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EDU 153-01 Internet Research Assignment Website Name !

!it URL htt":##$it%&e'm(%c)m#(e$a lt%htm Purpose *) e( cate chil(ren in a $ n &a+ a') t health%

Name: Sheila Vazq ez Target Audience ,hil(ren an( teens How can you use it? *his sight gi-es chil(ren an( teens challenges t) () ( ring their (a+ that in-)l-e 'eing health+. (i$$erent q izzes t) test their health /n)&le(ge. an( a list )$ acti-ities the+ can "la+ ) tsi(e% *his sight ta/es +) t) a 1D! $ile that gi-es +) (i$$erent i(eas an( alternati-es t) $))(s that ma+ n)t 'e as health+% 0) can als) se this "age t) $in( ) t &hat ser-ings sizes are 'est $)r (i$$erent ages )$ chil(ren% 7i-es +) e( cati)n i(eas $)r teachers t) se &ith chil(ren. health+ men s. an( in$)rmati)n )n health+ $))(s% ,hil(ren can se this t) rea( a /i(s magazine a') t health an( n triti)n% 1arents an( teachers can se this t) get i(eas )n $ n &a+s t) teach chil(ren a') t eating health+. an( ha-ing chil(ren hel" in the /itchen%

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htt":##&&&%health%g)-%nl%ca#healt h#" 'licati)ns#health+eating$)r"r esch))lchil(ren%"($

*) e( cate a') t $))( t+"es an( "r)")rti)ns%

1arents an( caregi-ers

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htt":##&&&%eh)&%c)m#list234035 532i(eas-"resch))lers-health+eating-ha'its%html htt":##&&&%eart&iggles%c)m#

6el" a( lts teach chil(ren a') t 1arents an( health+ eating ha'its% ,aregi-ers

Ear *&iggles

6el" /i(s learn a') t health in a $ n &a+%


EDU 153-01 Internet Research Assignment 9e Acti-e 8i(s htt":##'eacti-e/i(s%)rg#'a/#!r)nt# De$a lt%as":

Name: Sheila Vazq ez *he g)al )$ the "r)gram is t) 1arents. /i(s. an( teach chil(ren. an( caregi-ers t) caregi-ers get acti-e% *here are games. acti-it+ sheets $)r /i(s. acti-e i(eas. in$)rmati)n $)r "arents an( caregi-ers%