SUMMATIVE TEST IN SCIENCE 6 NAME: _______________________________________ GRADE VI- ______ JULY 8, 2009 SCORE _________ I.

Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1. Why does the heart have to pump blood? a. to provide the necessary force for the blood to move from the lower to the upper part of the body b. to collect all the waste materials from the body cells c. to exchange the necessary nutrients d. both a and b 2. Which part of the circulatory system carries the nutrients and removes from the body cells? a. arteries b. blood c. capillaries d. heart 3. Which of the following is the function of the circulatory system? a. to distribute body cells b. to protect the body from heat and foreign bodies c. to distribute oxygen and nutrients to body cells and collect their wastes d. to repair body cells 4. How will you describe the heart? a. It is an inflexible organ. c. It works like a pump. b. It is a hollow muscular organ. d. Both b and c 5. What will happen to the heart if it was made of bony tissues? a. It will easily break. c. It will not be able to squeeze blood. b. It will pump more blood d. It will not move. 6. Why is the heart important? a. It checks the flow of blood. c. It makes the blood move throughout the body. b. It stops the flow of blood. d. It occupies the chest cavity. 7. Why is the blood important to the body? a. It gives color to our skin. c. It carries away carbon dioxide and other wastes from the body. b. It carries oxygen and nutrients to different cells of the body. d. Both b and c 8. Why are platelets important to the body? a. They carry oxygen to all parts of the body. c. They make the blood clot to stop continuous bleeding b. They give the blood its color red. d. They surround the germs and weaken them. 9. Why do you NOT lose so much blood when you get cut? a. Blood flows through them. b. Blood vessels carry blood away and back to the heart. c. They allow blood and other substances that go with blood to flow through them. d. Blood contains substances needed to clot the blood. 10. Why are veins important in blood circulation?

a. They carry blood with oxygen away from the heart. b. They carry blood with carbon dioxide towards the heart. c. They make the blood clot. d. The make the blood redder. Page 2 ….
Summative test in Science

II. Matching Type: Match the words in column A with those in column B. Write the letter of the correct answer. COLUMN A __________ 11.Anemia by high fever that __________ 12.Leukemia heart __________ 13.Hypertension __________14.Palpitation _________ 15.Rheumatic Fever COLUMN B a. inflammation of the heart characterized weakens the muscles and valves of the b. irregular heartbeat c. cancer of the blood d. an iron deficiency disease e. blood pressure suddenly shoots up f. arteries thickens due to deposit of

fat and cholesterol

III. Fill-in the blanks. Write the correct being describe in each sentence. 16. ___________________ is known as “soldiers of the body” because they fight harmful microorganisms that enter our body. 17. The blood is also known as the ________________________. 18. The heart keeps the blood moving in the body. It acts as a ___________________________. 19. The solid parts of the blood are the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the _______________. 20. ___________________ are the passageways of the blood throughout the body. The blood is the red fluid which is composed of 21. ____________ and 22.____________ parts. 23. ______________is the liquid part of the blood.

24. ______________carries blood away fro the heart. 25. _______________allows the essential exchange of wastes, gases, salts, and nutrients from the arteries to the veins.

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