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EDU153 Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Make Healthy Eating Choices 1. Curriculu Nutrition !rea

". Na e of the !cti#ity $s it healthy or is it not% 3. Source of the !cti#ity &$f you created the acti#ity yourself, indicate that, too.' $ created it (. !))ro)riate !ge for the !cti#ity *reschool and kindergarten 5. +,-ecti#es of the !cti#ity .o hel) kids ake ,etter eating choices. /. Materials Needed Sa )le si0ed fruit, cheese, #egeta,les, eat, and ,read. *ictures of healthy food and -unk food 1ood )yra id & kid si0ed and colorful' 2. *rocedures During circle ti e ask the children 3hat foods they think are good for their ,odies. Ha#e the tell you 3hat is healthy and 3hat is -unk 3hen you hold u) the )hotos. .alk a,out the food grou)s. During snack ti e allo3 the kids to try the healthy snacks. Send infor ation ho e to the )arents on healthy alternati#es for snacks and lunches. 4. +)en5Ended 6uestions to ask Children 7hat did you ha#e for lunch today% 7hat do you think healthy eans% 7hat kind of food do you like to eat%