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The History Behind the Official Coat of Arms of the Franciscans?


The Franciscans were created by the Venetians and the whole history of the Franciscans, including Francis is unfortunately, a huge myth (sadly). Venice was an absolutely pagan city that had been founded by the Maggi. The Maggi believed in Mischism. Mischism was occult (secret knowledge). They thought they were ‘the chosen people’. It was all about spell, curse power and demon god Az@zal, S@both, Beze@lbub and S@tan. (Incidentally, ~ we Are the animals, by the way, if you read the story in Francis…loving animals – we are (symbolically) the animals). The above coat of arms is their crest. They don’t hide who they claim they are. They don’t hide what they are – people just willingly don’t want to know about it. In order to better understand, we must examine the anatomy of their coat of arms (i..e. crest)…


See the three Crowns of the three Trusts created, and the whole structure of the Roman Cult (the Roman Catholic Church) which they created, and the Flag of the Jesuits (AS PART OF THE CREST  of the Franciscians). You’ve heard of the Jesuits. You’ve heard people say, “The Jesuits are in charge of the world” and you might wonder, “Who Created the Jesuits?” Well, the Jesuits were formed in Venice and the Jesuits are a part of the ruling elite, and their flag is a part of the Franciscan Order.


Thus, the Jesuits are an Order of the Franciscans. The Venetians created the Jesuits – as depicted, in plain sight, on their crest.
This is how the First “Trust” was created by the Roman Cult (Catholic Church) in 1302:

The Executor = Venice thru Franciscan Friars (the Venetians, through the Franciscan Friars created this Trust
and the Trust) [a.k.a. “the Prince of the Papal Land “ a.k.a. “the first crown”]

The Trust is expressed through the Papal Bull* Unum Santum (claiming the whole world is subject to
the Pontiff  who proclaimed himself “King of the World!”);

The Beneficiary = the Christians of the World;

The Trustee = the Roman Catholic Pontiff The Grantor = “God” entrusted the Earth to the Vatican for “safe keeping” yet somehow entrusted his Executive Powers to Venice… (No one knows how THAT happened! ;-/)




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