! stan$ with!ut using glue( 8 w!n$er h!w we c!ul$ get this sheet !& paper t! stan$ !n its !wn( 8 w!n$er what else we c!ul$ a'e sculptures !ut !&( aterial sl!wly( 2et aterial( 7a%e picture car$s t! sh!w while y!u are $escri*ing the