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RESOURCE FILE ACTIVITY: DRAMATIC PLAY PROP BOX Name/Theme of Prop Box: Bakery Prepare$ B%: Sheila Vazquez

ITEMS INCLUDED Ba)er Hat Hair net Apron Ca&h er *e%i!ter #oney (hone +ap De(ora!or Hat Hair net 2elt "e)oration! +on!tru)tion paper Apron Pa!ro# 1allet (ur!e Ba&y Ba&y &a% +re"it )ar" +a!h +lothin% Dri er6! li)en!e +ell phone 7ey! +he)k &ook Glo e! 2a&ri) 3i)in%4 Spatula Sten)il #arker! 2elt )o ere" &o$e! #i$in% &o'l! 5)in% &a%! 'ith ne' tip! ,r"er pa" (en -a.e ta% +alen"ar #enu/(ri)eli!t 0aptop Bu!ine!! +ar"! 1hite &oar" Glo e! A!!orte" pan! #i$in% &o'l! (la!ti) e%%! Appropr a!e A"e/ A"e Ra#"e: 3-6 Re&o'r(e: EDU151a


(hy!i)al/.otor: +hil"ren 'ill "e elop %ro!! .otor !kill! 'hen they pi)k the prop! out o8 the &o$9 +o%niti e/lan%ua%e: +hil"ren 'ill learn o)a&ulary a!!o)iate" 'ith thi! the.e that i! li!te" &elo'9 So)ial: +hil"ren 'ill "e elop !o)ial )on)ept! 'hen they a)t out the "ra.ati) role!9 E.otional: +hil"ren 'ill "e elop !el8 e!tee. 'hen a)t out the )hara)ter! 8ro. the prop &o$9 VOCABULARY Spatula #i$in% +he8 +ook De)orator PICTURE CARDS 2e.ale )he8/&aker #ale +a!hier! #inority 2a.ilie! eatin% at 8an)y &akery Di88erent )ake! 3'e""in%: &irth"ay;4 (eople &akin% in "i88erent )ountrie! (i)ture! o8 8oo" 8ro. &akerie! C+ILDREN,S BOO-S
2i e 0ittle #onkey! Bake a Birth"ay +ake: &y Eileen +hri!telo' Ea!y A! (ie /By +ari Be!t < pi)ture! &y #eli!!a S'eet9 =he *e" Hen &y *e&e))a E.&erley an" E" E.e&erley9 =hi! 0ittle Bunny +an Bake / &y >anet Stein9 1ho #a"e =hi! +ake? / =e$t an" En%li!h tran!lation &y +hihiro -aka%a'a Ho' to #ake a +herry (ie an" See the U9S9A9 / &y#ar@orie (ri) =he &akerA! "ozen / Dan An"rea!en9 #y (op (op an" .e / &y 5rene S.all! < illu!trate" &y +athy Ann >ohn!on9 Sun &rea" / Eli!a 7le en9 =he )ookie-!tore )at / +ynthia *ylant9 A )ake all 8or .eB / &y 7aren #a%nu!on Beil < illu!trate" &y (aul #ei!el9

+on8e)tion Blen" (atron 1hi!k +re"it )ar"

+he)k &ook ,r"er #enu

(i)ture! o8 "i88erent &akerie! (i)ture! o8 &akery %oo"! 8ro. other )ountrie! (i)ture! o8 people "e)oratin% )ake! (i)ture! o8 people eatin% &ake" %oo"!9


De/e0opme#!a0 De0a%& Cou nee" to !e)tion o88 an area 8or play throu%h the u!e o8 a re8ri%erator &o$ or partition9 5n)lu"e another )hil" an" an a"ult in the area9 7eep the play at the )hil"6! a&ility le el an" 8o)u!e" on the )hil"6! intere!t9 Or!hope$ ( Impa rme#!& D +orre)tly po!itionin% thi! )hil" i! e!!ential9 S/he nee"! to &e po!itione" to .a$i.ize 8un)tionin% 'hile &ein% near peer!9 ,&!er e the play to en!ure that the )hil" i! po!itione" 'ith her &o"y in %oo" ali%n.ent an" in !u)h a 'ay that !he i! not totally )urle" up into 8le$ion or thro'n into e$ten!ion 'hen atte.ptin% to .o e9 +on!ult 'ith the phy!i)al or o))upational therapi!t 8or i"ea! on po!itionin%9 Goo" po!itionin% 'ill help re"u)e "roolin%: 'hi)h .i%ht in)rea!e a! the )hil" trie! to play9 #ake !ure that the equip.ent an" 8urniture in the )la!!roo. are arran%e" !o the )hil" )an %et 8ro. one play )enter to the other in"epen"ently9 Per/a& /e De/e0opme#!a0 D &or$er 1PDD2 a#$ A'! &m D Break "o'n the !tep! o8 play to "eter.ine 'here the )hil" i! )urrently 8un)tionin%9

DOCUMENTATION Vi"eo tape )hil"ren in "ra.ati) play =ake pi)ture! Ane)"otal re)or"! OPEN3ENDED 4UESTIONS 5 'on"er 'hat !ort o8 thin%! you )oul" "e)orate in a &akery9 58 you 'ere a &aker 5 'on"er 'hat !ort o8 thin%! you 'oul" &ake9 5 'on"er 'hat !o.e o8 the thin%! that 'e )oul" u!e in a &akery9