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Paper Format for Final Exam

Paper Format for Final Exam

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Published by Ali Amrullah
format makalah tugas akhir
format makalah tugas akhir

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Published by: Ali Amrullah on Dec 26, 2013
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Paper Format for Final Exam Project of TEFL Course

By Tedi Rohadi M.Pd,, E., !ipl.TEFL ". Co#er $. Ta%le of Contents &. Chapter ' 'ntroduction Background (the reason why you write this kind of lesson plan by relating the topics, skills, materials, level, student, etc) The aims of the paper The organization of the paper

(. Chapter '' !escription of Lesson Plan tructure and Report of Peer Teachin) Result Describe the structure of your lesson plan from the beginning up to the end part and report the result of your peer teaching conducted min. ! *. Chapter ''' !iscussion "ut forward theories, concepts, principles, and procedures as well as other aspects of teaching and learning that are related to all elements in your lesson plan you wrote down +. Chapter ', Conclusion #onlude your paper by pointing out any important$significant thing in your lesson plan -. References.Bi%lio)raphy %ist books, &ournals, websites, any publications you refer to /. 0ppendices "rovide a complete proof of your lesson plan' • ( )ull *ersion of ( %esson "lan  "hoto+copied original teaching materials ,ther attachments' o -valuation sheets (presentation, peer teaching) o #ollection of learning ob&ectives

. .Caution111111111 The paper shall be handed in not later than ..December ../0 with proper academic writting conventions and paper handling.

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