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RESOURCE FILE ACTIVITY: 2D and 3D Art Activity Title: Stitching on Fabric A##r$#riate A%e $r A%e Ran%e: 3-6 Re!

$urce: EDU151a O'(ECTIVES Phy ical!"otor# $hil%ren &ill %e'elo( )ine "otor *ill &hen they hol% the nee%le+ Phy ical!"otor# $hil%ren &ill %e'elo( gro )abric u ing their &hole ar"+ $ogniti'e!language# $hil%ren &ill learn ne& &or% li te% on the 'ocabulary li t belo&+ Social# $hil%ren &ill a * )or ite" )ro" other tu%ent (olitely, an% hare ho& it )elt to titch )abric+ E"otional# $hil%ren &ill gain el) conce(t &hen they )ini h their titching an% ee that they e'en young tu%ent can e&+ )ATERIALS Pla tic -ee%le .(ri"ary color / 0hrea% .(ri"ary color / Fabric Styro)oa" quare &RE&ARATIO* 1+ 1ay out table cloth+ 2+ 0hrea% an% *not threa%+ 3+ Put threa% in a Styro)oa" quare &ith all the a"e color together+ 2+ Set "aterial in reach o) chil%ren+ "otor *ill &hen they (ull the nee%le through the Curriculum Area !": 2D Art &re#ared 'y: Sheila Vazquez

&ROCEDURE $hil%ren &ill elect )abric an% threa%+ $hil%ren &ill tic* nee%le through the )abric an% re(eat+

VOCA'ULARY Stitch Stitching 0hrea% -ee%le Fabric 3n 4ut 0hrea%ing Pattern 1oo"

E+TE*SIO*S 1+ U e burla( )abric 2+ 5a'e chil%ren bring in %i))erent )abric that ha been titche% 3+ U e o) hoo( loo" to hol% the )abric+ 2+ A%% button , or bea% to the center+ )ODIFICATIO*S FOR C,ILDRE* -IT, E+CE&TIO*ALITIES Devel$#mental Delay!# De"on trate lo&ly the te( you are ta*ing in titching+ 5el( the chil% )ini h one te( at a ti"e be)ore continuing to the ne6t te(+ Ort.$#edic Im#airment!: 7a*e certain that all nece ary "aterial are (lace% &ithin reaching %i tance+ So"e chil%ren ha'e (oor trun* control an% lac* the ability to )ully e6ten% their ar" an% o are able to reach only hort %i tance + &erva!ive Devel$#mental Di!$rder &DD" and Auti!m # 3ntro%uce "aterial lo&ly+ 1et the chil% e6(lore each "aterial+ 5a'e (icture car% to ho& &hile you are %e cribing the (roce to the chil%ren+

DOCU)E*TATIO* 0a*e (hoto o) the chil%ren &hile they are titching+ Di (lay the chil%ren8 art &or* on the &all+ Vi%eo ta(e the chil%ren &hile they are titching+ O&E*/E*DED 0UESTIO*S

3 &on%er &hat thing &e ee e'ery %ay ha'e been titche%+ 3 &on%er &hat &e coul% %o &ith thi nee%le an% )abric+ 9hat are o"e thing that you %i co'ere% &hen you &here titching your )abric: