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SSMC Wellhead System

Standard Snapring Modular Compact Wellhead

00 Hours Time Savings 3.25 Hours 27.50 Hours 11. Wide range of tubing programs including single. Reduced number. No lock screws. spool nipple up. and a decrease in system cost. Mud returns via riser. Rig Time Savings • • • Simple system installation. Smaller workover BOP tubing hanger options available. faster BOP connections.25 Hours 7. while using a maximum number of interchangeable components.75 Hours 31. SSMC Wellhead System Features Enhanced Safety • • • • • Reduced number of BOP connections. install BOP. enhanced safety.25 Hours 2. prepare 13-3/8” casing. interchangeable components. simple.50 Hours 53. Fast make-up connectors.00 Hours 15. means 30% fewer parts and reduced inventories. In addition. Weldless diverter connection. Identical seal assemblies for each stage with either LS or MEC seals.25 Hours SSMC 6. Total SSMC Time Savings: Conventional 9.50 Hours 33. This modular design. dual and tension tubing hangers. No plastic packing required. install slips.5 Hours 2 . Flexibility • • • • • • Wide range of casing programs available with options to land up to two strings of casing as well as tubing in a compact housing. 9-5/8” Casing Wait on cement. Time Savings Comparison (Conventional vs SSMC Wellhead) Typical for 13-5/8”/20-3/4” System (30” x 20” x 13-3/8” x 9-5/8” x Tubing) Description of Operation 30” Conductor Weld diverter connection and nipple up. Through BOP/diverter operations. land on landing ring. 13-3/8” Casing Wait on cement. Minimum penetrations in wellhead.50 Hours 99. through BOP operations. no lock screws. savings in rig time. install BOP. Lower Maintenance • • • • Reliable.Standard Snapring Modular Compact (SSMC) Wellhead The SSMC Wellhead System is a total system designed to accommodate a variety of casing programs and working pressures. install BOP. 20” Casing Run 20” through diverter.00 Hours 45. The SSMC wellhead has many technical advantages over a conventional wellhead system including: reduced height. Reduced Inventory • Modular design. spool nipple up.50 Hours 29. install slips. field-proven design. versus slip-on weld housing. Continuous control lines. with all internal components interchangeable throughout. minimum leak paths.25 Hours 22. prepare 9-5/8” casing. Same internal components used on Cameron Conductor Sharing Wellhead (CSW™) Field proven for tieback to mudline. many components of the conventional wellhead are eliminated by using a single compact housing for multiple casing and tubing hangers.

SSMC Wellhead System The SSMC is available in a range of nominal sizes from 7-1/16” through 18-3/4” and in working pressures up to 10. The design and manufacture meets API 6A standards and systems can be supplied to meet the complete material class. temperature rating and PSL level requirements of this specification. Snapring * LS Annulus Seal (Casing Hanger) * LS Annulus Seal (Tubing Hanger) FlangeLock Connector SRL Seal (Tubing Hanger) CF Gasket Tubing Hanger Continuous Control Line Snapring 20-3/4” Nominal Casing Head Housing 13-5/8” Nominal Compact Housing Casing Hanger * MEC Seals are Available as Alternate Seals on Casing and Tubing Hangers Conductor Landing Ring 30” Conductor 20” Casing 13-3/8” Casing 10-3/4” Casing Tubing 1/4” Control Line SD016743 SD016814 Option without 20” Casing Typical 13-5/8” Nominal SSMC Wellhead 3 .000 psi.

Hundreds of MEC seals have been installed in platform and subsea wellhead applications. That is why the Cameron SSMC wellhead system features a choice of elastomeric seals on seal assemblies. Seals available for the SSMC include metal-to-metal seals in primary sealing applications. LS Seal The LS seal is a cost-effective. elastomer interference seal used as an annulus seal. and the patented radial squeeze sealing method to ensure wellhead dependability. The seal assembly is run on a threaded running tool that retains the snapring until landed. It uses continuous 316 stainless steel garter springs molded into the two exposed corners of the seal to prevent extrusion. The top face of the seal assembly serves as a landing shoulder for the next stage hanger. more robust version of the S seal and can tolerate surface imperfections such as those caused by casing centralizers and larger running clearances. The seals are tested via a test port in the housing prior to retrieving the running tool. 4 The SSMC wellhead offers a selection in sealing technology which increases versatility and ensures that the wellhead is adaptable for any production environment. An overpull ensures the correct engagement of the seal assembly. Backing off the running tool releases the snapring which is naturally biased to spring into the lock groove in the housing. Metal seals meet the requirements of API 6FB fire specifications. All elastomer seals are available in premium elastomer materials developed by Cameron Elastomer Technology specifically for oilfield applications.S e a l i n g Te c h n o l o g y The ability of a wellhead to withstand pressure is determined in great part by the integrity of its sealing system. S Seal The S seal is a one-piece elastomer interference-type seal used as either an annulus seal or tubing hanger neck seal. The MEC seals combine metal end-caps. In addition. Cameron-exclusive Metal End-Cap (MEC) seal. and metal-to-metal seals on tubing hanger necks. the seals must be designed to match the service application in which they are used. Seals available for the SSMC seal assembly include LS elastomer seals and the popular. The LS seal is a larger. premium elastomer material. extended service life and ease of operation. SSMC Wellhead Seal Selection Chart Seal S Seal Application Annulus Tubing Hanger Neck Annulus Type Elastomer Seal with Stainless Steel Garter Springs Elastomer Seal with Stainless Steel Garter Springs Elastomer Seal with Metal Shells Elastomer Seal with Metal Back-Up Rings to Prevent Extrusion Metal Lip Seal Metal LS Seal MEC Seal Annulus T Seal Annulus Emergency SRL Seal CF Gasket Tubing Hanger Neck Between Connections Note: All seals are radial interference design . fieldproven. and either LS elastomer seals or the Cameron-exclusive Metal End-Cap (MEC) Seal in the annulus. An additional feature of the SSMC system is the snapring lockdown incorporated into all elastomeric seal assemblies and tubing hangers.

S Seals LS Seals MEC Seals SD016804 SD016804 SD016807 S Seal LS Seal MEC Seal SRL Seals T Seals CF Gasket SD016804 SD016803 SD016803 T Seal SRL Seal CF Gasket 5 . pressure-energized metal lip seal primarily used on tubing hanger necks. MEC seals can tolerate surface imperfections such as those caused by casing centralizers. CF Gasket The CF gasket is used in conjunction with the Cameron FastLock and FlangeLock connectors (see page 6) to form a metal-to-metal seal between wellhead connections.Metal-End-Cap (MEC) Seal MEC seals are radially squeezed. fieldproven elastomeric interface seal used as an annulus seal to seal on un-machined casing in emergency situations. Metal shells provide a zero gap extrusion barrier that eliminates exposing the elastomer material to the corrosive well bore environment. MEC seals are available with the Cameron-exclusive CAMLAST™ premium elastomer for 350° F service. radial interference. pressure-energized elastomeric annulus seals. It uses square section rings in the corners to prevent extrusion. Its design reduces pressure end-loads and allows lower make-up torque. Straight Radial Lip (SRL) Seal The SRL seal is a straight bore sealing. T Seal The T seal is a cost-effective.

FastLock™ Connector The FastLock connector is designed as an efficient replacement for flanged connections on surface wellheads. Its low torque allows for fast make-up and saves rig time. FastClamp™ Connector The FastClamp connector fits standard clamp hub profiles using conventional API ring gaskets. Low make-up torque increases ease of installation. Fast Make-Up Connections The SSMC wellhead incorporates two Cameron-exclusive fast make-up methods to connect the Christmas tree to the compact housing.E m e r g e n c y E q u i p m e n t a n d To p C o n n e c t i o n s Emergency Equipment The SSMC wellhead includes a full range of casing slip-based emergency options. the FastLock and FlangeLock Connectors. should the casing “stick” during installation. It can be bolted directly onto FastLock connector hubs. FastClamp sections are pre-installed on the hub via the guide rods to eliminate safety concerns in handling the sections during installation. FastLock connectors would be installed on land and platform BOP stacks taking full advantage of the installation time savings offered by this unique design. more cost-effective overall connection and provides maximum flexibility for drilling and workover operations. This allows for a smaller. SD016812 SD016812 Slip Suspension for Surface Casing Slip Suspension for Production Casing FlangeLock™ Connector The FlangeLock connector is designed as a low cost connection for 5000 psi WP applications. With the split compact wellhead. internal casing cutters are used to prepare the casing for the seal assembly. the FastClamp connector is used between the upper and lower housing. Typically. SD016220 SD016260 SD016259 FastLock Connector 6 FlangeLock Connector FastClamp Connector . In the non-split wellhead. On the split SSMC wellhead system. separating the upper and lower sections allows conventional use of slips and facilitates pipe cutting.

Snapring LS Annulus Seal (Casing Hanger) Split Housing FastClamp™ Connector Annulus Pack-Off Casing Hanger SD016815 Split SSMC Wellhead System (Shown with Dual Tubing Hanger) 7 . as annular seals. • Emergency casing hanger installation is performed without internal casing cutting. This split version uses many of the same components and offers the same advantages as the standard SSMC. • Offers maximum maintainability. but offers the following added features: • Wellhead housing can be supplied with all annulus equipment installed and tested. All annulus connections are located on the upper section of the system. seal faces and wellhead housing can be replaced or repaired without disturbing the casing.Split SSMC Wellhead T he Split SSMC Wellhead System is a split version of the standard FlangeLock Connector Continuous Control Line Snapring Dual Tubing Hanger SSMC Wellhead System.

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