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Don Smith Replication

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Jan. 11, 1012 T-1000 Quote: Originally Posted by mr.clean #ac$ a%ain, &hat do you thin$ o' the Cap di(char%e( at the end) ** +nyone $no, 'rom e-perience i' under 12 ,att( could pro.ide that le.el o' continuou( di(char%e)) This is where Tesla coil (the correct one, not the one used or lightning show! goes. ". Tesla always utili#ed ca$acitor discharge or lots o $ower. %harge it u$ &ery re'uently with high &oltage and you get lots o a($s al(ost constantly in discharge) This is where ca$acitor secret is..

Jan. 10, 2012 *r. %lean Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone Than$( /ilano0 No, I 'eel to ha.e %ot the(e 'act(1 2erhap( not completely 3 (orry 'or a($in% a%ain 3 I did not %et yet the real di''erence 4urt .(1 Don1 5our notion( (eem true 'or 6oth (etup(1 +ttachment 10017 I( it the c,8c, .( c,8cc,) I( it the earth connection9(: ) I( it the di(palcement out o' the mechanical middle area) 2lea(e help an old 6rain cro((in% the road 'rom education to reality) r%d( John +O+ o(g, ,,,-ow about instead o .urt, we call it /0ig.2 ro( $atent 112,321/ , and 4on5s is /0ig.1 ro( 112,321/ 6 a( not worthy o being written ne7t to 4on

Jan. 10, 2012 *r. %lean Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone Than$( /ilano0 No, I 'eel to ha.e %ot the(e 'act(1 2erhap( not completely 3 (orry 'or a($in% a%ain 3 I did not %et yet the real di''erence 4urt .(1 Don1 5our notion( (eem true 'or 6oth (etup(1 +ttachment 10017 I( it the c,8c, .( c,8cc,) I( it the earth connection9(: ) I( it the di(palcement out o' the mechanical middle area) 2lea(e help an old 6rain cro((in% the road 'rom education to reality) r%d( John 6t5s 8ind o a brain teaser, 4on had always said, and drew out, that you s$in le t and you get one, and right to get the other (&olts 9 a($s!... :ut how do the coils 8now which way they are acing;; hehe T-<T is what con uses (e as well... 6 a( still in the $rocess o disco&ery. but i( inding out (ysel , it ta8es too long to wait or answers lol. :ut to (e, the act that they are dri&ing a ield in di erent directions, which <PP=<> to cancel out i you arent dri&ing it hard enough i&e ound. ((ay be wrong! but it is the /$ulling a$$art/ that 4on (entioned, then they re-unite to gi&e you the watts, /and you do this as you go into the ca$acitor ban8/ -4on ?o ta8ing $ower o o the coils without $utting it into out$ut ca$s is a (ista8e i belie&e. 65ll ha&e a new &id soon

Jan. 10, 2012 *r. %lean Quote: Originally Posted by a.king21 Thi( i( the 6e(t Don Smith replication I;.e (een1 Trou6le i( it;( all in Ru((ian1 Could (omeone contact him and a($ hi( There;( replication upon replication on thi( (ite1 5e( it ma$e( me mad that I ha.en;t replicated1 D5N+TR!N 8 reeEner%y<T 8 reeEner%y<T

!n the other hand i' he pro.ide( the 6rea$throu%h11

+O+ yeah there are (ore wor8ing re$lications in =uro$e or sure. Pisses (e o too Then again, o&er here in north a(erica we get 8illed or wor8ing de&ices, T-=>=5s incenti&e eh;; 6ts o8, @ust (issing a cou$le things and we5&e got it...

Jan. 10, 2012 *r. %lean Quote: Originally Posted by zilano ,ell i' u r u(in% earth then (tic$ to don1 c, c, r%d( ==== ulti(ately yes ollow 4on, but @ust trying to wra$ (y head around this <nd he did (ention the other (ethods o winding, so surely (ore than 1 will wor8, 6 actually ha&e all 1 ty$es in the Tesla $atent wound =&en the hal -doubled bac8 one, @ust ha&ent $layed with all o the( yet. *aybe i5ll do a &id soon co($aring the(, (sigh! in ti(e

Jan. 10, 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by Guruji &hen you;re (ayin% 1 'eet 'or connection( all connection( or 'rom la(t component to coil e-ample in primary coil 'rom la(t >? diode) Re%ardin% capacitor( ,hat capacitor( (hould 6e u(ed to primary a( in my ca(e u(in% a /?S to monitor 'ly6ac$) Than$( well the connections i (ean the coil $ri(ary and secondary. they (ust ha&e 1 eet each leg s$are ro( coilling or lesser i u desire that to be and that length (ust be included in ur total length that is 19B+ and B+ co# when sliding the $ri(ary in and out to tune and to attach diodes to the secondary u need s$ace or connecting. stic8ing to length (a8es it easier to tune and s$ecially $ri(ary co# its (o&able. and wires (ust ha&e length without brea8ing conne7ions.

by @oining ca$s(say C00& s$eci ication! in $arellel or series.heather i u(e the ne% !R the po( out o' the 6rid%e recti'ier ) well i u r using earth then stic8 to don. and i (till dont $no. ye( there i( de'initely u(e 'or 6oth direction(.ard 'acin%1 Im (till con'u(ed.(. ca$s (ust be high &oltages (ust be in (icro arad or $ico arad. cw cw Jan. so ca$s (ust (atch the &oltage and D20E o&erhead.ind i' i choo(e lol I did try the <ed e-periment u mentioned 9Sorta: lol .( i cuttin% o'' . Jan.e: directly alon% .ould ha. and runnin% the output end( thru h.ell i didnt u(e a tiny 6attery. one can also (a8e high &oltage ca$s li8e the tesla coilers (a8e. learn ro( tesla coilers this stu . 1@ &IT> C&8C& i .( the thin%111 .well u can brea8 the rule o lengths but or that u ha&e to ha&e &ariable high &oltage ca$s.a( a6le to char%e cap( no pro6.ound a( 6e'ore)). #&s is high &oltage lybac8 dri&er. my(el' . and the <ed li%ht( 6oth direction(1 #ut here. or that u ha&e to search the su$$liers who su$$ly trans or(er ca$s or the grid su$$ly. (o the middle . (ost $eo$le dont ha&e access to high &oltage ca$s. Bu(t detached the (econdary output connection(.clean >ey a%ain.hile connected111 11Im E+RT> %roundin% the center tap 9a( i al.hate. 10. (icro arad the better.ire. 2012 .ith the ne% 6lac$ output .6r.ay( ha.hich to (tic$ . i thin$ my #A& coil could.e to 6e ne% ri%ht).er ne% cycle( are comin% o'' <2.e pro6 (tayed . 6ut ea(y to re3.ith *cau(e in . 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by mr. im (eein% +C Cualitie( 9li%htin% 6oth direction(: 6ut am cuttin% o'' ne% 6y u(in% the output diode( 'or. 6ut output i( the (ame . or u also can @u($ to shortcut use lcr (eter across coil and use re'uency wa&elength calculator to ind desired ca$.

ri%ht to le't and many layer( ma$e it (tron% ma%net 6ut .er hal'1 in thi( .ound c. end o' c. but as 4on (entioned.ich i( the lo. ) F@ $. 10. when all you used was basically &oltage or +1 Just (y 2 cents Jan. centre tapped tra'o9li$e don: produce( amp( and the upper hal' produce( . because current on the $ri(ary coil is a waste.ich i( de(cri6ed in ?a(ilato( 6oo$ and (ome (aid Te(la o6tained ) Fes. or cc.ound a%ain on top o' 'ir(t layer c.e the 'eelin% I do not put the Cue(tion in the ri%ht term( 1 <e.olt( one can tap le((er or more turn( o' upper hal'1 'or more or le(( amp( one can tap more or le(( turn( o' lo. %lean Quote: Originally Posted by zilano don( coil( . 2012 *r. :ut why not then.ound cc.indin% cc.e can adBu(t our po. 'rom le't to ri%ht .indin% i( in one direction either c. (because you are saying the current.1 or i' u (tarted . <nd i you drew ro( the initial $ower source.ich it occur( ) E$.olta%e( ) I' ye( . 'ir(t layer and then cc.e le(( or more .in% in e-terior o' the coil( and ha.ound 'ir(t layer c. you cant ste$ u$ the &olts and not lessen the current in the sa(e wire! and you would only be sub@ect to the li(its o the battery The (agic ha$$ens when you induce the secondary.ith the .hen .ay ..*r. or 'lo. layerin% coil doe(n.. 2nd layer and (ame num6er o' turn( on 6oth layer( then 'ir(t layer o' pole( neutrali=e( 2nd layer o' pole(1 (o no electroma%net1 importantD the (plit limit( a'ter .er reCuirement adBu(ta6le1 r%d( .indin% c.e the G'lu.1 (o pole( remain (ame north a( north and (outh a( (outh1 chan%in% direction o' coilin% chan%e( pole(1 (uppo(e i' u . 6a(ed on centre tapped tra'o1 ye( polarity chan%e( .ere c.. then all layer( .1c.olta%e too ) Did anyone o' you %uy( mana%e to o6tain and o6(er. then you see a($s and &olts.t( rephra(e it (o D The (uperconductor e'ect o' the coil( occur( only at hi%h .ay . %lean Quote: Originally Posted by Cata_2012 Than$( 'or an(. so yes you could use lower &oltage and ind s$i8e into the hundreds o &olts.e do a coil . ) I' the 'enomenon o' re(onance produce (uperconduction o' the coil( can it 6e reproduced at lo. 6ut I ha.o' po.1 an electroma%net i( .er "r1Clean . then all layer( .t chan%e direction o' coil1 i' u (tarted .in% electrolumini(cent proprietie( G 3 the cold electricity .ill 6e c.olta%e1 (plit coilin% i( done to (eparate . use thousands o &olts.olt( and amp(1 and to ha.e reach the end the (econd layer i( . you can double your $ower with doubling &oltage.

( H in the middle (econdary1 !4 (o 'ar1 #ut .. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone >i /ilano. yes $olarity changes with the way we do a coil cw or ccw... while connected. :ut here5s the thing. 6( still con used. 10.%G9%G i was able to charge ca$s no $rob.( (etup (ho. and i still dont 8now (ysel which to stic8 with .grounding the center ta$ (as i always ha&e! directly along with the neg blac8 out$ut wire. plea(e help my tortured 6rain0 5our re%ardin% 4urt. Jan.. i thin8 (y :HG coil could&e $rob stayed wound as be ore. but easy to re-wind i i choose lol 6 did try the +ed e7$eri(ent u (entioned (?orta! lol well i didnt use a tiny battery. or i u started winding ccw then all layers wound ccw. so the (iddle would ha&e to be neg right.ith minu( in the middle) I( it 6ecau(e he did not u(e c. so $oles re(ain sa(e north as north and south as based on centre ta$$ed tra o.. @ust detached the secondary out$ut connections.. su$$ose i u wound cw irst layer and then ccw 2nd layer and sa(e nu(ber o turns on both layers then irst layer o $oles neutrali#es 2nd layer o $oles.==== -ey again.m (tuc$1 2lea(e help li'tin% 'o%(0 r%d( John dons coils were cw.cause in &id 1C G6T. important: the split lower end o cw cw centre tapped tra o!like don" ...( (etup . yes there is de initely use or both directions. but out$ut is the sa(e wheather i use the neg O> the $os out o the bridge recti ier . and the +ed lights both directions.hat i( e-actly di''erent at Don. changing direction o coiling changes $oles. .6( =<>T. so no electro(agnet. i u started winding cw then all layers will be cw. i( seeing <% 'ualities (lighting both directions! but a( cutting o neg by using the out$ut diodes orward acing. and running the out$ut ends thru hwbr5s i cutting o whate&er neg cycles are co(ing o +25s. an electro(agnet is wound irst layer cw ro( le t to right when we reach the end the second layer is wound again on to$ o irst layer cw right to le t and (any layers (a8e it strong (agnet but winding is in one direction either cw or ccw layering coil doesn5t change direction o coil.8cc. at (econdary) I.

er(e my 'a(t reco.olt (p(t8(pdt relay in (erie( to automate tappin% o' (. i5ll do that Jan.a( method to Don( madne(( I tru(t your e-planation . so auto(ate switching.itch: or can u(e I .a( ta$in% 'rom outer(.ith the <ed(.itchin%1 r%d( ==== O8 sweet.ery Cuic$ly heat up. split coiling is done to separate #olts and amps.itch manually1 (o automate (. 2012 *r. its 'uite cu(berso(e to ta$ switch (anually.ould ma$e polarity 'indin% ea(y.ery diode 6rid%e( .hy im ha. Jan. electric 6ell in (erie( a( interuptor9actin% a( repetiti. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by mr. and po( i . im %onna re.e hoo$ed a( po(111i( actually ne% ) : In . in this wa$ we can adjust our power re%uirement adjusta&le.hen i %et home n (ee i' it G6ri%hten(G thin%( up than$( 0 that may e-plain .8c.ll try that you can use any 2& electric bell in series as interu$tor (acting as re$etiti&e switch! or can use 2 &olt s$st9s$dt relay in series to auto(ate ta$$ing o switch! so $ulsed dc is ed to $ri(ary or inding $olarity. 3.: <oo$( more all the time that there . 3.itch: (o pul(ed dc i( 'ed to primary 'or 'indin% polarity1 it( Cuite cum6er(ome to tap (. and to ha#e less or more #olts one can tap lesser or more turns o upper hal . i thin$ i %et it no. .ith char%in% SI"2<E output cap()) 9diode( i ha. i. or more or less amps one can tap more or less turns o lower hal .id 1@111 9it( no..ith the c. and .8c. o$.clean holy crap that( cool.e (. i((ue( . %lean Quote: Originally Posted by zilano you can u(e any I.produces amps and the upper hal produces #oltage. i &+S u(in% the in'amou( c.1 9than$(. and DID char%e cap(111 althou%h111 the "ot diode( .or$ed .ould . that .

and not countin% chic$( 6e'ore they hatch. and it acts as inducti&e relea(ed (chematic.Jan. ta8e any errite rod o an old transistor radio. now @oin both ends that is negati&e ter(inals and attach led with centreD and @oined ends . or &eri ication.illin% to accept your tip(1 I am . both will generate out$ut. $ush the switch the led will light. i need to %et the la(t hal' o' the Smith 6uilt 6e'ore concludin% anythin% *y dear . abo&e that wound 10 turns each leg( sa(e as u ha&e done in ur last &ideo! as secondary. $ress $ush to on switch the led will light. im more than .ord( and the ad.ard to tryin% your ne. the led will light con ir(ing that centre is D and ends still negati&e but led will light inter(ittantly so u ha&e to $ress switch alternately and a little aster. this shows the centre is $ositi&e and ends negati&e.and $ress switch alternately and u will see led will glow and re&erse $olarity o $ri(ary and 8ee$ $ressing switch alternately. where as in ur last setu$ the way coils r wound they ha&e D in centre ta$ and .hat you (ay.e1 +lthou%h i (till do not under(tand all o' . now re&erse $olarity o $ri(ary swa$ D and . the connection( all ma$e (en(e to me Than$ you 'or mentionin% the important part o' the load not a''ectin% the primary. u will see led glow has no change it will glow and $olarity o $ri(ary has no e ect on $olarity o secondary. wound $ri(ary thic8er ten turns at the centre o errite rod. co# the current generated in secondary is due to bac8 e( .at each end. . connect led D to centre ta$ o secondary and negati&e o led to either end o secondary. since at resonance the ac h is u$ n down the u$ $ortion is $ositi&e cycle and down $ortion is negati&e cycle.urt) all i (eant is that i u ollow don cw cw s$lit coils then centre o secondary is negati&e and each end o secondary is $ositi&e. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by mr. thats a dual ad&antage. but led will light. ta8e a 2 &olt battery and connect both ter(inals to $ri(ary o the coil in series with a $ush to on switch. now do sa(e with centre ta$ and other end o secondary.clean I ?ery much appreciate tho(e .aitin% 'or a couple component( and loo$in% ' you continue to %i. use co$$er wire o an old 12 & ac C00 (a tra o e7tract coil. led will glow $ro&ing that there is no change in $olarity when u change $olarity o $ri(ary.o battery and do the sa(e or each leg. co&er it with insulation ta$e. I.

olta%e and 'reCuencyD I( thi( a %ood choice or do you ha.Jan.ered model .e any 6etter (u%%e(tion) Joe R yes its good choice. .ary . I. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by joe r >i /ilano than$( a%ain !4 let( 'or%et home 6uild cu(tom NST1 I ha.e 'ound one 12?olt po.hich can .

hich I can u(e to replicate Don Smith 3 /ilano de.olta%e 7000 3 I000 .ound1 >o. so ta8e a string and wound C turns and (easure its length. aliased (r.ant to u(e 'ly6ac$ tran('ormer( or made NST1 I .hich i( (uita6le and . dri.ice1 I dont . the basic thing is the (ain coil. htt$:99www. .urt. Jan. I.ay to 6uild hi%h .een F0 3 704h=1 #e(t Re%ard( Joe R all the details in this thread. then u ha&e 1 eet $ri(ary and 1I eet secondary that needs to be wounded.n >? (ource (o that I am not dependent on purcha(ed tran('ormer(1 I am loo$in% 'or help (upply. they are included in ur lengths. and cut wire accordingly. i ad&ice $eo$le to ollow hi(. i u use s$lit coiling then they ha&e I8& each ta$ ro( centre . but its wiser to use 12 &olt nst solid state. then cut secondary in two hal&es. coil according to the igure i $osted o 8d8inen. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by joe r >i /ilano than$( 'or e-planation I am loo$in% 'or a .ill o(cillate 6et. su$$ose u ha&e $ri(ary C t and secondary 20 t and u need 1 eet or connections.hat (i=e o' the 2?C tu6e on . 2012 Ailano ollow kdkinen' *r.ant to ma$e my o. re'uency de$ends u$on + and c both can be (easured with an +%> (eter. to calculate >? (econdary coil propertie( (o it . . rule o thu(b is (a8e $ri(ary 19B length o secondary and turns de$end u$on the dia(eter o tube u r gonna wind it.Jan. many turn( o' . -e is a $er ect gentle(an. i u ha&e 20 turns in secondary then 207I00&J12000&olts in secondary that is 128& in secondary. ho. clean aliased 8d8inen is on the right trac8. co# they ha&e i7ed re'uency and the newco(er has not to haggle and tune to get the right re' and ccw.en 'rom a 12? 6attery . to calculate (econdary coil. i u ha&e say C turns and u r in$utting B8& so each turn o $ri(ary will ha&e B0009CJI00 &olts and each o this I00&olt will induce into secondary in its each turn. (a8e sure the length u (easure (ust include the length o the ter(inals $rotruding ro( the coiling to the &arious connections.ire. (a8e secondary our ti(es the length o $ri(ary.olt( F0 3 704h= po.hich i( (econdary >? coil .

2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by &oguslaw =ilano >o.e GthatG hoo$ed up. be ore inal tra o u cant (easure a($erage or &oltage. Jan. as don (entioned a($erage co(es into e ect only at the inal tra o.a( the 6e(t li%ht i ha. and learn (ore. . Jan. The #ero $oint is when shorting out$ut does not e ect in$ to$ and ro( centre to botto(.ithout diode( ) well with right coiling one can ha&e ro( ac to dc high &oltage con&ertor.e output( and ne%ati. 6ut i am ta$in% po( 'rom the outter end( o' <2(.o po(iti. I. 3 5ouTu6e . and battery gets charged in 2roBect 2art 1FD #A& Inductor Coil( 3 5ouTu6e Don Smith De. but u ha&e to use errite core or the con&ersion coil.ith thi( older de(i%n111 Don Smith De. or adding (ore load doesnt increase in$ut. across to$ and botto( ta$ u ha&e 128& read dons docu(ent.ith induction. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by mr. $d$inen here intere(tin% notation. and ne% connection to center (ome de(i%n( i am compelled to loo$ a (econd time at the Stout Copper #ar( 8 >airpin Circuit1 In my . and this is the right $oint.e %otten . a( the u(ual1 +'ter loo$in% o.e at center ) i( thi( po((i6le . and u ha&e to coil li8e 8d8inen has done in his last &ideo the $ic i $osted. I.urt) u already ha&e reached the $oint where load is not a ecting the in$ 2roBect 2art 1ID F0 .ith t.olt( input A U<< 6ri%htne(() *y dear .id 1F i 6a(ically ha. 6ut didnt reali=e it <!< That . dont count ur chic8s be ore they hatch. can I produce NST . (o im %onna play around . im not (ure i under(tand it lol 5ou are pro6 e-plainin% (omethin%.ith the NE& >i%h reC (etup. yes without diodes but it will be $ulsed dc.clean >ello.

the coil i lashed o ur setu$ uses both (ode o generation bac8 e( and generator(induction (ode! both ac cycles $roduce centre $ositi&e and ends negati&e.ound J turn( primary . understand coiling the coil u r using in ur latest &id $roduces $lus in centre and negati&es at the end.ound 7000 turn( o' 01F1@mm diameter . to %et F@4h= >? 'reCuency ) >ere i( the picture o' my (etup. (y hu(ble reco((endations or e&erybody. learn about electro(agnets they r the base. when ully sure how secondary beha&ing with $ri(ary $ulsing.hat to do. and $ulsing coil with relay o$erated $ulsed dc and see how led beha&es with each $ulse then try to re&erse dc $olarity and see led acti&ity. Jan.ith 1mm diameter (tranded . (cope (hot and circuit u(edD (irst) tr$ to understand the things as &elow: 1. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by joe r >i /ilano Can you plea(e help me .e to u(e 2Kohm re(i(tor in(tead o' 220 ohm re(i(tor to %et 6etter output1 I put di''erent capacitor( parallel to J turn primary 6ut 'reCuency doe( not chan%e1 Do you ha.hich I made today per in(truction( in 2J4 6oo$1 I .! a high re'uency (odule li8e lybac8 dri&en by 2n10CC basically $roduces h ac but internal diodes (a8e it $ulsing dc say or e7a($le 2C8h# .but u can try other con igs aswell. e&en i the $ri(ary coil in$ut is ac. and correct diode attach(ent at out$ut changes e&erything. I. since its single coil not (ultilayered so its easy to deter(ine $olarity out$ut o secondary. then (o&e on with higher &oltage setu$.e any (u%%e(tion .olta%e NST .ire and 7 turn( 'or 'eed6ac$1 The pro6lem i( that I cant %et hi%her 'reCuency than E1J4h=1 I' I put 'errite rod( in(ide 2?C tu6e the 'reCuency drop( to F1@4h=1 I ha. i u use don ty$e con ig then whole thing chnages the centre is negati&e and each end alternates D and negati&e.ire on @0mm diameter and 170mm len%th 2?C tu6e1 I then . co# at high &oltage its hard to &eri y the $olarity. one can &eri y this using errite core with nor(al 12 &olt trans or(er wire and wounding coils and using led on the secondary coil. coiling the right way a ects e&erything. ind right $olarity and connect diodes the correct way.ith cu(tom made hi%h .

! when we eed $ulsed dc to $ri(ary the coil oscillates not according to the re'uency o the nst but according to the + and c o the co(bination.! lybac8 has inbuilt diodes so it $ro&ides h $ulsed dc at the h& ter(ial. in and 12. K..&Jb>"tL1TQuo*H eatureJrelated . so there is a change in re'uency u ha&e in nst and in the coil. 3. so i( gonna $lay around with the "=G -igh 0re' setu$..! all nst ha&e two ter(inals and they $ro&ide alternateD and .&JiPrLdM"b2CI htt$:99www. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by shimo hi =ilano %ood .! this 2C8h# re'uency is a $ulse dc which is ed to the $ri(ary coil with ca$acitor which changes re'uency to say I0-1008h# or in (h# so there is a re'uency change in coil 8d8inen here interesting notation. i( not sure i understand it lol Fou are $rob e7$laining so(ething. %lean -ello. the in$ut re'uency is @ust to $ro&ide $ulsed dc so coil can oscillate on it own re' but didnt reali#e it +O+ That was the best light i ha&e gotten with induction. as the usual.or$ your doin% and all (o are . secondary is (ade to resonate at $ri(ary re'uency. C. htt$:99www. 2. B. 2012 *r.i one ter(ial is $ositi&e other is negati&e. so we use two diodes to eed $ri(ary with $ulsed dc. out ) and are they the (ame eath rod or (eparate eath rod( ) two se$arate earths re'uired. Jan. Jan. I. 1.! the do(estic ac based nst the bigger at ones ha&e re'uency C0920 h# and need in$ut ro( 1209210 &olts ac. with this older! its better to use 12 & nst solid state so u ha&e high h $ulsed dc a ter attaching diodes.! i u use nst then u ha&e to use diodes to (a8e it $ulse dc the re'uency de$ends on the (a8e o nst(i solid state its in 8h#! i using nst o$erated on C0920 h# then in$ut $ulse dc will be in C0920 h# range. K. < ter loo8ing o&er so(e designs i a( co($elled to loo8 a second ti(e at the ?tout %o$$er :ars 9 -air$in %ircuit. 6n (y &id 11 i basically ha&e /that/ hoo8ed u$. and neg connection to center ta$.e (ayin% a6out 7000.2. but i a( ta8ing $os ro( the outter ends o +2s.

olta%e1 9+t lea(t con'ormin% my 6rain: 21 I do not underd(tand the 'unction o' the component( 'rom H to NST r%d( John this is 8a$anad#e. Out$ut does not change $olarity under resonance. so a battery @ust used or touch to start de&ice and a ter 1-10 seconds battery can be re(o&ed and de&ice goes sel running. 2012 Ailano *he +ctual Scenario The center dual s$lit coil is D and the two outer ends negati&e. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone "mmmm0 Con'u(ed0 Did I mi(( (omethin%) 11 It i( not Te(la re.Jan. the nst is 12 &olt o$erated. it actually uses two (ode one is generator (ode and other is bac8 e( (ode. :oth cycles $roduce out$uts under resonance. yes &oltage is higher but we ha&e to reduce it to 12 &olt to charge battery(12&!. the s$lit coil $roduces dc constantly. we can also directly charge the ca$ instead o charging battery. it has dual out$ The 2 time( 20 turn( (hould produce hi%h . Jan. C. . C. the out$ut is dc when $ulsed dc is used to oscillate coil.

o cold electricity $ind into hot and (hort hot I (u(pect lar%e ma%netic pul(e then third coil i( tappin% lar%e normal current at pea$( o' incomin% .a.Jan.a( the $ey it i( loo$in% ri%ht at our 'ace( on (ome . 2012 T-1000 Quote: Originally Posted by zilano rememe6er cold electricity i( not a''ected 6y (hortin%0 and doe( not load input1 The $ur$ose o shorting is not that.e( 'rom tran(mitter no need o' additional tran('ormer e-cept may6e 'or 'reCuency modulation1 a1$in%21.ariation o' (chematic po(ted 6y 2atric$ 4elly 1 I had no dou6t that (horted coil . This is where you get a($li ied a($erage on second coil. I ha.e theory and 'eelin% that F coil i( the $ey 6ecau(e i' . Jan.ert t. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by zilano Third Coil plea(e 0 /ilano.e con. plea(e add thi( a( a . the shorted coil goes into generator (ode or that &ery short (o(ent o ti(e. Ghen you ha&e 2 coils on sa(e core. 1. 1.

e o' car coil (hould 6e %rounded 6ut .onder i' I need core 'rom .or$in% at @03100>= in re(onance and I ) could it 6e the (ame %round a( per output thic$ coil re'erence 9neutral3li$e: terminal ) /ilano.ideo on youtu6e and (ee D 'or me it i( certain that he ha( Don Smith coil (horted .. plea(e help1 One ground or two separate grounds points ? +l(o in (chematic po(ted 6y a1$in%21 there are t.Don Smith (chematic(1 !ne (tep clo(er1 Can (ome6ody po(t any data8picture o' copper coated .t (ee it 6ecau(e it i( air core 6a(ed 1 No. loo$ at 4apanad=e %reen 6o.e pro6lem( .o %round( connection(1 TWO EARTH RE!"#RED F#$ # %E&OW .ith (ource i( car i%nition coil .ill (hi't 'reCuency 'rom @03 100>= up to 4h= ran%e1 +l(o the ne%ati.eldin% rod( or may6e adBu(tin% (par$ %ap .hat I need to loo$ 'or ) "y plan i( Bu(t a( (chematic 'rom 2atric$ 4elly 6oo$ /ilano3Smith (chematic L3: e-cept my po.eldin% rod( (o I can (ee .er coil 3 it doe(n.ith e-tra third thic$ coil at output1 I .

I ha.ideo on youtu6e and (ee D 'or me it i( certain that he ha( Don Smith coil (horted .e pro6lem( .e( 'rom tran(mitter no need o' additional tran('ormer e-cept may6e 'or 'reCuency modulation1 a1$ coil 3 it doe(n.ert t.e con. plea(e add thi( a( a .eldin% rod( (o I can (ee .ariation o' (chematic po(ted 6y 2atric$ 4elly 1 I had no dou6t that (horted coil .a( the $ey it i( loo$in% ri%ht at our 'ace( on (ome Don Smith (chematic(1 !ne (tep clo(er1 Can (ome6ody po(t any data8picture o' copper coated .ith recei.Jan.t (ee it 6ecau(e it i( air core 6a(ed 1 No.eldin% rod( or may6e adBu(tin% (par$ %ap . 1.onder i' I need core 'rom .e o' car coil (hould 6e %rounded 6ut .er (ource i( car i%nition coil .or$in% at @03100>= in re(onance and I ha. This is where you get a($li ied a($erage on second coil.a.o cold electricity $ind into hot and (hort hot I (u(pect lar%e ma%netic pul(e then third coil i( tappin% lar%e normal current at pea$( o' incomin% .e theory and 'eelin% that F coil i( the $ey 6ecau(e i' . Ghen you ha&e 2 coils on sa(e ) could it 6e the (ame %round a( per output thic$ coil re'erence 9neutral3li$e: terminal ) /ilano.hat I need to loo$ 'or ) "y plan i( Bu(t a( (chematic 'rom 2atric$ 4elly 6oo$ /ilano3Smith (chematic L3: e-cept my po.o %round( connection(1 TGO =<>T-? >=QL6>=4 06N 6? :=+OG . the shorted coil goes into generator (ode or that &ery short (o(ent o ti(e.ith e-tra third thic$ coil at output1 I . loo$ at 4apanad=e %reen 6o. 1. Jan.ill (hi't 'reCuency 'rom @03 100>= up to 4h= ran%e1 +l(o the ne%ati. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by zilano Third Coil plea(e 0 /ilano.. plea(e help1 One ground or two separate grounds points ? +l(o in (chematic po(ted 6y a1$in%21 there are t. 2012 T-1000 Quote: Originally Posted by zilano rememe6er cold electricity i( not a''ected 6y (hortin%0 and doe( not load input1 The $ur$ose o shorting is not that.

the 30 degrees contacts on rotor ". Please see 6s(ael <&iso Tech <(bient e7traction basic $rinci$les $art 2 9 1 .hat happen( there1 +l(o not (ure on i% 21 6ecau(e no6ody really (een ori%inal 4apanad=e circuit111 re(e(eber cold electricity is not a ected by shorting) and does not load in$ut. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by *. <lso not sure on 0ig 2. 4on ?(ith 4e&ice Pro@ect Part 20a: :ell-sha$ed Ga&e-0or( and Out$ut Testing . the E0 de%ree( contact( on rotor N1 Te(la ment to 6e on coil (hortin% in ri%ht time 'or ma%netic 'ield $ic$ helpin% another coil1 2lea(e (ee I(mael +.1000 It i( incorrect. Tesla (ent to be on coil shorting in right ti(e or (agnetic ield 8ic8 hel$ing another coil. 1.<P<"<4A= 06>?T 4=O6%= G<? >OT<>F $roducing desired &oltage and re'uency. . Jan. re see latest &ideo o 8d8inen) as $roo . because nobody really seen original .FouTube regarding coil shorting and what ha$$ens there. $roducing the desired &oltage and re'uency. .i(o Tech +m6ient e-traction 6a(ic principle( part 2 8 F 3 5ouTu6e re%ardin% coil (hortin% and . 2012 T-1000 6t is incorrect.FouTube the idea is either to use rotary switch to $ulse the tra o li8e good old days $ower su$$ly su$erseeded by &ibrator su$$lies did in in&ertors con&erting dc 12 &olt to 1209210 &olt and these days dual transistor $ower su$$ly or CCC ti(er based in&ertors.Jan.a$anad#e circuit.. 1..

2012 Ailano rotar$ kapanadze . 1.Jan.

6 assu(e that it would wor8 in this a$$lication also. ?o(eone $lease correct (e i 6 a( wrong. ?P+6T -OT TO %O+4 6"TO 6T? 6"46O64L<+ %O*PO"="T.Jan. >20 *ild ?teel Jan. 2012 4eggers -elding .6"=". 2.od P :oguslaw 6 belie&e that +incoln >N20 welding rod is the (aterial that is $re erred or John :edini core (aterial. 2. 2012 Ailano Criticall$ /mportant 6*<N= :=+OG 6? %>6T6%<++F 6*PO>T<"T <"4 6? < %OL>T=?F O0 . .4.

1. 6t was @ust $retty easy to bree#e o&er i you weren5t $aying attention. 2012 4eggers 0on1s . Q-! %hec8 out the nu(ber o turns in the out$ut coils in both diagra(s (not shown &ery well!. .Jan.e#erse *esla 4on had shown us his />e&erse Tesla %oil/.


6 you ha&e a B. 6 thin8 Ailano should 8now that we are serious about this re$lication and it5s not @ust a $assing ad. the reason this stu wor8s is clear as a bell. and what to resonate.. Fou si($ly insert it gingerly and watch an out$ut bulb which could initially be a neon. Ge are &ery grate ul or this in or(ed in$ut. The $ower su$$ly is not critical or resonance. . the nearer to resonance. The $ower is in resonance.a$anad#e thread. including alternati& under the . -e would s(ile and say the answer5s loo8ing straight at you)) The (issing lin8 has always been resonance. e&erything.000 &olt $ower su$$ly. The critical co($onent is the >=?O"<"T out$ut trans or(er. 2012 <. Parts list. which in all airness he said was always there. the ull instructions are in the 0ree =ner y $d . 6t can be ine tuned by the errite or co$$er coated /welding rods/ core. in order to $rotect his legiti(ate business interests. Fou should loo8 at Tesla5s trans or(er $atents and read u$ e&erything he says about resonance. The brighter the light. later an incandescent. Ge than8 Ailano or decoding the (issing lin8 in 4on5s ?(ith build. Fou can wind your own coils. which is why 65( calling it a Ailano-?(ith re$lication. 6n any case it is all based on Tesla. The . 6 you loo8 at (y $osts at ou.< resonating bell) That5s why 6 ho$e Ailano also @oins in and hel$s us.ing21 2ilano Smith replication >a(set. and how to achie&e it. 4on showed us how to build the out$ut trans or(er in re&erse and called it an in$ut.Jan. it should be su icient. < ter all it is basically 13th century technology. 1.

and may6e im . there r only two basic (ethods to har&est #ero $oint energy. 1. 6ut .ind it all (o the 'ield( dont contradict one another1 In%enerEE on youtu6e ha( (ome o' the 6e(t . (omethin%. 6ut are (till my(teriou( de(pite hi( clear demon(tration(.ho $no. 6ut hi( .(111 oppo(ite coil( 3 5ouTu6e (hould the %ap 6et.e .een <2. Ge essentially resonate ti(e9s$ace by re-gauging the abric o ti(e9s$ace 1C thousand ti(es $er second. one is bac8 e( second is cold electricity . There5s enough energy in a cubic centi(eter o the stu to $ower the world.ay( thou%ht clo(e a( po((i6le1 Can (omeone e-plain thi() yes a ga$ (ust be there but not too large or too s(all but enough width o the $ri(ary coil.e 'orm appear( 'rom the pro-imity o' 6oth <2. all thi( time i.n interaction between $oles ta8es $lace. then other (ide o' <2 added. <nyway. .ay i( (hut do. to har&est (ore we use one $ri(ary coil and another shorted coil and 1rd har&est coil that ta$s the resonance o $ri(ary and shorted(with ca$ o course! to act as re&erberation resonance and har&ested with third coil.a.ay one in particular i( thi( one a 'ine rin% do.hale .re runnin% out o' time 6e'ore the in'o hi%h.e.led%e to under(tand. you %otta %o that e-tra 6it and induction. theory is @ust to gi&e con idence. There are $robably a do#en di erent ways to (ho. 6ut in all my e-perience. 6ut a lot point( to it1 yeah.anced $no. it ta$e( ad.e can 'ind out1 The thin% i( i Bu(t 'eel .anted to come a( clo(e a( po((i6le to Don( 6oard. and $otentially the best (inds $ossible. Tesla ound out how to do it a century ago. then a 'e.( 6e a certain di(tance) I al.n1 +ny. The i($ortant thing is to build. Jan. . Ti(e to go to wor8.ron% and (till dont $no.( 'or (ure. "othing else. and a $iller . Fou ha&e be ore you a clear design. about 8iller whale wa&e its co# o shorted coil with ca$ and is in resonance with $ri(ary. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by zilano Than$( 6uddy ye( thi( . he doe(nt (pea$ much.indin%( ta$en out.ith e-perimentin% .a( all one direction.ill 6e the year to chan%e all year( i 6elie.secret in ou is in resonance.

di$ole theory. so se$arate a cou$le to (a8e e( single so (ore singles @oin each single then (a8e the( a cou$le. they always try to neutrali#e and end an unti(ely death.ll lo(e len%th in a hurry. Jan. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by deggers it .both ha&e (uch si(ilarities in o$eration. 1. and u ha&e a large cou$le o energy. %>6T6%<++F 6*PO>T<"T PO6"T 0O> OL. $ractical a$$roach to cw and ccw coils courtesy 8d8inen. one is $ositi&e and other is negati&e.ire 'rom it( le-an 'orm(. that can be used as an when re'uired. the tiny $in$( ate up F inche( on the one hal' o' <21 . as singles (ingle (ore with singles than cou$les (ingle with cou$les in our social li e or singles (ingling with cou$les. e&ery energy has two aces two actors or two orces that constitute it. then (trai%htened it .ery important: or el(e you. i we se$arate each co($onent so si(ilar co($onent gets added to each o the constituent and they (a8e a who$$ing (ass stored to be united again or use as and when we need it. --.ith plier( 9.a( not ea(y man >ad to pull out the .

e learned Ru((ion . 4ec.c in(ide to pu(h a%ain(t.indin% the primary oppo(ite 'rom the (econdary can do thin%( li$e alter polarity1 So i may try a caduceu(. . $eace. it mu(t thou%ht it mattered that much untill recently . 6ut any.ith the tip o' my plier( in%er( are (till pain'ull.ith a 2G p. 2012 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone Than$(0 =ilano0 Can any6ody read Ru((ian) I. e&en caduceus is ca$.ith a 187 primary Schematic to come111 -i . the basis is $ri(ary can a ect secondary but secondary (ust not a ect $ri(ary.ay im thrilled that 7't o' .en . great going) great wor8) ha$$y new year to you) and all) lo&e.hen readin% a6out tran('ormer(1 E.a( 'i%htin% it(el'1 I ne.e 6een the 'reCuency.ll try it at our (ecretary1 She claim( to in the 'ormer German GdemocraticG Repu6lic1 #ut (he ha( no technical $no.or$ed: . health and har(ony or e&eryone the thie circuit wor8s si(ilar where B0 turns acts as $ri(ary oscillator and h& is (ade cold by $assing through ca$s li8e tesla cold electricity. @ust store it in a &essel called ca$ and ire it to tra o to (a8e it hot again.orth it.d8inen) yes u got the $oint atlast. 6e'ore e.Then . only cold electricity is not a ected by load co# o it radiant nature. i ha.en at 6e(t the output . 6ut .ould 6e dimini(hed 6ecau(e the direction o' the cyclin% in the core . i pre((ed them all 6ac$ 9into (lot( that .led%e at all1 2erhap( (he can tran('er it in normal te-t in order to cran$ it throu%h %oo%le . cold electricity is gold electricity.or$in%.ire 'or <1 i( .ent %otten re(ult( til no.hile li. stretched bi ilar(one leg cw and other is ccw! is si(ilar to ca$ and ca$ is cold. 21. hot to cold.

( (uppo(e (ome.ia 2 capcitor( c@ cI 71 2o.ith earth connection 9(a'ety or e((ential): Di(cu((ionD Thi( normally (hould 6e a hi%h 'reCuency output1 Don Smith pre'er( hi( 9'or me: not under(tand6ale G'reCuency (cale do.): 21 Connected to har. thi( modulation .en tran('ormer Tp1 and Tp2 and TpF: 11 !n (ame core 'rom a6o.ith 9Iron core): F1 !utput coil( .olta%e DC1 <et.iou(ly @0 >= 220? to (ome lo.elcome0 DD Ri%ht hand (ide 11 +nother !(cillator o' "ei((ner type1 9@0>=): adBu(ta6le 21 Tran('ormer TpF 8 Tran('ormer .ith 220 ? (.here .e coreD har.ard( an arti'icial middle .120 or 2-120): 9c. the ca$acitor acts as bu er a ter wbrd 12 & to eed the local oscillator and the h& lybac8 oscillator.een 12? and 27?1 21 S.idual or (ame a( 220? output) 8 (a'ety)8'unctional)8 e((ential): Di(cu((ionD Not celar ho.ith thi( (par$ %ap1 N/ilanoD I under(tand your .ord( re%ardin% cold and hot1 #ut my heart i( not open to under(tand1 I need to learn alot0 +nd I under(tand that $no. the out$ut is ed to two ca$s (a8ing cold electricity which is ed to ironcored tra o.olta%e 9(ee + F1 Tran('ormer connected . o 12& which charges ca$ and is ed to the local oscillatorB0 turns $ro&iding C0 h#.ed1 r%d( John the coil is cw20 cw20 and (iddle is s$ar8ed.m not completely clear a6out thi(1 Comment( .elcome:D +D "iddle 6ottom o' (chematic 11 Tran('ormer 9TpF: 'rom u(e cheap >3#rid%e( up to 70?8 F1@ + i1e1 T#I@I0+>M: F1 "ei((ner tran('ormer 70870 turn( 9Tp1: 9+ir core) 8 errite): CD "iddle o' (chematic 96rid%e output a'ter C@8CI .or$( alon% .er line #D <e't hand (ide 11 >i%her 'reCuency o(cillator "ei((ner type 9corre(pond( to JT: 21 Tran(i(tor( .ay in order to 6e recei. .or$ pu(h8pull to.e( additional 2 Tran(i(tor( in order to 6uild a true >3#rid%e1 9#T&D Stepper motor dri.e(t coil .itch @1 !utput .ith (par$ %ap 9(eem( to modulate hi%h 'reCuency: 71 Earth connection1 9indi.tran(lator1 "y per(onal notion re%ardin% (chematic 'unction 9comment( .ith middle connector1 120 turn 91.olta%e CF8C71 Thi( (a.nG re(i(tor1 Ru((ian( (eem to pre'er a more under(tand6ale .itch 'or (tart 8 (top in the DC po. here $ure tesla con ig .er(ion1 They modulate the hi%h 'reCuency 6y another @0 >= tran('ormer 9TpF:1 I.led%e need( more than one .8cc.e(t coil( there i( a normal 220?8@0>= tran('ormer 'or lo.

Gind a sheet o $a$er around . the ca$ discharges triggering both local l& and h& oscillators and circuit runs endlessly until u brea8 the ca$ circuit that is being charged. 2. nuts and washers (onted. Two identical cordless drilling (achines (ounted on two s(all boards. the cold electricity is con&erted to hot electricity by tra o(ironcored! (ost ou $roduce cold out$ut with light so bright but no heat.(atch edges . with adhesi&e ta$e . *achines with 2 s$eed $re errable because o lowest s$eed re'uired. These are 1IO each connected in series to 12O (co($uter P?L!.used. it with adhesi&e ta$e. 1. @ust inished winding @ig. Gor8s ine because o the two side dri&e. 4ec. Only one o the s$eed controllers is used or oot o$erated you ha&e a $recise te($late or winding . it gi&es 1C0 watt with heat and light and runs bulb continuously. this is the counter$art or( the right hand (achine. u only ha&e to charge ca$ with 12 &olt battery and then re(o&e the battery and switch to turn on. here it $roduces nor(al electricity with heat and light when bulb is lighted. no diodes used in h& circuit. Two cla($s ad@ust length or core on the des8. 6 you inted to wind a coil with windings at certain distance: . yes earth is necessary. <bo&e the unnel (hard to see! -R electro (echanic counter o$erated by reed contact. 2011 John ?tone -inding jig -i <++. :elow in the $ic the unnel with 10 (( threaded stud. the core is errite rings @oined to or( a tube. . (<n accelerator ro( a sewing (achine 9 trans or(er 9 recti ier wor8ed as well! %entering and dri&e J unnels with threaded stud inserted (10((! D nuts D washers 9 glue.wind the sheet o $a$er around the core H (atch edges. Fou get $lenty o the( at e:ay with de ect battery. *ight be (oti&ation or you.cut along edges. 6 can add bigger unnels on to$ o the s(all ones in order to wind u$ to B/ cores.$rint a sheet o $a$er with lines in the intended distance .shi t the $a$er one line distance aside . . 6 you intend to cut a core out o a $i$e 30 degree: .

6 you intend to do it bi ilar . >egarding >+%-(eter: :e care ul i you buy one. <lternati&ely you can ta8e in account to buy a /a$$aratus/ li8e this 6 you ha&e no sco$e use your 4** 4% with $ea8 detector inserted: . 1"B1BI or aster diode! anode to coil .1*eg >esistor $arallel to ca$acitor or discharge .-#.?sd'wStJ3(00s 4ec. 6 not understandable re'uest sche(atic.4iode in series (i.4** connected to ca$acitor Fou will see &ery clearly the (a7 &oltages i you wind u$ the re'uency range. ?o(e $osts be ore there was a lin8 on how easy it is to connect and (easure.shi t the $a$er two lines distance be ore using adhesi&e ta$ C.e. ?orry. B. Than8s or your sharing. 0ortunately 6 own a signal generator. 65( sitting @ust now not at (y co($uter. <s we intend to 8now resonance re'uency it will be better to (easure and ad@ust this $ara(eter$acitor ro( 8athode to N"4 . 2011 Ailano thie the &asis3resonance4ou .&JnJ:$". rgds John 4ec. 1I. 6 own two o the( ( Ooltcra t D %"" (%hineese "o "a(e!! and both do not wor8 at coils with low count windings as we use. ?o(e ite(s hard or (e to understand. 2011 T1000 OL 1st Ti(e htt$ *ost a ordable ones use a re'uency below K0 . 20. :ut 6 eel constant $rogress.

to har&est unli(ited ou resonance is added. u can add resonance to get unli(ited. sr tried thie got 1C0 watts.understand the circuit below. its not based on resonanace but gi&es ou. cold to hot and hot to cold. . its the basis.

or u can sal&age ca$s ro( old t& $cb boards also.thats all.en on E6ay and it.( a 6it e-pen(i. 2011 Ailana Quote: Originally Posted by Guruji 7000u' J00.ould try to put cap( in parallel to reach hi%he(t u')1 Than$( use series and $arallel co(bination o s(all ca$s li8e they use in tesla coils. 4ec. 1B.they contain h& ac ca$s. i ha&e $osted lin8s bB regarding ((c((ulti (iniature ca$s! but they (ust be ac ty$es. i( not that ea(y to 'ind e. see $re&ious $osts regarding tesla coils. rgds #### . where they use s(all ca$s in $arallel co(bination to increase u and series co(bination to increase &oltage ratings.e i( it po((i6le to u(e le((er u' in(tead thi( capacitor) may6e I .

clean has good &ideos and his e'ui$(ent is the best layed out(bac8dro$! so $eo$le can understand better. i ne&er tal8 anything which dont wor8. we use two diodes as latch which o$ens the low when triggered.ay( Bu(t (hort >? . he is not li8e others who dont share circuits li8e in (any u tube &ideos. I thin$ i' you connect it to diode 9anode or catode: you al.e 'our. 11. (etup i( . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by zilano >ei "r1 Clean. rgds #### . let( $eep rollin% 0 5ou.e (end 2 picture( recently a( per att1 There .4ec.eird111 /ilano.ery .e( or . or 6i'ilar( ) re%ard( Cinan -i cinan) 5r. 7enon tubes ha&e &ariety so(e use shield and so(e dont. directly or throu%h diode a( pul(e i( +C1 Thi( (etup doe( not ma$e (en(e ri%ht ) Top (etup i( much 6etter1 <1 i( dri. (hort Cue(tion(D 11 did you 6uild. yes its true u need to e7$eri(ent and learn then use the diagra(etic ollowu$.e .a( di(cu((ion a6out connection o' >? on 6ottom picture1 5ou (aid i( connected to diode1 >mmm.ire to the %round.or$in% thi( circuit ) 21 Re(onance on @0>= ) There i( not much %ain ri%ht ) F1 re(onance capacitor i( ordinary 'rom the (hel..hat i( (etup o' the coil( ) (imple c. one ) 71 . te(t and proo. o$. yes the thing wor8s.(pecial. 6urt' aliased mr. %ood Bo6 0 coil and <28c 'orm( (erial re(onator111 I ha.

he ne.(tupid.e 'e. thin% .ector(1 Ri%ht ) So that( .ery6ody around i( .ith ma%netic and electric 'ield in the (olenoid coil. . there are E 8 # .errided 6y ma%netic 'ield1 I' coil i( re(onatin% 6y cla((ical . .e another intere(t( and hey 6a(ically loo$( .arti'icial.een u( and them1 +nd they are (ometime( (ocial di(a(ter( too : #ac$ to the topic1 /ilano (aid thad aether i( electric in nature1 So (calar . current in coil i( not 6uild. i( o6.'loatin% 'e. more .e to accept that other people ha.hat ) "atematic( 8 phy(ic( 8 particle( 8 eCuation(1 &ell o$.hich hal' o' the uneducated .ery .er 'or%et it and that i( di''erence 6et.electrical 8 (calar.hole 'lo.(tupid. . meter( a6o.a( a6le to heat or cool entire room (o ho.e(.ild idea1 2lea(e correct me (ome6ody1 +( people are reportin% coolin% e''e(t i' cold electricity ta$e( place.ay.'riend(.(uc$.a.ith maBor math8phy(ic(8computer( and more %ud they are. on other people( 'ield1 I a($ed one o' my 'riend to 6rin% %ood $ari and 6riani (tu'' 'or party1 >e an(.e(t (y(tem ) #rrr it( . .hole re(onant (y(tem a6o. >? ma$e (en(e and i( actually 6ia(in% . . . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by cinan JohnD you are ri%ht. 111 #ut in term( o' . they .ill ru(h do. 6ut they ha.y i( it ) >e didnd $no.n throu%h our load or111 No.(1 #ut o$.in% in1 They ha. and due to re(onant tran('er they enter har. re.orld they are li.e %round. (o no ma%netic component ha( no time to 6uild up1 So you are actually re(onatin% aether it(el' 6y thi( .in% pul(e mu(t 6e Cuic$ enou%h.ay ) Then in re(onance e-tra electron( . 6ut are o. and e.iou( that ener%y i( ta$en 'rom air to %round1 #ut Te(la . ether is neutral but consist o .el1 +nd thi( can 6e done 6y polari(in% diode( in >? (ection to (ource H or 3 re''ered to %round1 Then you can actually . once he learn it. hea. I ha. am6iend 9%roun%.ill enter the (y(tem 'rom am6ient and ye(.e( are %enerated alon% . or dri.orld $no.a.e another reality.4ec. electron( 'rom the %roun%. (y(tem i( %rounded: le.eredD &hat i( it ) >o.hy there i( cancellin% (etup to %et rid o' ma%netic component and o(cillate 9(imply put: only . ) Cinan (agnetic lines o orce are cool but they $roduce hot electricity.e86elo.

ith thi( po(t 6y you1<o. 1B. rgds #### 4ec. &do .ice nicely . "ay6e I ha.elcome1 "y Chri(tma( .n Cue(tion( .ay( . (agnetics $roduce hot electricity where as ether $roduce cold electricity. (agnetics and ether r two sources o energy which (o&e at s$eed o light. re(e(ber one thing dissi(ilar always $roduce (ore and si(ilar $roduce less.e a 10$.i(h i( really to ha.rapped under my tree 111 Ged mopozo and don smith and importance o earth grounding. it . . ea(ier to replicate etc1I li$e it1 Ju(t that I need to $no.(generator conce$t! bedini ty$e uses (ono$ole so the out$ut is @ust a $ulse. dissi(ilar $roduce D and . cold electricity can be used to (a8e hot electricity either by $ulsing (using diode or s$ar8 ga$! to tra o and get electricity which $roduces not only light but heat $roduce either D or we use north $ole and south $ole to get ac i we use sli$ rings. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by Ged ire /ilano. de.$lus (inus(electric! and these align between $lates o ca$acitor to trans er charge ro( one $late to other.e an(.or$( 6e'ore I %et material(1 >a( anyone el(e 6uilt thi( yet) +ny e-tra hint( comment( (u%%e(tion( are al.olta%e.ered my one o' my o.

e told me +C or electrolyte) Lcau(e today I .4on ?(ith Tuning (Fou-Tube! htt$:99www.ery 6i% Did you mean electrolyitic 'or that car coil circuit) Than$( well BK0u is electrolytic and B000u is ac ty$ 2011 Ailano Quote: . the BK0u is attached to base o transistor so $olarity is to be loo8ed a ter. and the electro(tore %uy told me that +C cap( o' thi( $ind a . rgds #### 4ec. but i u use ac ty$e then u dont ha&e to worry abt $olarity.= 4ec.">J1H eatureJendscreenH&J O@0I6M<M. 1B. 1B.. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by Guruji >i /ilano tho(e cap( that you.ent to 6uy 7K0u' 700.

than$( 'or po(tin%1 N +<<D See (chematic attached1 +ttachment EKJJ It i( not ama=in% that the 6a(e %et( current 'rom GND1 It i( 6ein% .ice etc1 Ged well in (y case cho8e is 20(h.ho can clearly e-plain that (chematic %i.e a 'ine (par$ at lo. I.n to I ? at (tartin% 0:1 +t nomal run they u(e a re(itor in (erie( in order to limit the macurrent1 So there i( no (urpri(e 9(ee . its tuned by &ariable ca$ detail( (uch a( the .hile (tartin% in order to %i.e (een the (tu'' on that . .o chained coil( 9primary 8 (econdary:1 Nice idea1 2lea(e note that modern coil( are 6uilt .erlaod 6y e-ce((i.e current1 The current increa(e( 'a(ter to thi( amount than the tran(i(tor( can (top it1 r%d( John . primary inducrtance and are u(ed directly to car po. no caduceus and no bi ilars.a( u(ed.ith lo. 6attery 9there are car( .e6(ite1To 6e 'ran$.hether or not 6i'ilar or caduceu( . errite can be used aswell as in and out1 ine tunin% the de. po.ia the t. rgds #### 4ec.ould li$e to a($ /ilano or any other mem6er( o' the 'orum . to %et the ri%ht .olta%e %oe( do. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone >i /ilano. only si($le coiling used.Originally Posted by Ged ire I that at 27 ? the (y(tem i( o.t 'ully under(tand the circuit po(ted 6y /ilano1So I .I don. the reuency o o$eration de$ends u$on trigger generating h& o C0 h# so we get C0 h# re'uency at out$ut.n .alue cho$e.

2011 Ailano radiant e#ent' radiant e&ent) . 4ec.ithout C <. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by Guruji &hat capacitance tho(e cap() Can one u(e thi( circuit . I. instead o c l as load we can use it to su$$ly don coil too.4ec. we can use B000 (8 d I00 &olt be ore c l to lower &oltage and get cold electricity to run c l. 3. wont wor8 without load co# load is in series with charging neon.( and (el' char%e( too) Than$( /ilano c l is @ust load to light brighter c l we need to use BK0(8 d B00 &olts at base o transistor 2n10CC which is earthed.

scalar is the only thing we need to ha&e o&erunity. a radiant e&ent in tesla is o two ty$es one is scalar other is hert#ian--. and scalar is @ust ca$acitor.a nor(al tesla coil $roduces both.wot is a radiant e&ent . <:OO= ><46<"T =O="T O> ?%<+<> PT="T6<+ +6N-T6"N T-= :L+: G-O?= O"= ="4 6? %OPP=> P+<T= <"4 OT-=> G6>= 6? =6T-=> =<>T-=4 O> -L"N +OO?=+F . a radiant e&ent in tesla coil is l(d or scalar wa&e which (a8es one light a bulb using co$$er $late attached to the base o bulb. but this is not radiant e&ent. well the general conce$tion about a radiant e&ent or anyone who &isuali#e it as so(ething e(itting radiant light and s$ar8 co(es to ones (ind.

T-= <:OO= 6? T=?+< %O+4 =+=%T>6%6TF *O4= O> ?%<+<> *O4= .

when we sto$ or reduce ether s$eed we get o&erunity.-=>= >=+<F 6? 6" ?=+0 O?%6++<T6O" *O4= ><46<"T =O="T %-<>N=? :<TT=>F. $rotons or neutrons. 2011 Ailano ether and ree energ$' ether) its all $er&ading (ediu( s$read on e&ery noo8 and corner o this earth. 11. s$eeding &ery ast at the s$eed o light. ether e7ists between coils(air core9dielectric! and ca$acitor(air core9dielectric core! . JL?T < %OPP=> P+<T= O" :<TT=>F T=>*6"<+?. ether can can be ta(ed by using higher and oscillating $otential(cos o its dielectric $ro$erty!. 4ec. consist o di$oles or $articles iner than electrons . TO ?=+0 %-<>N= :<TT=>F GOT 4O G= "==4. -OG TO %-<>N= 6T.

than8s or su$$ort) Gell. $ower in$ut is 20(< T 220O J 11. we use $arallel resonance or low in$ut and series resonance (ore out$ut. 2011 <rne 789 -i. ne&er orget s$ar8 co# its the best o high &oltage relay and no solid state de&ice be it igbt can co($ete with s$ar8 ga$. ether is not (agnetic its electric in nature) ca$ is ether (ani$ulator and har&estor.resonance hel$s to reduce in$ut and still be able to alter ether. 12. ha&e u e&er guessed how ac can $ass thru ca$acitor.IG (oh(s law not the right way here. ollow don or 8a$anad#e.and use it. 2. 6 8now. u ha&e to ha&e ac ro( $ulsed dc to har&est ether. its not ou. to ta$ ether or our use we need two $lates either coils or ca$s to store energy as co($ressed ether. 4ec. its beco# ether trans ers charge across two $lates o ca$acitor. rgds 4ec.! and out$ut . but ether in itsel dont do anyhing we ha&e to con&ert it into (agnetic (tra o! and tra o wor8s on $ulsed induction or ac. brea8 is i($ortant. unli(ited ether e7ists we @ust need a $u($ to use it.. and $u($ is a coil. 2011 Ailano "audin "ot OL)) -i ged) dont waste ti(e on naudin5s 8a$agen.

hy not clone it and u(e more than one 'or di''erent u(e(1 &e really need more detail( than a (chematic to comment properly1 MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone . (o the %rid act( a( a per'ect (tora%e medium 'or your %enerated po.erter and output to %rid1 Thi( ha( the e''ect o' le%ally turnin% your meter 6ac$.er produced 6y re(onance1 and po.ay( to har.er1 It i( . 6ut they need char%in% .eral .ay i( the #edini .aria6le capacitor1 the plate( o' the electroly(er act( a( cap1 it( Bu(t a 'eed6ac$ o(cillator li$e u u(e in 'ly6ac$ u(in% 2nF0@@1it u(e( po. each winding not toching the other.aria6le 'reCuency o(cillator1 the %ood part i( u dont ha.IG!.e to tune it 6y . $ri(ary coil in the (iddle. Gindings are outside o rings a( in re(onance1 the load i( 6alanced accordin%ly and automatically1 the more the load the more po.ell thi( i( Bu(t a (imple o(cillator1 in(tead o' u(in% .( !U .aryin% . 6 will draw so(e $ic later .er i( not limited1 6ut limited 6y handlin% capa6ility o' 'inal tra'o1 r%d( ==== .atch out 'or arcin%1 Then you .ind rgds 4 Quote: Originally Posted by a.ard(. 6ut .e(t po.ay .ould %et a %rid tie in. li8e $utting hoc8ey $uc8s on to$ o each other.m intere(ted in your (etup1 Doe( it output more than input) There are (e.aria6le capacity: and thu( 'reCuency chan%e(1 it( a .olt con(tantly 'or circuit to .aria6le cap in primary1 the .ital to $no.aria6le cap i( in (econdary9'in( 'or electroly(er create ./light $ower/ about 20G 6 will connect (ore 0-tubes and see where it he treat( 6atterie( a( a capacitor. i' you are !U or there i( no point to the e-erci(e1 +dditionally you could clo(e the loop u(in% a capacitor 6an$ to dri.e your n(t1 I' it.er1 !ne .king21 >i I. 6 used 1 errite cores.ith cold electricity and conditionin% to %et the e''ect1 5ou could pul(e DC 12 .or$1 . or now 6 8now that one or two 0-tubes does not a ect in$ut (11.

4. I..OaJ7KG". O0 .youtube. .here el(e to %et a copy) 6e(t re%ard(.ideo . ?6*P+= 4=?6N" ?== %6>%L6T 6T L?=? TGO 2"10CC T><"?6?TO>? N>=<T GO>.a( po(ted on youtu6e 6ut ha( 6een remo. Thi( .eryone.1youtu6e1com8.?a&e&id. I. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by :utherG >ello 4ownload Online Oideos ?a&e 4irect =asily .atch). 2011 Ailano ?=+0 %-<>N6"N ><46<"T 6*-OT=P O?%6++<TO> *O4606=4 %6>%L6T O0 4O4O?-+O4O <"4 ?=+0 %-<>N6"N :<TT=>F <"F ?%OOT=> %O6+ O> %<> %<> %O6+ %<" := L?=4 O> =O=" G6T-OLT 46O4=? TO 0+F:<%.edD httpD88. <uther the easiest way to sa&e youtube &ideos is to co$y and $aste lin8 o the you tube &ideo in web $age called sa&e&id.. it shows di erent or(ats and 'uality and (b usage o &ideo download that suits u.6"=" <"4 4O4O ?-+O4O <"4 "OT 0O>N=T 6*-OT=P G-O 6"?P6>=4) htt$:99www. easy you ha&e to install @a&a a$$let @ust one ti(e and a ter that u can clic8 and $aste lin8 o any &ideo and clic8 download. sa&e&id download &ideos to ur co($ 4ec.G=Ec I( thi( %oin% to 6e put 6ac$ up on youtu6e or i( there any.

your circuit( (ho. hot and cold (i7ed (a8e oscillations and when har&esting cold se$arates hot always.ramen$o: diode plu% to (in%le .er (par$ %ap i( the only . plea(e e-plain your u(a%e o' the term( hot and 'ly6ac$ (econdary directly connected to Te(la primary coil actually are $illin% dipole1 The +? 9+.aan >i. 10. we cannot ta$ energy without loading unless we se$arate cold with hot. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by *.ire o' 'ly6ac$ (econdary and Te(la primary o.or$in% de.iceD De.ay to %et open circuit11 its in auto trans or(er (ode) and resonance can be achie&ed re : 8a$anad#e secret) see i(age) 6(age on "e7t Page)) . cold (eans no (agnetic ield. cold can create hot and hot can create cold. 10."o&. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by .ice P1 3 "i-ed <an%ua%e(9Uncut:1mp% 3 5ouTu6e <ithuania !U E-periment P7 &e(ley. rgds #### "o&.hy they are important to thi( concept8de.1000 or tho(e .ice1 hot (eans (agnetic ield. i out$ut is hot we use cold to ta$ it and when out$ut is cold we use hot to (a8e electricity not cold electricity but nor(al electricity.( Theory H (chematicH e-planationH(tep 6y (tep in(truction 3 5ouTu6e 21S1 /ilano. and .ho are intere(ted in our .

The load directly a ects source while ha&ing closed circuit) %o($are lybac8 connection to this: 4iagra( <dded on "e7t Page)) . 10. 2011 T1000 This is e7actly what 6 said."o&.

resonance ta8es $lace between two coils bac8 n orth and 7cess is har&ested. The load directly a ects source while ha&ing closed circuit) %o($are lybac8 connection to this: "o&. the use o a&ra(en8o in (y setu$ is to $ro&ide h&dc source. one can e&en use leeds8alnin electro(agnet as ree energy oscillator too. 10. well there r (any ways. and thats wot hendershot did) i one uses this in 8a$and#e setu$ then u dont .This is e7actly what 6 said. in ur case u r oscillating a&ra(en8o and lybac8 and ta$ one end o bi ilar other oscillates in resonance. the ai( is to ha&e ou. 2011 Ailano ur a$$roach is little di erent than actual 8a$anad#e.

e&en i we short a&ra(en8o it doesnt ha&e any e ect on the in$ut. There ore the re'uired ca$acitance is hard to calculate. John. the good $art is u dont ha&e to tune it by &arying &ariable ca$acitor. do it either way. The + &alues are radically di erent de$ending on the re'uency. the &ariable ca$ is in secondary( ins or electrolyser create &ariable ca$acity! and thus re'uency changes.*y +%> (eter only does 2 re'uencies. 10. where as in resonance. rgds #### "o&. a&ra(en8o is cold electricity. and $ower is not li( uses $ower 12 &olt constantly or circuit to wor8. but li(ited by handling ca$ability o inal tra o. and its total ree energy with no in$ut re'uired. oscillation need to ha$$en. 6 wondered about the re'uency issues when (easuring +. 108h#.e&en ha&e to use any in$ut $ower su$$ly."ow the s$ectru( is &ery wide and li8e you 6 was concerned about accuracy in calculating ca$s ro( +. either u use serial s$ar8 ga$ or $arallel s$ar8 ga$ the ai( is to short lc circuit so when s$ar8 is o it oscillates. rgds #### . Ned well this is @ust a si($le oscillator. the load is balanced accordingly and auto(atically. its a &ariable re'uency oscillator.?(all scale e7$eri(entors li8e (ysel are li(ited by e'ui$(ent but 6 a( still ta8ing notes. 100-#. the (ore the load the (ore $ower $roduced by resonance. 2011 Ailano Quote: *y >+% (eter allows (e to ta8e + readings at di erent re'uencies. instead o using &ariable ca$ in $ri(ary. the $lates o the electrolyser acts as ca$. 18h#.e.-ence 6 wanted to e7$lore using &ariable ca$acitors o a wide enough range tune $ro$erly. its @ust a eedbac8 oscillator li8e u use in lybac8 using 2n10CC. i.

"o&. 10, 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by *,1000 The (el' po,er i( la(t (tep a'ter you re6uild de.ice1 #ut it i( primary tar%et 'or tho(e ,ho do not ,ant thi( technolo%y in the ,ild111

5ou did not %et a point ho, our (etup ,or$(111 The 'ly6ac$ tran('ormer (ee another tran('ormer a( capacitor1 Not tran('ormer, 6ut capacitor0 <et;( a((ume it a( Te(la Coil1 The +? plu% doe( the Bo6 'or tran('ormer action in Te(la Coil primary9or D1Smith84apanad=e8other 3 doe( not matter, they;re on (ame principle:1 >o, +? plu% ,or$( 3 6ecau(e o' capacitance loop action 6et,een 2 open end( o' 'ly6ac$ (econdary coil111 +nd thi( i( main rule 'or open circuit1 In the end o' the proce(( you %et induction in (econdary o' Te(la Coil ,hat doe( not a''ect (ource ,hat po,er( 'ly6ac$ tran('ormer0 >ope'ully that e-plain (ome hard 6it(1 than8s or the in o. wot i (ean to (a8e $eo$le understand here. se$arate (eans use ca$. it also does sa(e thing. wot u did. hint: 1.cold electricity is not a ected by load. 2. wot (a8es cold electricity; answer is ca$acitor. one (ore thing 8a$anad#e uses caduceus as secondary coil and $ri(ary is @ust si($le coil. tesla basics. he uses it as har&est coil(caduceus! and the wounding o coil is not done li8e s(ith(o caduceus a(e li8e the way ur tea( has done! but the way i $osted in one o (y $osts. with 2C8& ur gonna ha&e (ega watts o $ower. but ur tea( has done a great wor8 8ee$ it u$. dont ta8e (y words as di(nishing ur s$irits but a( gi&ing u hint to get (egawatts ro( 2C8&.

rgds ####

"o&. 10, 2011 <rne 5$ setup -i, e7$eri(enting with resonance (y lights inally ha&e 100E brightness 4oes anyone ha&e so(e idea to har&est use ul $ower ro( this setu$; 6 would li8e to charge 2BO battery ban8 <ll suggestions welco(e .ind rgds 4

"o&. 2K, 2011 Narsony <ew in this orum -i Ailano) 6U( new in this oru(. 6 read all o your $osts and &ery i($ressed o what you do or other $eo$le. 6 ound one o your diagra( (see attached $icture! and 6 ha&e ew 'uestions to you i you don5t (ind. 1! 6n (y understanding the C0h# (bulb! (odulator eed between %%G and "?T is a re$lace(ent o (agic > in $arallel with C0h# isolation trans or(er in 4on setu$. ?o, that (eans the $arallel +% circuit and huge, e7$ensi&e C0-A9210O920<*P isolation trans or(er is no longer needed, we @ust si($ly re$lace it using e7tra tesla coil and C0h# bulb (odulator and it5s also totally ada$ted or using any 8ind o electrical de&ices (but, 6 donUt understand how itUs iltering high re'uency ro( C0-A load !. 6s it correct; 6 6 got it wrong then (y 'uestion isV how to a&oid using iron core 208wt isolation trans or(er re$lacing it with any ty$e o coils to (ini(i#e the unit si#e and costs; 2! Ghy the secondary %G out$ut coil winded in three layers by KK turns each instead o one layer; 4oes it (a8e any di erence; 1! +2 coil in this diagra( @ust is a %G coil, not a co(bination o centre grounded %G9%%G coils, there is no diode and ca$acitors ban8, @ast a s$ar8 ga$ between +2 and second %G coil. 6s it correct; B! +19+2 air core and %%G9%G9%G errite core, there or they are winded on se$arate bases. 6s it correct or they are winded on the sa(e errite core, or it doesn5t (a8e any di erence; Than8 you in ad&ance. 4iagra( on "e7t Page))

"o&. 2K, 2011 :lue ?erge PJohn?tone -ere is the circuit 6 used and de(onstrated in the &ideo. PT-1000 Than8s or the suggestion. 65ll wor8 towards getting a ringing u$ wa&e $attern. 6 you are as8ing what the in$ut $ower and out $ower on (y syste(, the syste( in$ut is 2B0G and out$ut 6 don5t yet. 6 use or now a 100G bulb to see i there is wor8 being done.

or$ to.or$ 6ein% done1 use this in ur current &ersion i u dont intend to use third coil.hat the input po. the (y(tem input i( 270& and output I don.ll .ard( %ettin% a rin%in% up ."o&.ideo1 NT31000 Than$( 'or the (u%%e(tion1 I.t yet1 I u(e 'or on my (y(tem. 2I.a. short9shunt the ccw coil in secondary.e pattern1 I' you are a($in% .er and out po. a 100& 6ul6 to (ee i' there i( . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by =lue_Serge NJohnStone >ere i( the circuit I u(ed and demon(trated in the . .

a( reduced to minimum .ith un'ortunate (par$ %eneration1 I .d li$e to (hare my 'ir(t notion(1 2lea(e con(ult the attachmentD +ttachment EK07 Te(t( .hile the (par$( (till tri%%er1 +( the (par$ end( at =ero cro((in% the duration i( Cuite lon% and (urpri(in%ly the <1 coil doe( not o(cillate1 It o(cillate( i' (par$( are o' (hort duration only1 +t lon%er timed (par$( there i( one cycle only and no <1 o(cillation1 Te(la coiler( (tate that thi( i( 6ecau(e the ener%y i( 6ein% re'lected 6ac$ and at Bu(t that time the (par$ (top(1 .ery di''ernt (chematic( I am o'ten con'u(ed 6y the method o' the (par$ %eneration 3 mo(tly not e-plained1 There i( a 6i% ran%e out there 'rom 6rute 'orce ener%y .a( . 2I.ery (mooth hi%h 'reCuency (par$(1 Sad to (ee a lot o' .olta%e .e recti'ied (i%nal1 "ain( 'reCuency 9(ine 8 (chematic +13+F:D The(e (par$( do not li$e to occure re%ularly1 E(pecially i' the output i( (ine 'rom main( 9+13+F:1 The 6e(t 6eha.ior .ere per'ormed .a(te to . (tudyin% a 6unch o' .ith a (imple <1 coil 9100mm air core 8 @@ turn(:1 Dire't sel( triggerd spar)s 9(chematic( +13+@: The(e are (el' tri%%erin% (par$( %enerated directly 'rom the hal' or 'ull ."o&.hen the . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone >i all.a.ote the (par$ type to 6e e((ential and there'ore .

er the (par$ 9'la(h tu6e: doe( not (top and .olta%e and tri%%er the (par$ 9u(ually a 'la(h tu6e: at prede'ined time1 3 I' the >? (ource i( o' lo. a de'ined load and any (pi$e .elder1 9(ee a6o.ill 6e a6(or6ed 6y the capacitor prior the tri%%er time1 3 The capacitor need( to 6e tuned thorou%hly1 Too (mall .+t '. ESR reCuired: 3 +t + type (chematic( a6o. di(char%e and there i( no pep in it1 &ith added 9(mall: capacitor it di(char%e( in(tantly and .ior1 Same at 70 4>= li$e 6lue (er%e1 "ay6e I. (ome (par$( o' main( 'reCuency can do thi( reCue(ted 6eha.hat . recti'ier and 6rute 'orce (par$ (ometime( the (par$ 6urn( continuou(ly li$e a . 6e'ore and thi( i( .e the output 'rom the >? 2SU .m .ill te(t ne-t in order to unter(tand it.a( unloaded 9hi%h impedance: 6e'ore e.ery (par$ and I a((ume that the hi%h impedance cau(e( unde'ined .ell and 6rute 'orce i( a no %o1 No idea ho.alue( do not o.ithout that %lo.olta%e (pi$e( and thi( cau(e( .ith 100p and 2 4?1 +t "ain( 'reCuency the repetition i( too rarely1 &ith 70 4>= the ne-t pul(e occure( 6e'ore the o(cillation (topped1 I %ot (imilar o(cillation li$e #lueQSer%e (ome po(t( a%o1 par)s triggerd e*ternaly 9(chematic( C1.ior i( 6etter 6ut (till no re%ular tri%%erin%1 par) (rom preloaded 'apa'itor 9(chematic #1: 3 Small capacitor added at pre.e a .een #1 and C11 The inductance replace( the re(i(tor 'rom C11 par) triggered by resonan'e 9D: Thi( i( (till a (ecret to me1 9there'ore no (chematic:1 The 6a(ic idea i( that at e.ior can 6e introduced at di''erent point( in the (chematic 3 and they can 6e com6ined a( .ith main( only1 The 6a(ic idea i( to ha.aht I .e e-pect it to do1 Needle(( to mention that not e.ent1 3 I %ot nice o(cilaltion( .( 6eha.ery (in%le o(cillation amplitude a corre(pondin% (par$ add( additional ener%y 9increa(in% o(cillation(:1 The(e (par$( need to 6e tuned .aila6le 6ut te(ted di''erent CC < 2SU1 The 6eha.ron%1 +ni.iorG re'erred a6o.hile too 6i% capacitor( do not char%e 'a(t enou%h1 I' they di(char%e 3 there i( o'ten thi( Gone cycle 6eha.ery coiled capacitor i( a6le to di(cha(r%e a6ruptly 3 6ut thi( i( e((ential1 9lo.ent( a too hi%h current in order the (par$ can (top1 3 2lea(e re%ard the C2 (chematic 3 /ilano (tyle1 Thi( i( .e ha. 9li$e 'oto 'la(h li%ht: po.2: I admit that I did te(t thi( yet .e1 It i( (u''itient i' the capacitor char%e( durin% one (in%le pul(e up to the (par$ e.ay 3 'rom the Ut$in paper I learned that there are (ome di''erent Gmechnic(G producin% !U and the !U 6eha. di(char%e .ercome the %lo.iou( (chematic(1 #e'ore thi( action the (par$( (tarted .6et.ior1 Thi( i( a mi.ell1 I ur%e you to (tudy Ut$in and di($u(( A (hare1 I 'eel it to 6e e((ential to di(cern the di''erent .ery unre%ular (par$(1 The capacitor C i( no.e a (mooth DC >? .ith a tired %lo.elder1 Thi( i( 6ecau(e the (hort time o' =ero cro((in% i( too (hort in order the pla(ma to di(char%e1 Such a (par$ doe( ma$e no (en(e apart 'rom 'un 'or pyrotechnic ho66yi(t(1 "edium 'reCuency NST 9ca1 70 4>=8 (chematic +7. (top( and the (eCuence can (tart a'ter rechar%e and tri%%er a%ain1 3 I' the >? (ource i( o' (u''itient po.+@: I had no NST o' thi( type the 'la(h di(char%e( the capacitor.e:1 In thi( ca(e a (erie( re(i(tor or coil i( in(erted and a (econd capacitor 9C2: to GND 9(ee (chematic C1:1 The capacitor C2 determine( the 'la(h ener%y and the Re(i(tor 9coil: pre.

so actually a si($le coil is an lc circuit. e&en a coil without ca$ can be oscillated co# it has $arasitic ca$acitor between its turns. resonance can be achie&ed in don case by sliding $ri(ary within secondary with secondary (iddle $oint in don case the coils r na8ed so we ha&e to wind the( s$aced a$art.. 6i'ilar 111: propo(ed 6y /ilano and Ut$in and (tudy and te(t o' their 6eha.. the h& dc thus in@ected (a8e it oscillate. . in don we $ro&ide h& dc to coilDca$ so we dont use 1rd diode in don case. (tandardi=ed (imilar to <EG!$it 3 c. $arasitic ca$acitance can be increased by winding turns a$art and nor(ally the $&c insulation does that. in sr we use 1rd diode to $ro&ide h&dc. a coil is triggered into sel oscillation when a $ulse o h& dc is ed instantaneously and only a s$ar8 can do that.Gmechanic(G and addre(( them clearly in the (chematic(1 Furt+er studies planned 3 /ilano (tyle (par$ 9(ee C2: 3 "anu'actorin% o' (ome coil( 9(omeho.ior and interaction1 r%d( John re(e(ber s$ar8 is ac and we need h& dc to trigger coilDca$.


"o&. 10. 2011 Ailano .

dc to coilHcap (o .indin% turn( apart and normally the p.c in(ulation doe( that1 in don ca(e the coil( r na$ed (o . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by zilano remem6er (par$ i( ac and . spar)/ /DGthe h.hen a pul(e o' h.en a coil ."o&. # understand.ide h.e u(e Frd diode to pro.dc1 in don .hen a pul(e o' h.e pro.ithout cap can 6e o(cillated co= it ha( .e ha.e to . dc i( 'ed in(tantaneou(ly and only a (par$ can do that1 the h.ithout cap can 6e o(cillated co= it ha( para(itic capacitor 6et. dc to tri%%er coilHcap1 in (r .en a coil . dc thu( inBected ma$e it o(cillate1 e.some o( my tests produ'ed A.ind them (paced apart1 re(onance can 6e achie.ide h.een it( turn(1 (o actually a (imple coil i( an lc circuit1 para(itic capacitance can 6e increa(ed 6y .ithin (econdary .ed in don ca(e 6y (lidin% primary .e dont u(e Frd diode in don ca(e1 a coil i( tri%%ered into (el' o(cillation .e need h.ith (econdary middle point earthed1 >i /ilano. dc i( 'ed in(tantaneou(ly and only a (par$ can do that1G . than$( 'or the hint(1 /D Ga coil i( tri%%ered into (el' o(cillation . dc thu( inBected ma$e it o(cillate1 e.

the si($le thing is ca$ (a8es cold and coil (a8es hot. 22.para(itic capacitor 6et.een it( turn(1 (o actually a (imple coil i( an lc circuit1 para(itic capacitance can 6e increa(ed 6y . 2011 . to %oG1 //// $eep u( tri%%ered .ith hint( and tip( on ho. one can e&en use a battery to charge it but it slows charging h& and h ac charges aster. brea8 continuity o hot with cold. a( rich.c in(ulation doe( that1 in don ca(e the coil( r na$ed (o .ith the(e (chematic(1 >ope'ully (ome people here . and ha&e tested all.es0 # saw t+at. IRam (ure // ha( not te(ted all o' the(e circuit( 'or (he8he .ind them (paced apart1 G .# will try spea)er twin 'able 7t+in one 8 not t+e 9umbo one: !uestion to t+e R8'ir'uit.ould need an enormou( 6an$ account 'or all the circuit( part( and o' cour(e a lot o' time #ut.ill %ather the critical point( or . we r creating a radiating e&ent. #s t+e $<D at P " really t+e only one? #s it Avramen)o type? r%d( John we r @ust charging ca$ in a&ra(en8o style but its not being in resonance charging. e.e to . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by >eculian >i all1 Guy( A %al(. (he8he ha( 6een doin% a %ood Bo6 .1y test 'oil is about 23 turns 4 times wire diameter apart and # measured about 5 1H6 o( natural sel( resonan'e. 22.ery re(earcher in thi( 'orum could ta$e a( map point( on to %oG and Gho. cold to hot and hot to cold.indin% turn( apart and normally the p. brea8 o continuity is &ital. else (r +="A G6T. and its a (ust. without s$ar8 we cannot ha&e ou in resonant tesla ty$e ou setu$s. >gds "o&.e ha.+<G? co(es in greeting as unin&ited guest or ree (eal) and drin8s) rgds #### "o&. the ai( is to charge c$a$citor and to discharge it into an oscillating circuit.or$in% principle(1 Than$( and 6e(t Re%ard(1 well.

8h. with signal generator. ) custo( (ade. 22. or only at (tartup) continuous triggering with h&.ith tran(i(tor ) do you ha.e(t coil1 .e(ted 6y har. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by &oguslaw /ilano Thi( l. module i( cu(tom made li$e 'ly6ac$ .Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by &&em N/ilano ?ery $ind o' you. rgds #### "o&. appreciate it Thi( i( . 2011 John ?tone Quote: Originally Posted by zilano RES!N+NCE >+22ENING IN <1 +ND <2 and i( har.ith u(a%e o' the (tri$in% (hield I (ee1 Nice0 p(1 Need to 6uy (ome (un%la((e( 6e'ore I (tart te(tin% N/ilanoD Should .e $eep tri%%erin% the Senon lamp. 22. "o&.e 'reCuency and coilHcap re(onant circuit matched (omeho.

ideo I (ho.ill . dri. thi( method on another . ."o&.ay 'rom center I %et .hole (y(tem . you the (y(tem and in the (econd part I (ho.all outlet %round1 &hen I remo. you the (i%nal pic$ed up on a pro6e le't Bu(t 6e(ide the <2 coil1 5ou can al(o hear the loud di(char%e that occur( the (ur%e arre(ter clo(er to the end o' the . near the center o' the coil I %et lot( o' (par$(1 I' I placed the (cre.ideo1 Thi( happen( a'ter couple o' minute( o' po.a( %rounded to the .e amount o' heat %enerated in(ide the (ur%e arre(ter1 I u(ed a (cre.ed the %round lead you . 2K.ery little (par$(1 I (a.erin% the (y(tem1 2ro6a6ly due to ma((i. dri.ideo 9<in$D Te(t 11mp7 3 5ouTu6e: o' my actual (etup and the (ame circuit I po(ted earlier1 The 'ir(t part o' the . >ere i( a (hort .ould appreciate it1 Somethin% that i( Cuiet and .hich I 'or%et at the moment1 !nce I tune the (y(tem into re(onance I e-pect more (par$( to te(t 'or re(onance on the <2 coil1 I' I placed the (cre.en at the end( o' the coil 'rom center on <21 +l(o the . 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by =lue_Serge > a.ill notice that the li%ht turn( o'' and there i( no (par$( on the primary coil (ide1 I' anyone ha( a 6etter idea 'or the (par$ %ap I .ideo.

resonance when (aintained can be har&ested by third coil( can be si($le or bi ilar! e7$eri(ent and learn. that (eans we need a serial ca$ also. try to use a&ra(en8o ty$e in$ut. (aintain resonance. rgds #### "o&.er it( ca(in%1 Than$(1 great wor8. hints) a ca$acitor is cold co# it has no (agnetic ield. you need third coil to har&est out$ut.8cc. ha. 2K. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by >eculian . the idea is to isolate hot(coil! with cold(ca$!. a coil is hot co# it has (agnetic ield. to ha&e o&erunity we need to ha&e a brea8 between cold and hot either in $ri(ary or in secondary. 2011 Ailano Quote: Originally Posted by JohnStone >i /ilano. brea8ing continuity.not (par$ o. that i ha&e $osted. to 'ree ener%y re(earch 6ecau(e o' 9%reat: 'inancial di''icultie(1 .Bump.) r%d( John si($le coils cw only. rgds #### "o&.e not yet made a (eriou( . 2K. i didnt use ccw.11 luc$y you1 un'ortunately not all here are li$e you to a''ord the(e e-periment(1 I 'or my(el'. in (y circuit $arallel ca$ across coil is oscillator and 2nd coil is attached to irst coil but isolated with another ca$( brea8ing continuity! two coils resonate and their out$ut is har&ested with har&est coil. than$( 'or thi( propo(al1 Mue(tion rea%ardin% <1 8 <2D are they identical 6ut c. try to use re&erse $olarity o diodes.o.

2011 Ailano or general in o related to don setu$ and in relation to third coil har&est in this &ideo $ri(ary is si($le coil 7citing bi ilar secondary or bi$olar tesla coil.e .Sad i(n. one need to understand a lot be ore @u($ing else ailures greet a lot. air $lay i belie&e in.than$ you the in'o relea(ed till no.e collected 9 : 5ou can al.t it ) Sure not only 'or me1 Too 6ad that youR. rgds #### "o&. $(s r o co# a( not biased to anyone and a( e'ual with e&erybody on here so that e&eryone gets bene it on here not @ust ew $((ed (e(bers. (ulti$le har&est dont di(nish or load the trans(itter. and brea8 is ca$. li8e sound resonance when it ha$$ens we need an ear to har&est the a($li ied sound to hear the out$ut (ear is li8e third coil!.'rom . so the resonance is not disturbed and its a($li ied out$ut is har&ested without loading the resonance a$$aratus.e collected o. $s: watch all &ideos o this user old scientist and learn) .e 6etter in'o a.e (eein% your po(t( here. I need to ta$e your opinion 'or (ome in'o I ha. 2K.. that you ha.hich I cannot repeat anymore1 +ny. when u understand the circuits and the basis o ou then @u($ the bandwagon. setu$ is si(ilar to don (ulti the year( around internet place( re%ardin% 'ree ener%y re(earch1 Thi( 6e'ore I put 6i% economical e''ort( .1 well irst 8ee$ learning the basics ro( the $osts here.hat IR.ay1 I 6elie. the third coil is away ro( tesla coil and is har&est coil ta$$ing radiant energy and tuned by a &ariable ca$.aila6le than mo(t o' u( here ha. co# there r (any ways to achie&e ou.ay( drop me a pm i' (omethin% indeed i( ali$e19my pm i( on: +nyho. but basic is we (ust not @oin cold with hot without a brea8.e di(a6led pm on your account.

co(9leeds8al9leeds8al. 2011 Ailano basic htt$:99www.+&0H eatureJrelated rgds #### "o& .&Jl7dbi".co(9watch.htt$:99www. 2K.